Quirky Home Ideas

Quirky Home Ideas – Today we’re interviewing Amara, a nocturnal DIYer and color lover. He loves a challenge because even though he rented the house for 8 years and couldn’t paint the walls, he created a beautiful colorful family home! We are delighted to have him as part of our touring series. I can’t wait to share all of his ideas and tips with you!

Hi, I’m Amara; a nighttime small business owner, content creator, and DIY enthusiast. I live in a rented house in Berkshire, England, with my wife and three children. I love living in colour, but living in a rental means I often have to jump into weird design ideas and DIY tips fueled by midnight creativity to add color around the house. I feel happiest when I am surrounded by like-minded people, a test of color and nature.

Quirky Home Ideas

Quirky Home Ideas

A lover of color with eclectic tastes on the edge of maximalism. I like the perfect balance of unity and complexity in my style.

Living Room Designs

Aside from the used carpet and heavy black leather furniture, the house is in good condition. Even though the sofas weren’t our style, we lived with them for a few years. We are lucky to have a good relationship with our landlord. We have lived in this house for almost eight years, which as you can imagine is a long time. However, I can’t paint the walls, so I came up with the idea of ​​putting my stamp on the house to make sure all the hacks were intact.

-Self-adhesive false floor tiles can help restore your floors without spending a lot of money. I also use them in my house to stain bathroom tiles.

– I also applied self-adhesive clear vinyl and used it to protect the rental wallpaper. Everything is saved in my featured images on Instagram.

That’s so kind of you! I love gallery walls, especially in rooms where we have guests because they often become a topic of conversation. In my opinion, a great gallery wall always needs a whimsical element! Choose prints and artwork with eye-catching details. This is for announcement purposes, so feel free to raise your voice. A little tip for homeowners, if you’re not allowed to drill nails into the wall, choose a lightweight frame with a plastic front instead of glass so you can easily hang it with sticky hooks.

This Store Has Quirky Handmade Decor Items To Decorate Your Home!

Decorating is a learning curve – can you tell us about a decorating mistake you’ve made over the years that others can learn from?

Before moving on to interior design, take a moment to review your basic style. I’m often drawn to industrial style and think of it as “me”. After making impulse purchases and making costly mistakes, I realized where I went wrong.

Add eye-catching lighting to add beauty and personality to the room. They help set the mood and bring a harmonious look to the entire space. You can also use them to add contrast to your home decor without overthinking it. I really like this suggestion.

Quirky Home Ideas

I really enjoyed talking to Amara and we are so grateful to her for sharing her knowledge with us. From perfecting a stunning gallery wall, overcoming the obstacles of living in a rental, and innovative DIY tips – let us be inspired! If you want to see more of his colorful homes or ideas, check out his Instagram @thepajaamahub or his website The Pajama Hub.

Artsy Quirky Home Interior Design

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If you’d like to use content from our site, we’d love to hear about it, but please give us credit on your site or blog, link back to us, and let us know where you’ve used the content. Beautiful family homes are the theme of our home tour today, and what better way to enliven our lives during these difficult times than by transporting yourself to a bright and exotic home. Lucy lives in a small town near Henley with her husband Steve and their 2 daughters, Darcy, 7, and Alice, 4. Lucy’s style is “colourful, cheerful and whimsical” and she has achieved that and more – and it’s pretty awesome.

The house was beautiful when we bought it, just beige and brown. Everything we’ve done so far has been cosmetic. For example, the kitchen was brown and beige, the cabinets were painted light blue, handles were replaced and white floors were installed. This changed him completely.

Your use of masking tape around door frames and shelves is genius! Do you have any other tips for adding color quickly and easily?

Villa Artistic And Quirky Home With A Copper Bath And Complimentary Snack, Bangkok, Thailand

One of my favorite things to do is colorful tile. You can add them to your bathroom or kitchen. Colorful pom poms are sewn onto the mat. Paint, colorful, fun prints, fringe in different shades are all great ways to add color to your home.

We’re glad you’re getting used to a completely different tablecloth in your room! Do you think you need to be careful when backgrounds collide like this, or do you just choose to?

I think you have to be careful. When I use two different backgrounds, I usually choose a very busy and interesting background and then pair it with a more linear or geometric background. For example, bright flowers look great together. I chose butterflies and stripes for my bedroom, there are some out there but I love them! This is what I spend the most money on. I’m always looking for good quality paper.

Quirky Home Ideas

I love the little cabin I built for the girls. It was just a small, dark, scary room. I bought a monochrome black and white Lino from eBay for £30. And paired with Christian Lacqoix’s beautiful moth. I even put wallpaper on the ceiling. A small bathroom is a great place to do this with color and pattern. My daughter loves it! !

Creating An Indoor Garden Room: Conservatory Reveal

Yes, I put a bright purple rug in my living room and it looked terrible and I couldn’t stand to have to replace it the next day!

Where to start when planning a new room? Do you create a mood board based on a pre-established vision, or do you make it up as you go?

Both are small. I started with wallpaper and fabric. I love wallpaper so that’s where I started. I usually use an online passion chart to understand how they work together.

You can use different colors in a room and still make it look smart and organized. What’s your best advice for achieving this?

Quirky Room Decor

In fact, I spent hours trying to get it right. My biggest advice is to just go for it. If you don’t like it, change it. I think people are afraid of being bold at home, which is why blondes have become such a popular choice. I’m not sure if people like all gray, this is a safer choice. My advice is to pick a small room like a laundry room or a bedroom and just do it and build your confidence. So you became brave and lived in a colorful house! ????

I love Lucy’s house – it’s like sunshine. It’s great to have two little girls growing up in such a wonderful family. There are also lots of ideas for quick paint fixes that can be done easily and easily. With many of us in isolation or on vacation, now is a great time to make a change and bring some sunshine into our homes. Who knew washi tape could be so magical? I hope this lovely family home inspires you to revitalize your space and follow Lucy on instagram @lucyhamiltonathome for more inspiration or to check out some of her different home tours.

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Quirky Home Ideas

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If you’d like to use content from our site, we’d love to hear about it, but please give us credit on your site or blog, link back to us, and let us know where you’ve used the content. If you want your home decor to stand out but are on a budget, it’s time to try something new

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