Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old – This weekend I made my first truck cake. This is a cake for a 3 year old boy and it is all about the famous GRAVEDIGGER monster truck. The cake contains a large balloon that hits the car like a brake.

The cake is a half sheet filled with vanilla buttercream and vanilla ice cream. The gravedigger is made of shells and has a beautiful cover. Four days before assembling the cake, I made the car body and balloons. This monster truck is pretty heavy and I didn’t plan on making it this big, but it works in the end. The body is 9 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 5 inches high. Balloon is 3″ high and truck is 7″ high. I learned a lot from this cake. My Gravedigger chassis wasn’t fully thought out and I was nervous until I put it together. Next time I will use PVC pipe for the internal structure.

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old

The truck overturned and there were piles of hay under the truck and the whale.

Coolest Diy Birthday Cakes

I made the “Happy Birthday” flag look like a graveyard marker. Yes! I wanted to put the birthday boy’s name somewhere on the cake and decided to put it on the mark of the beast. It is a silver triangle in the center of the cake.

Gravedigger has a flying skull and a skeleton behind his car. I put the number 3 instead of the skull to make his birthday special on the cake. happy Friday everyone! I know we usually stick to dessert here at Baking with Blondie on Fridays, but I thought it would be nice to share some details about my son’s birthday party this month!

I usually try to only share recipes here on my blog because I am a firm believer in blogging about something and blogging about its flaws. If I advertise myself in too many projects, I think things get stuck, the page gets overlooked or is of poor quality, and maybe the best thing is not to create it on your screen. I mean, if I were an expert in everything, I would definitely blog about everything! Good morning everyone and the wonderful blogger who blogs about the bag! But I love food, I cook, I share food, and I eat, so here we are with a food blog. πŸ™‚

However, I would like to share with you some of the parties I threw for my son’s birthday. I love her more than anything, and making her birthday special at such a young age is a treat I love every year. I’m sure when there are a lot of kids following them, it won’t be as elaborate or elaborate, but for now we’ll take it seriously. For her first birthday, we are having a Hungry Kittens Birthday Party and it was the best first birthday. I love book-based parties, and when Eric Carle describes beautiful pictures and delicious pages filled with wonderful fruits and vegetables, it’s unbeatable! Then we had a party inspired by my son’s favorite movie at the time: UP – His birthday party UP was a fun party for what a sweet little boy he’s become! Last year we had a pirate birthday party – man it was amazing! We’re all dressing up as pirates, searching for treasure and having the time of our lives!

Cakes, Cakes And Cakes

This year I repeatedly asked my son what kind of birthday party he wanted. It was a long process, but in the end he chose to host a monster truck party (with a “Fantastic Cars” birthday coming up a second away). We went to Monster Trucks Out in the Desert last year and he still can’t stop talking about it, so Monster Trucks was chosen as this year’s theme!

This is the first year we are celebrating β€œthe friend’s” birthday. We usually have a family but our family is 35-40 people and they live 45 minutes away and our 2 bedroom tiny house is good or small…we know we will rent a house or outdoor place that suits everyone! March has autism in Utah, so we chose to stay home and celebrate with her friends around us. For example, including some of our old cousins!)

The kids are still in preschool (ages 3 and 4) so ​​I know we had a crazy competition ahead of us with about 10 kids invited. But looking back, they were all joking about partying, and my son’s face was perfect for the trip to the crazy city where we were celebrating together. I’ve adapted a lot and put together age-appropriate toys for little ones to play with. We had such a good time and I’m glad that Ryan and I were able to have a good time on Saturday afternoon at the end of the low maintenance period. Let’s jump!

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old

Yes, this is the first time I am sharing my son’s name in a blog. I never said that because I was crazy about everything. But with Ryan as my lawyer, if you have a crazy idea, we’ll see your face and get you. is he okay? eight. πŸ™‚

Dump Truck Cake Recipe: How To Make It

I always use PicMonkey to design proposals. It costs $1.86 to print on FedEx/Kinkos (our printers are color ink). Pam is ready. it’s easy. Anyway, I bought the image on etsy and used it on the invitations (the giant car/flag/etc) for money. It’s a good idea not to spend an hour designing a monster truck for a photo shoot.

We live in an apartment building with a lot of doors so we know where the little ones spend their time!

Next is the cake. I don’t make cakes. So this is a great final moment. I’ve always believed that babies are just cakes and we can call them good, but I also firmly believe that these little babies need a birthday cake on their birthday! I have made hundreds of cakes, and it is a special honor to make one for my son. He wanted chocolate, so we took that idea seriously.

Yes. I drew a flag, cut it out, stuck it on with toothpaste, and attached it to the carbon spear. We’re so cool here, guys.

Monster Truck 3rd Birthday Cake.

I had a few cookies and they didn’t have any frosting, so I scooped them out (hehe!!!) and covered the cookies with frosting and chocolate graham crackers. It made for the perfect muddy wheelchair trail!

There is dark chocolate inside and the ice is my favorite cocoa burger. Lots of chocolate going on for the little ones!

For the food, we went very simply. Most of them are three years old, so I know we’ll be setting up different little ladders. We simply went with some pizza (“good fat pizza”). Then we have these veggie sticks – Jake’s favorite snack!

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old

I love these things. They love these. It’s fun to place these monster fruit trucks on the tray! We need to make sure they are carefully wrapped around the inner teeth, but other than that, they are absorbed in just minutes!

Kara’s Party Ideas Monster Truck Monster Jam Birthday Party

I don’t soak apple slices in lemon juice. I love doing this – it makes apple pie taste like Sprite.

Chocolate cake! These lucky little ones can score my favorite chocolate cake. It is also absorbed within seconds. Mostly cool, but whatever. πŸ™‚

I designed and printed the top of the mug and then painted it with toothpaste. it’s easy. ready!

I added a layer of chocolate ganache to the cupcakes. And it makes them more entertaining. Man, I’m still dreaming about these cupcakes!

Monster Truck Number 8 Cake Recipe

The joke was on me – we didn’t even use those plates. Haha. Blondie is here. But they are very cute. We also have “Chocolate Slime” (True Mo Chocolate Milk) and Pink “Antifreeze” (Watermelon Syrup). It’s very easy to customize everything once you buy everything from Target, Zurcher, and the Dollar Store.

Science! I always make a flag for his birthday. I also designed it using PicMonkey and it was super easy. Print it, cut it, seal it, and the flag is made!

I never play a lot of party games because we have adult birthday parties. But I know we have to have some fun for this three year old! My son loves art, so we did some art activities at his party.

Monster Truck Cake For 3 Year Old


Monster Truck Birthday Party: Celebrating 4 Years!

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