Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds – Sleepovers are a popular way to party, especially among teenagers, young adults, and even adults!

Check out 50 great party themes and party themes we’ve put together for you.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Kids love midnight snacks and staying up late talking to their best friends, so late night parties are always fun and a great way to celebrate a birthday.

Girls’ Night Slumber Party Ideas

Make some cute tees or even a couple of sleeping bags in a row or two and throw your guests a pajama party with fun slumber games and pizza, chips and cake!

Barbie parties are an absolute hit for sleepovers, and with the popularity of the Barbie movie, they’re only getting more popular!

Decorate your tees with an amazing balloon in different shades of pink to set the scene. Add some beautiful foil balloons (disco balls, roller skates or boom boxes) and create a magical atmosphere with twinkling lights.

Download our Vintage Barbie Party Printables or even our Barbie “Let’s Go Party!” printables and use them to decorate your party!

Sweet 16 Party Ideas For The Perfect 16th Birthday Bash

Don’t miss all of our great Barbie party ideas and be sure to use our FREE Barbie Bingo Party Game to keep your guests entertained!

Get ready for a night of glamor and fun by evoking the magic of Barbie at your slumber party!

Princess parties are all the rage right now. This is the perfect theme for any younger kids who love to live their dream, even if just for a day.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

If your daughter has a favorite princess, use that as a bedtime theme. Don’t miss this amazing example for anyone who loves the Disney movie Frozen.

Best Things To Do At A Sleepover (fun Ideas!)

Frozen birthday parties are very popular with young girls and can easily be turned into a sleepover just by adding some wintery party decorations and a blue and white color combination.

Check out these great Frozen party ideas for more inspiration and help the girls enjoy our Frozen party activities.

Glam parties are very popular, so dress up your sleepover with as much glitter and sparkle as possible to create a glamorous Glam slumber party. The more you add, the better!

If you’re struggling to find a way to make sure your guests have a great time, how about treating them to the classic game of Truth or Dare?

Birthday Party Activities For 13 Year Olds

If, on the other hand, you are more in tune with nature, a rustic slumber party is a great option.

Rustic parties look great with all the greenery and floral party decorations and a feminine party theme.

Hang some flowers from the teepee to complete the look and treat your guests to beautiful flower boxes filled with goodies.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Decorate your party with our FREE ice cream prints and treat your guests to their very own ice cream pillow.

Teepee Sleepover Party Ideas

TikTok parties are everywhere these days. Children love to spend hours doing dances and making their own videos on their phones.

Recreate the look below with this impressive TikTok Balloon Wreath and don’t forget to download our FREE TikTok Party Printables.

If you don’t know how to get girls away from their screens, how about our free printable TikTok bingo game?

Safari parties are one of our most popular party themes right now, so you can be sure your party will be a hit!

Kits For Kids’ Sleepovers, Parents’ Ambien Not Included

Use our FREE safari prints to decorate and check out these awesome animal print balloons to add to your party too.

On the other hand, if your child wants something more elegant that exudes delicacy, a tea party might be just what they need!

Tea parties are great if you like elegance and glamour. As you can see in this example, everything is perfectly done, from the pure sandwiches and pastries to the beautiful cups of tea.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Add a little tropical flair to your sleepover with tropical pillows, a cute flamingo plush toy, and some fun games.

Happy Llama ⋆ The Pretty Sleepover

Check out this beautiful unicorn dream catcher that looks great hanging on any wing and makes an awesome party favor for girls to take home.

We have lots of great unicorn party ideas for you to view and download FREE unicorn party printables to use at your party.

Mermaids are a big part of many little girls’ imaginations, so you can’t go wrong with a mermaid party.

Take it up a notch and treat your guests to their own underwater adventure with a fun mermaid sleepover.

How To Plan A Sleepover Party

If you’re struggling for ways to keep them busy, be sure to check out our FREE Mermaid Party Games and Activities!

Older kids will appreciate an overnight trip across the Atlantic to the City of Lights for a French chic Paris slumber party!

There is definitely magic in the air at a fairytale party. How about taking some of that magical fairy dust and turning it into a fairy themed room?

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

Add some delicate butterfly wings to each wing and download our FREE Fairy Party Printable to decorate your party.

Slumber Party Ideas For Boys

Glamping is a fun way to mix the best of both worlds, camping and a little bohemian glamour. What more could you want for a good time?

Instead of stuffing your party into a bunch of individual teepees, you can go all out and sleep in a big, fancy glamping tent, complete with plain white pillows and cute decorations!

Decorate your party with our FREE Donut Party Printables and use the Donut Wall to display and serve all of your delicious donuts. Undoubtedly the best part of any donut party and a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake.

Llama parties are just as popular as unicorn parties, but with a more colorful fiesta feel.

Fun Things To Do At A Sleepover. Creative Games, Activities & Food Ideas For Kids, Tweens Or Teens.

If your child loves pandas, a panda-themed sleepover is a great idea for a special occasion.

We’ve seen the growth of Peter Rabbit parties on our site over the past few years, especially since the movies came out. This is a charming theme and a great choice for a children’s slumber party.

If you’re stuck on party favors, some cute bunny sleep masks are a great idea. Not only are they perfect for your party, but you can also take them home.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

I couldn’t help but fall in love with the little white gate and fence that decorated the party. Have you ever seen anything cuter?

Throw The Ultimate Canopy Slumber Party: The Perfect Large Fort Sleepover Idea

Disco parties are a great theme for girls of all ages who love to dance, so why not take it to the next level and have everyone dancing the night away with a disco themed party sleeper?! I can’t think of anything better. Turn things up a notch and make it karaoke night too!

Make a bunch of wings for everyone to crash at the end of the night and decorate your party with a bunch of disco balloons.

If you’re dreaming of a night of relaxation and fun with your girlfriends, a spa themed slumber party is just what you need.

Place a sweet cloud at each tent entrance to welcome your guests to a night of pure relaxation.

How To Plan A Girls Sleepover Slumber Party In 10 Easy Steps!

For the ultimate spa treatment, treat your guests to an evening of manicures, pedicures and treatments. Don’t forget to include lots of beauty products in your bags, like nail polish and some face masks.

Gather your crew and prepare for a night of laughter, drama and all things pink with a beautiful Mean Girls inspired sleepover!

Transform your living room into North Shore High School with Mean Girls themed decorations, snacks and activities.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

From making Burn Book-inspired crafts to watching the movie in your pinkest outfit, a Mean Girls sleepover is sure to be an unforgettable experience full of hilarious quotes and memorable moments.

Dream Sleepover Party Themes! (2024 Top Picks)

LOL Surprise Dolls Slumber Party is the perfect theme for anyone who loves LOL Surprise Dolls.

Recreate the party look by decorating the teepee with a beautiful pink and purple balloon garland.

Shimmer and Shine parties are also popular and are a great sleepover theme for little girls.

Use bright, bold colors and add as much sparkle as possible. Again, add fairy lights to the tee for extra sparkle!

Rapunzel Birthday Party With Southern Sleepovers Alabama

If your daughter loves dolls, American Girl dolls are probably her favorite, so this is a great theme for a sleepover, especially her first sleepover.

This American Girl Slumber Party in a Box is all you need to throw a great party! This includes everything from wings to pillows and more.

The favors for this party are amazing. The “Sleepover Squad” shirts are super cute and great to wear to parties or around the house.

Slumber Party Ideas For 15 Year Olds

A fun event is sure to feature Breakfast at Tiffany’s and turn your slumber party into a movie night with your very own popcorn bar!

Popcorn And Pajama Party

Check out our Tiffany & Co. parties lots of fun ideas to help you throw a

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