2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas – Since we moved to the suburbs, Sasha has made many new friends. We have been invited to several children’s birthday parties, from house parties to rental properties. When Sasha turned one, my husband and I made her a cake, took her pictures, took her to the playground, and left her with the babysitter to see each other. We have set our priorities. No regrets. I bet he will never touch me or remember. Since his birthday wasn’t a big deal, I thought he was old enough to enjoy a second birthday party.

The only thing was that I wanted to have a party, I didn’t want to rent, hire a magician and spend a lot of money. Let’s be real: What does a child really want? (Except for your unconditional love). no Children are fickle and can happily get into the trash if you give them or other inexpensive activity.

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

To throw a great party for kids, you need three things: cake, simple activities, and a great company of crazy like-minded kids. (Creating an adult party is very easy and only requires two things: wine and a great company of like-minded adults). Sasha had a big birthday party and everyone, including the adults, had so much fun that they didn’t want to leave.

Handy Manny Birthday Party Ideas

Update: (5/5/2020) I’m planning a backyard half-birthday party this summer, and my new fun DIY backyard playhouse will be the star of the show. Get inspired, download free plans and build the ultimate playhouse for your kids! It takes any party to a new level!

Ideas for Throwing a Successful, Fun-filled Birthday Party for a 2-Year-Old at Home Invite Both Parents.

Make it clear that you are inviting the couple, not just the mother of the child. I made a mistake with one of my friends, thinking she was going to bring her husband, only to find out later that she thought “just mom and kids.” (As you can imagine, I left out the “nice invitation” part because our party wasn’t that big and I didn’t think it was really needed)

You don’t want an army of crazy kids running around destroying everything in their path. When children are involved, anything can go wrong, and reduce the number of guards to reduce the risk of failure. We invited four of Sasha’s friends, but one of them couldn’t make it, so we ended up with four children (including Sasha) and seven adults. I think 4-6 children is the right number for a party like this, depending on the location. Our living room is not very spacious and I don’t want to extend the party beyond the living room and kitchen, which brings me to my next point.

Two Year Old Birthday Ideas Kept Simple!

You should make sure that all sensitive items are put away and all electronic and loose items are away. I had to rearrange our living room for this small group. We pushed the sofa from the center to the side, closed the TV and bookshelves; He covered his face and closed the keyboard; Put all the toys in small pieces. We live in a semi-detached house where the living room is on the middle floor. We blocked the entrance because I didn’t want the children to run up to the second floor. Also, make sure you get a gate to cover the stairs. We never used it because Sasha is a little ladder ninja, but it’s better to be safe than sorry with a bunch of kids. One of my guests brought a station that was very helpful.

I prepared the cake, most of the food, activities and other decorations. Remember to charge your camera the night before!

This can be difficult because everyone sleeps at different times. Sasha is a fast sleeper and usually sleeps for 30 minutes between 10:30 and 11:30, while most children usually sleep between 1 and 2 am. Since we didn’t have many guests, I asked everyone about their plans and decided to put Sasha to bed early (10am) and have a party at 11am so that everyone could take the tired kids home by 1-1:30pm. Here’s another good idea – keep your party short. We had fun and hit each other. Everyone left around 2pm when one of the children was tired and had a problem.

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

I created “stations” around the room with different functions. This post is getting too long, so I’ve listed the things I did here. My biggest tip is to keep it as simple and uncluttered as possible.

Jay’s 2nd Birthday| Party On A Budget

Children are easy to please, but you have to make sure that adults are happy too. At the end of the day, they are such tough parents and deserve to be celebrated more. We kept it simple with the snacks and had a cheese plate, hummus, fruit and wine. I will put a table for adults as a buffet in the kitchen. In the middle of it all, I forgot to take a picture of it. ;/ But check out this awesome mouth-watering kitchen table I prepared for different parties and tips for creating an epic table!

If you’re crazy about decorations, bring them! But the truth is, as much as you like to choose a theme and decorate everything, your two-year-old doesn’t care. We kept it low-key, but lots of fun. I found this fun backdrop (which the kids loved) and this $15 party decor kit had everything we needed (balloons, garland, cake toppers)

This party was a great success! We learned a lot from our first event and plan to host more parties soon!

What are your tips for throwing a successful birthday party for a child at home? Comment below. I will do it again at home this year and would love to hear from you.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Update 10/02/2020: I’ve written a tip on how to plan a successful 3-year-old boarding house, which you may be interested in. It includes all the DIY birthday decorations, healthy birthday parties for kids, menus for adults and stress-free tips for hosting a party at home.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for throwing a successful birthday party at home for a two year old. If you like it, follow me on Instagram @ where I share fun ideas.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel where I post videos about easy DIY decorations, mommy hacks, and kids activities.

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

If your child surprises you with the number of toys, read how we organize our toys (Montessori inspired)

Nd Birthday Wooden Sign Two Cutout Letter Two 15.74” 7.87” For Kids 2nd Birthday Party Wall Decor Table Display Baby Chair Banner

Find out what I think is the best eco-friendly outdoor toy that you can make in no time and make the kids very happy! We celebrated Chase’s two-year anniversary this year with a Toy Story themed party. 🙂 He loves both Buzz and Woody, so we made a set for both! If you have a son who loves Toy Story, you will love this post! Easy party DIYs and gifts, combined with party decorations, created this budget-friendly party, giving Chase a big smile! I’m also giving you a free printable that I made to list all the things on the table. The kids loved it and I hope it will be a fun addition to your party table!

I would love to have fun with Woody and Buzz in this theme party! So I made two party tables for each boy. First, Buzz!

I knew I had to get a classic cloud pattern for the background…and this Amazon find was perfect! 7×5 Blue Sky White Clouds Background Banner

We put it on the background stand. (We use ours for every party. It makes planning so easy.) Then I got balloons from Hobby Lobby in a light cloud color (minus the purple.) and then the clouds from this set – cow print and cloud. balloons.

Nd Birthday Party Airplane Theme

I use my balloon pipe and balloon tape to make the flowers. Then balloon string to connect the garland to the support rack in the middle. Silver fringed door trim on either side of the back is what I wanted to cover the stand and add some shine.

The table is covered with brown kraft paper, which you can use to move/wrap fragile items. I put it in layers on the table. The Buzz Lightyear piñata was a Walmart find that we just used as decoration. It was beautiful! So we covered the table with delicious things!

Making themed dessert table decorations is always so much fun! I like to make the quilts interesting by writing the word design on the carving and putting the shape on it. I created these sticks in Photoshop, printed them on sticker paper and cut them out with a Cricut. I got these little plastic signs from Amazon that I attached to them and put on the table. The kids loved watching the actors! (You can also use a Cricut for free

2nd Birthday Party At Home Ideas

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