Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home – Scarlett loves this activity because it involves touch and animals. I gave him a small world map with pictures of animals from all over the world. Then we take one of our live pictures and see if we can find it on the map so we can place it there. This map is not large so it fits well on the table, but because of its size it is easier to place it with smaller animal figures. We have a large pool of castellated animals that we decided to invest in because of their beautiful quality, but since this map is not very large, few of them can fit on the same continent. I might get a bigger map like this for this event because we really like them both.

This activity was inspired by the book The Tail on the Road, where you have to guess an animal by its tail. I wanted to try a version with our animal pictures and it worked. Scarlet entered the box live after a while. I did this by taking an old gift box, making a cut out from the center in the shape of a sunbeam to fit different sized animals. The bottom of the box is open. I put an animal in there, he said, and turned the box over for him to look at.

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home

We love board games and here is a simple game we play with our 25 month old Scarlett. Each person gets a table with caterpillars of one color. The dice are then rolled, and depending on the color of the dice, she takes a circle of that color and places it on the caterpillar. Then count how many circles the caterpillar reached. Here is a free printable for this game.

Summer Activities For Toddlers

Story stones can be a great addition to your story time. I made a rock story for a bedroom book about the broom. We played with stones corresponding to the pictures on each page of the book. Another way to play is to retell stories without books. And when Scarlett is a little older, I’m thinking of making more rocks for another book, then we can mix all the rocks in a bag, and we can choose rocks in random order and create our own stories. I made these from stones I got from Michael’s, painted them first with white acrylic, then art painted them with acrylic paint with a small brush and finished the details with a pen.

Draw or glue the printed color wheel on a box, drill holes to match the size of the tree, and encourage your child to insert each part into the corresponding colored part. Since Scarlett loves cats, the tree was turned into a cat to make her more interesting, but it wasn’t necessary. Here is a free color wheel download.

I did this activity for Scarlett’s second birthday but we still play it sometimes. We had a cat party and got these mice (marketed as cat toys) and I made a cat out of a box by gluing cat faces cut out of construction paper. Then we took turns throwing mice into the cat’s mouth from a distance.

I had to use a cover I had been collecting for a long time! Here’s a fun and easy matching game: you’ll need two stickers with the same or similar pictures for each animal, a paper/poster bag and a hat of different sizes. I used cardboard that I cut into book-sized rectangles. I then placed stickers of various sizes on the board, leaving enough space around it to place the cover. Then I placed the appropriate stickers on the lid. I used the same stickers (like the rabbit, the pig, the owl in the picture) and some similar stickers (like the flamingo and the frog in the picture). You can play the game in different ways: either put all the hats in a bag and ask your children to take them out one by one and put them in the appropriate picture, or play like a bingo game – everyone gets a board and who to fill. This is your game. The board with the first hat is the winner. We used these animal stickers but stickers that have pairs for each picture would work.

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds — Oh Hey Let’s Play

You can download printable cars for this game. Since my son is obsessed with cars, our first activity was matching the color of the tires to the color of the car. You can print several copies of the car plate if you have an extra bag cover to extend the game, otherwise the car shape can be cut out as well.

Here is a fun memory game to play. Place the toys under different cups without mixing them. Multiple cups can be used. The child must remember the order of the cups. Then you can ask him to find a toy, so he has to look under each plate and remember which toy is under it. Increase the number of cups as the child remembers the order better.

I highly recommend this game for young children. He has won several awards for helping children develop logical thinking and early math skills. Comes with a card, rabbit and 3 wooden blocks, the card shows how to arrange the rabbit on the block and the child has to rotate the wooden block to match the card. The cards are divided into levels. At 25 months old we play at the easiest level, and it’s great to see how Scarlett is trying to improve it. I still help him with the easiest cards, but watch him try to think and figure it out on his own.

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home

For this activity you will need flat marbles and lined paper in different shapes. Show your child how to arrange marbles by number. Scarlett really likes marbles, so after completing this task she was busy transferring marbles to different containers for half an hour.

Crafts For Kids Ages 2,3,4,5,6

This litter box is made of cream of wheat – easier to clean and receive. I drew on index cards and showed Scarlett how to recreate the design in sand. Our cards had circles, triangles, squares, zigzag lines, straight lines and dotted lines. Scarlett seemed more interested in the form.

After making shapes in the sand, we turned the sandbox into a beach. Some of the animals came ashore to rest, but Scarlett was more interested in scooping the sand (cream of wheat) into one bowl with a spoon and then transferring it to another bowl. We also pour sand into a clear plastic cup using a sandblaster.

You can create this patchwork puzzle by printing these files, cutting out squares, and showing your child how to match the squares in the picture to complete it. There are 3 picture puzzles in the download file.

Animal activity cards are popular with Scarlett. He started doing some of these movements when he was about 18 months old, and now, at 25, he can do almost all of them, except for blowing out his cheeks like a bow. He asks them to play these cards again and again. I showed him how to do the moves the first time we played them and now he does them himself. The whole family has fun, we applaud when they get it right and release their energy in a fun way. A digital version of these cards is available here and a printed version is available here.

Fun Things To Do At Homer

During this activity we look for foam letters in rice and then match the letters found on the cards. I used the flash cards we had because there are letters on the back of the cards, but you can draw the letters you put in the container on a piece of paper to match. You can use colored or plain rice.

You can create memory games using stickers and blank cards. Each card has a sticker on the back that matches one of the stickers on the front. First the back of the card is shown, for example the picture of the red fish, then the card is turned over and the child has to point to the picture that was just shown on the back. This game can be easier when you use other animals, for example, it is easier to remember that you just saw a cat and pick it out from other animals. It can also be difficult when you use different colors of the same animal, for example, different colored fish, or when you use different skin types from the same animal. We use these live stickers.

Change is fun

Activities For 2 3 Year Olds At Home

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