Home Ideas Auckland Photos

Home Ideas Auckland Photos – As published in the October 2020 issue of EBOSS NOW, the monthly digital magazine from our friends at eBoss, Auckland’s leading building products database and the industry’s most detailed trade.

The Oakland Home Ideas Center has been a source of design inspiration for architects, designers and homeowners since 1987. In a recent showroom, worn carpets were polished for elegant floors, creating a modern industrial look.

Home Ideas Auckland Photos

Home Ideas Auckland Photos

“The look and feel of the showroom is dated. I want to transform it into a building and create a space for the business to look and feel the part,” said Hugh McKellar, owner and manager of Auckland Home Ideas. the director explains. “The ground floor is one of the most important things because it’s one of the first experiences people have with the building. We know it will support the new energy and give us a good base to build and design. Give it. Something different.”

Bydizine Auckland Interior Design Concepts

Various flooring options were considered – all but the gray carpet tiles that were originally offered in the room – before Hugh settled on something lighter. “We asked ourselves what would have the biggest impact and what would make sense in the building,” Haig says. “Concrete was the first building material. It would require parts for the construction site and the production site, it is less labor-intensive and wear-resistant for high foot traffic.”

Hugh eventually chose Megafloor, a state-of-the-art computerized system with a comprehensive quality assurance system to manage expectations, delivery and quality. Haig has seen MegaFloor products in other buildings and knows they can be high end, but to make sure they are the best and clearest choice, he asked about their experience in the industry. Industry contacts are also requested. “The message that came back said that Megaflor are guys that everyone trusts and they’re really reliable.”

With the Auckland Home Ideas Center open seven days a week, Megaflor worked with Hugh to minimize disruption. “It’s a working building, so we were a bit worried about the mess, noise and dust. We moved in well and MegaFloor has all the answers,” he says.

The renovation of the building was carried out in several stages, Megaflour completed the work overnight with special care and protection against dust. To date, over 400m² of the existing floor has been covered in MegaFloor Urban’s premium gloss finish – with more to come as various spaces are renovated in between.

An Idyllic And Family Friendly Front Yard In Ellerslie, Auckland

The Urban High Gloss finish option, which involves removing 2-3mm of the concrete lath to reveal the aggregate below, adds detail to the surface while ensuring the durability and low maintenance of concrete.

“Polished floors have a very beautiful craftsmanship,” Haig said. “Architects and designers find it beautiful and realistic.” And the industrial look matches the history of the building. “

Megaflour has impressed Haig with its experience and ability to meet medium demand. “They have served us as a customer very well and have really acted as a partner for us going forward. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Home Ideas Auckland Photos

The polished mega floor has been restored, adding a modern office feel, perfect for the concept of a home office as a showcase for architectural products. “We’re excited about it,” Haig says. The proof is that we move forward with one eye and one company with 3,000 m².” Where it is important, but also the effort you put into the design of the bungalow is also very important during Auckland. During our time in the home design industry, we continue to explore and improve styles and ideas. The most popular interior design to help you prepare your bungalow for sale, we share some of these ideas.

No Place Like Home

As interior designers, we are always hired to help with bungalows before they go on the market. Our clients rely on our experience and prefer a hands-on approach in most cases, and our team takes care of everything.

To help you with your Auckland bungalow design, we’ve put together a collection of five ideas to get you started:

We would like to advise you on how we can help you create your bungalow. Contact our interior design expert Gabe today to make your living space more comfortable.

Thanks for helping me show off your little piece of Remora. Your advice and design skills in turning a dark office into a beautiful and welcoming second bedroom made a huge difference in the value of my property as it could be sold to a smaller family. Rearranging the furniture helped the room look bigger, more usable and create a better indoor/outdoor flow. Plymasters is a trusted supplier of plywood and boards in New Zealand. Their portfolio offers locally produced and globally sourced plywood for residential and commercial use. Designed by Spaceworks Interior Architects, this stunning and memorable space allows designers and homeowners to experience the quality and design power of plywood, veneer and laminate panels.

This Beautiful Renovation Is A Lesson In What You Can Achieve On A Budget

Designing plywood and cabinetry is easier than ever with a wide variety of plywood products available that can be viewed using a powerful visual wall.

The star of this exhibition is a geometric wall that demonstrates the architectural potential and natural properties of plywood and laminated panels. The perfect kitchen display and inspiration wall will appeal to designers and homeowners alike.

Open for 7 days, the Playmaster Show is designed with customer appointments in mind and is completely free. Invite your clients to visit you at Home Ideas Auckland to discuss their properties.

Home Ideas Auckland Photos

Free parking is available on the first level and in the parking lot on level 3. Pick up a print magazine and a copy of Plymasters Design Edge at reception. The Datum design team has been involved in some big projects. But sometimes small projects can be very challenging and very rewarding.

Auckland’s Best Homes

The team recently completed three projects at the Auckland Home Ideas Centre, a space dedicated to showcasing some of the best home products and designer designs. Parnell Space has over 50,000 visitors each year, from homeowners to businesses looking for design inspiration and hands-on experience.

We were approached to help with three openings in the building concept – Lowe & Co, NZ Steel and Astra Walker. Every room needs to be topped off with some amazing products and we’re excited to offer them to three amazing clients.

For Lo & Co, the new location is their first in New Zealand and an opportunity to introduce their handles, knobs, bridges and levers to a new audience. They want customers to be able to feel and interact with their products and know what it would be like to work in their own home. The creative team set out to create a lively, immersive and open space for customers to experience the spirit immediately.

While this is not NZ Steel’s first facility in the country, it is their newest and largest facility. They often want to connect with homeowners and buyers, architects and designers, so it is important that the new museum is not only livable, but also interesting. They are closer to the area of ​​the mouth that people can put their hands on, which also increases the back wall height they are given.

Polished Concrete Floors Add Flair In Home Ideas Centre Revamp

The Astra Walker showroom offers bathroom inspiration to all customers passing by. It is necessary to identify the big clothes and their products and attract customers and trade in a strong place.

“At Lo & Co, we have kept our design principles clean and timeless, while maintaining a sense of whimsy and excitement,” said Tony Brandsow of Creative Design Lo & Co. “We wanted to show some of these things in an unexpected way and use shiny metal around the entrance to draw people in.”

From a small space, creatively processed Lo & Co products such as jewelry, carefully placed to show their individuality.

Home Ideas Auckland Photos

Nancy Disick and Lauren Gibbs went through a similar process when designing the NZ Steel space. Their client chose a radical and innovative concept that the two created as they wanted to push the boundaries within the showroom. In a compact and clean environment, three bold geometric buildings take center stage here. They are delighted to represent the NZ Steel range of products on the roof, allowing customers to understand what is possible in their COLORSTEEL homes and

Modern & Luxurious Home 3, Auckland

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