Unconventional Home Ideas

Unconventional Home Ideas – Adrienne Breaux Adrienne BreauxHouse Travel Editor Adrienne loves architecture, design, cats, science fiction and watching Star Trek. For the past 10 years, it’s called home: a van, an old shop in a small Texas town and a studio apartment said to have once belonged to Willie Nelson. Follow published on December 4, 2020

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Unconventional Home Ideas

Unconventional Home Ideas

Gone are the days of thinking that a person’s “house” meant a structure attached to the solid ground or constructed of ordinary building materials. Homeowners around the world have creatively designed and built a wide variety of homes, from converting school buses and vans into homes on wheels, to converting shipping containers, sheds, garages and backyard sheds. Other homes do not

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For those who make the leap to alternative living at home – whether they choose a mobile home or something stationary – the reasons behind it are as varied as the people making the leap. Others cite a desire for adventure, freedom, or a desire to live an extraordinary life. Others want to try minimalism. Many choose second homes as a way to get out of debt, to make their lives easier, or as a way to actually own their own home. (Tiny houses are often cheaper than regular houses.) With so many tiny house plans available for free or at very low prices, many people have the challenge of building a house with their own hands.

Whatever the reasons for choosing another home to live in, the results are always inspiring, inspiring and full of ideas for making the most of a small space.

Melanie and David Raver share a 200-square-foot 1973 Airstream Argosy with their three daughters. They spent two years planning, building and designing their trailer. “We had no previous experience but that didn’t stop us from working on this project,” Melanie said during a tour of her Airstream home. “What we didn’t know, we learned!

This house made of shipping containers isn’t Jen West and James Martin’s real house…they built it in their backyard so they could have extra space to use and rent it out for extra income. But, although it is not the place where the couple sleep every night, it is often used by them; Jen is an experienced tarot reader, and one of the rooms serves as a great location for that. This tiny 480-square-foot home is full of small space ideas anyone can use in their king-sized home, from DIY Murphy beds (using hardware found on Amazon), to sliding doors, and the use of color. in a crowded place.

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When John and Ashley Wagner bought this little cabin in Joshua Tree in 2016, it had been vacant for 10 years, and needed a lot of renovations. Unfortunately, they had spent all their money on the deposit, so they had to do a

From the work itself. From DIY light fixtures, to installing doors, to tiling, the entire renovation took eight months, and the home (which Airbnb doesn’t advertise) is full of renovation ideas and inspiration from the small space (cabins under 800 feet).

Arina and Zen Moriya, both natives of Japan, are pursuing their dream of living sustainably and off the grid in the Hawaiian rainforest by making a unique home with their own hands. They have developed their own shelter over the last ten years; all three buildings – the main house and cottage that the family use, and the small house they rent out on Airbnb – were built by the couple with the help of contractors.

Unconventional Home Ideas

Jaz and Crystal are a Canadian couple who travel full-time in an auto-converted racing van with their Australian shepherds, Bella and Izzy. They bought a used van and spent eight months converting it into a four-season tiny home on wheels. “Our home defines who we are in every way. It reflects our love for the outdoors and nature,” they wrote on their home tour.

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Zeena Fontanilla, her husband Shane, and their son Maverick live in a small house that is only 8.5 meters wide and 32 meters long, and they designed and built it themselves. They live off the grid, which means they build their own water, have compost toilets, and have solar/battery power for their electricity. The small house is set in the middle of a plain surrounded by cows and goats with lots of open space. This is clearly a lonely house.

Daniela Testa and Ales Pokora didn’t just take on the challenge of turning this old delivery van into a comfortable home on wheels. Daniela and Ales say they have always been environmentally and health conscious, so when designing their van conversion, their goal was to use as many non-toxic and sustainable materials as possible to build as many of them as possible. “We live in such a small place, we made great efforts to build everything with non-toxic and sustainable materials, because we didn’t want to be damaged by chemicals in the years to come,” explained the couple.

Evelyn Bielmann, a freelance artist and interior decorator, longs to travel and travel with her 16-year-old daughter, Sasha, and her son, Hershey. “After we looked at our options, we bought a 1985 Dodge pickup that we found online, and sold most of our stuff,” Evelyn explained. As well as finding a place for two adults to sleep, they have created a place for them to work and create.

Kristin Pardy shares her 800-square-foot home with husband Preston (a law enforcement officer for his state government), 13-year-old son Coby, 7-year-old daughter Isla, and son emi – 3 years old Jack. The family also includes three huskies, Bear, Blue and Beau. A stylish family home with one bedroom on the main floor and two bedrooms upstairs, Kristin was able to design the floor plan herself. “It helps a lot because I can design a house to suit our needs, the way we live, and the plot of land we already have,” he wrote during his visit.

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Van James and Deanna Dunn meet basic needs with portable air conditioning and heating, full hot shower, toilet, running water, home cooking stove, queen bed, and ice machine and espresso machine. . But their home away from home goes beyond the basics, and is filled with card games, board games, a built-in pinhole table, and a 50-inch projector screen for a relaxing movie night. They have everything solar powered, so the van can go off the grid if needed.

Jennifer Bateman, Kaitlin Porter, and their two children, Canyon and Oakland, share a mobile home. After downsizing from his 4,000-square-foot home, he now shares a 170-square-foot (or “skoolie”) school bus conversion. There are three beds – mothers sleep in a Queen size rollaway bed and there are two beds for children.

Monique Villiger and her partner Aswan Shankara first looked into living in a small house because they were interested in other ways of designing houses, and because they wanted to live “simple, with less things and more time to live and so on”, explains Monique. They can achieve their goals and more with this 248-square-foot tiny house they designed and built themselves. The experience and results were very successful, they were crowned in 13. John and Fin Kernohan’s 304 Square Feet DIY Off-Grid Tiny Home is located on 16 acres in Lake Country Georgia near Lake Oconee, and features three cottages, a yurt, a skoolie, a community house, outdoor bathrooms, a dedicated dog run and and various accommodations, and other amenities. “Not only did we abandon our big city life, but in the tradition of Fin, we built a small 304-square-foot house out of empty shells called a portable shed.” 14. Renovated 180-square-foot 1970s RV Bree Contreras and Guilly completely renovated this 1970s Class C RV. (which I hate),” they wrote on their blog, Life With Bree. 15. A-frame in the Woods Photographer and graphic artist Sheri Kowalski lives in a stunning A-frame cabin in the woods of Michigan. He was able to take a small, dark wood interior and transform it into a bright and comfortable space filled with beautiful mid-century style that complements the building. Perhaps most impressively, he was able to decorate with meaningful collections and works of art, all in a cohesive and elegant way. 16. Plant-filled 296-square-foot-Tiny House Trinh, yogi and owner of Hot Pink Photobooth, a photography space rental service serving the Washington, DC area, chose a modern, natural, and sustainable style for her home. yours. monthly expenses, while working toward early retirement. As the owner of this beautiful house filled with plants, he is now paying one-third of the money he used to pay to live in a small house.

Unconventional Home Ideas

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