How To Start Your Own Fashion Line

How To Start Your Own Fashion Line – How to start a clothing brand, start a clothing line, the best clothing brands, how to make your own clothes… These are all things you type into Google to eventually find, they are all about starting your own clothing line within the year. 2019. I can say with certainty that the article does not exist. You have to read countless articles, watch endless YouTube videos, and post on an absurd number of forums before you feel like you understand the concept. I know this because I was in the same situation you are in now; Someone’s clothing, a particular brand, whatever it is, has inspired you to take action and become one of the leading clothing brands in the market. Unless, like me, you don’t know where to start looking to learn what it takes to start your own clothing line.

Then you’ve come to the right place. Turns out I was able to search for the right things, read the right articles, watch the right videos and talk to the right people, creating my first brand. After many trials and tribulations and going through the startup process multiple times, I finally found my way and feel confident enough to help others who want to do the same. By reading this guide, you’ll have all the resources you need to further educate yourself and understand what to look for in order to understand a clothing brand. The process takes time, but if you take consistent steps every day, your vision can become a reality.

How To Start Your Own Fashion Line

How To Start Your Own Fashion Line

Starting a clothing line in 2019 isn’t just about printing a logo on a few t-shirts and selling them online. When was the last time you scrolled through Instagram, saw an ad for a ruffled shirt, read “New collection now available!” text and you finally bought it? No way. We are tired of buying faceless, meaningless and uninteresting brands. This really means: we don’t buy t-shirts, we buy the stories behind the t-shirts.

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So what’s your story? What about you, your past, interests, goals, vision, etc. What was the driving force behind wanting to start your own clothing line? For me and Dead in LA, our story is one of pain and struggle that comes with trying to get out of the mud and into the high life. The work we do and the content we create is designed to inspire you to do the things you feel so compelled to do. The collaborations we create are created with artists and brands who have experience and are still living this struggle.

When someone buys an artwork from us or watches one of our videos, the story we live and tell is what ultimately makes them click or buy. Your story is the frame for your designs, photos and videos. It’s really the backbone of your entire brand, and without it, you can’t reach the people you need to get the traction you need to keep your business alive. Look deep inside yourself and around you: what will make you fit? What motivates you? What message do you want to convey? Find your story and you’ve found your brand—an important first step in starting a business, especially starting your own clothing line.

Now that you’ve leveraged your story and thought about how to build your brand around it, it’s time to think about your brand’s appeal, themes, motifs, and aesthetic. What colors, words, pictures, places, etc. do they come to mind in connection with your story? These are the things you will use to make the artwork and the collection as a whole. The art of building a clothing brand lies in finding the aesthetic of its story. Dead in Los Angeles is a story of pain, struggle, and rising to achieve the life they’ve always dreamed of. Our aesthetic is dark and grimy, with a hint of pain and struggle present in every piece we’ve ever been involved with. The graphics we create are very attractive, the photos and videos we create show the atmosphere behind the brand.

It helps me and our artists find other brands that we love and get inspired by the stories they tell and the aesthetic they create. This does not mean copying well-known clothing brands and reinventing everything they do. You can’t steal a person’s story and look or it won’t look authentic and your business will crash and burn. What I mean when I say look at other brands is this: study and understand how their aesthetic works with their story. Check out the designs they post, the way they build their websites, even the way they organize and post on Instagram. All these different aspects combine to show how certain brands shape their content and products according to the story of their business.

Designing Up A Clothing Company

The most important thing to take away from this section is that you need to be unique about yourself and the story you want to tell. Create your look and feel for your brand based on your story, and those who love it will become your loyal followers and customers. If the products you release and the content you create resonate with you and your story, the process of creating your next clothing line will be easy.

Your story has been used to bring your brand to life. The aesthetic you chose for so long and thought about for so long began to permeate the story. You’ve set your direction and are ready to start developing the things that will bring your clothing brand to life. The next decision to make is this; Cut and sew or print? Before we do anything else, let’s clarify these points so that you can better understand which one is best for you.

Cut and sew clothing is a completely customized garment that you make from scratch. Specifications that can be made include fabric type, weight, fabric color, stitch color, stitch type, size, fit, image placement, image type and more. These pieces are pieces that you make and design yourself. Everything you can imagine is on the table. You can sew this type of cut yourself or through a manufacturer. The design process and overall cutting and sewing time takes quite a bit of time due to the many steps involved in making a garment. If you decide to contact the manufacturer, you should do the following.

How To Start Your Own Fashion Line

And this is just a general idea of ​​what to do when working with manufacturers. Finding a quality company that values ​​your work as much as you do is a task in itself. If you go to a Chinese manufacturer, you have to take into account the changing times and, as I have experienced, wake up in the middle of the night trying to understand the pictures and specifications of your clothes. Between five calls to the bank to approve a large payment and receiving samples that looked like plastic, cutting and sewing turned out to be a daunting task, especially for a clothing brand owner who was coming to me for the first time.

Start A Fashion Line Masterclass

This should not prevent you from trying to cut and sew. My first clothing line was cut, sewn and manufactured entirely in China. I went through all the headaches it took to get it done and it ended up being a great learning experience. The research that I had to do was enormous and the obsession that went into creating the work was extraordinary. For beginners, cutting and sewing is definitely possible, I maintain, but there are much simpler methods for the first garment.

An alternative option is to start your own clothing line, printing on blanks made by wholesalers. This involves buying blank t-shirts in bulk from registered wholesalers and then transporting them to a printer for printing. If you go this route, limit the types of clothing you can make to a variety of shirts, shorts, sweaters, and other simple clothing styles. Although this method is limited compared to cut and sew, it is at a disadvantage due to the simplicity of the process and cost.

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