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Choosing a roof design can seem like a simple task to some because they are not really familiar with the different types available. Sometimes they settle for one, but they don’t know what suits the climate and the design of the house. In any case, we decided to collect six types of roofs that may be of interest. Scroll down and meet them.

Home Ideas Philippines

Home Ideas Philippines

Gable roof is the most basic type of roof. It has two sloping sides connected by a ridge. This design is perfect for Filipino homes because it allows water (a lot of rain!) to run off easily and is cheaper than other types. The gable roof can also be divided into open and gable. The first has an internal ceiling that follows the slope of the roof, while the second or box gable has a flat ceiling as it covers the slope. In terms of material, there are many options, from roofing to concrete slabs.

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Compared to gable roofs, hip roofs are more stable, especially during storms, due to their four-sided structure. They can be made of metal, tile or tile roof. In addition, they also manage the drainage of rainwater. The interior can also be turned into a balcony. Despite these advantages, hip roofs are relatively more expensive than gable structures.

Flat roofs have caught on in modern homes because of their beautiful appearance. This structure can be upgraded by adding a deck and even solar panels. It is made of reinforced concrete. Modern flat roof systems have also been developed that combine sustainability and energy efficiency. The only disadvantage of this roof is that with little or no slope, it can withstand water and lead to leaks and eventual damage, so roofing experts recommend using solid materials and those without seams.

Characterized by a single-tone or half-tone roof, this skill is also popular among modern commercial buildings and homes. Angled and one-sided shapes are easier to build and allow water to flow. On the one hand, this structure can be vulnerable in areas with strong winds, especially if it is not planned and created. If you are out of the area, it is a good idea to install solar panels on your Skillion roof.

A butterfly design known as a V-roof is a unique and attractive option. With two opposite ends raised above the middle called a wadi, this roof can drain water from the wadi. However, these styles can be difficult to create and more expensive than other options. And if poorly constructed or maintained, the middle can clog and give or leak.

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Unusual and charming at the same time, a round roof can be the most difficult and expensive of all structures. However, the uniqueness of this option also kills two birds with one stone – on the roof and on the wall. So if you think about it, materials like tiles, metal and glass are good choices.

Green roofs, where plants or vegetation are grown on top of a waterproof roof, are more important in eco-design. This roof absorbs rainwater and also provides insulation. They are found in commercial buildings and other residential buildings. It enhances the spiral design by decorating it with green color. The exterior design of the house reflects the individuality of the owner. That’s how the rest of the neighborhood sees design, and we all want to make the most impressive first impression. Whether you’re building your first home or renovating an existing one, modern home design ideas will add curb appeal and make your property stand out. The modern house is beautiful. One thing to remember when creating the ideal home is to consider the exterior and interior design. Nothing beats clear sight lines, expansive windows and the irresistible height of modern exterior design for a contemporary aesthetic. Whether you prefer a rugged industrial metal or soft wood look, there are modern and simple home design ideas to inspire you. Minimalist exterior design

In recent decades, minimalism has become popular. This is due to the work of architects such as Mies van der Rohe, Philip Johnson and others, who made this style nominal for every home owner. The main aspect of minimalist exterior design is clean and simple lines that avoid frills, unnecessary accents and decorations. Instead, the decor uses neutral colors and soft textures.

Home Ideas Philippines

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Industrial exterior design is characterized by the use of raw and untreated materials such as concrete, brick and stone. It also has a dark roof, large windows and an overall minimalist aesthetic. The goal is to create a modern and elegant look that is bold and sophisticated. The industrial look usually uses materials that are attractive and very durable, so they can withstand harsh weather. The use of dark colors and sloping roofs also help create an impressive visual appearance that will certainly stand out in a traditional suburban home. Glass for exterior design

The new front design incorporates glass for a sleek and stylish facade. Glass connects the inner and outer world. Transparency and an impeccable spirit can combine the charm and tranquility of the natural landscape. The use of glass also gives the house a modern look and provides plenty of natural light. This can help make the space more attractive and also improve the energy efficiency of the home. In addition, glass creates a barrier from the elements while allowing the homeowner to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Loft aesthetics

The exterior design of the balcony is characterized by brevity, basic lines and restraint. Brick, wood, plaster walls and metal decorations are the main components that contribute to the beauty of the style. A perfect loft design is all about practical space and sustainability. This is because the loft was originally designed as an industrial or storage space, so the aesthetic reflects its utilitarian nature. New home designs are designed to be durable and efficient with minimal decorations and embellishments. Medieval exterior

When you hear the phrase “mid-century modern,” your imagination immediately goes to the post-World War II era. In the modern world, there are more mid-century. From the end of World War II until now, this style of architecture took many years. Midcentury homes have a distinctive look with large windows, open floor plans, and an emphasis on modern design and materials. They are often characterized by clear lines, flat roofs and geometric shapes. Mid-century modern architecture has seen a resurgence in recent years as people appreciate the classic style and timeless appeal of these new designer homes.

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The simple facade style of colonial houses is inspired by British architecture and its influence is seen in many houses and government buildings. The new house design has a gate leading to the main road surrounded by a large garden area. The architectural elements reflect the grandeur and prestige of the colonial era.

Characterized by block-shaped walls and solid columns, the facade of this small house creates a sense of solidity and solidity. This combination of architectural elements creates the image of a colonial building built to stand the test of time.

Home Ideas Philippines

Colonial style tiny house facade designs pay homage to the past while providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing entrance to a modern home. Its historic impact and timeless elegance are coveted by homeowners and architects alike. Embracing Heritage: Traditional Indian Small House Facade Design

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The facade design of the vintage style tiny house is inspired by traditional Indian architecture and reflects the charm of old Indian houses. This design approach is prevalent in urban and rural areas and has timeless patterns that stand the test of time. A characteristic feature of this style is the inclusion of large doors decorated with basil plants or small shrines that add culture and spirituality to the door.

In this design, the foyer is decorated with several columns that make the front of the house spacious and attractive. In addition, strategically placed living spaces enhance the welcoming atmosphere, inviting residents and guests to enjoy the surroundings. Vintage style reflects the essence of India’s rich heritage,

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