Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas – I know I say this all the time, but Chloe’s rainbow first birthday party is one of my favorite parties of all time! I loved the colors! And the gold accent letters..ahh I can’t wait to use them again in one of their rooms. Unlike Lila’s birthday party, this one was held in our Florida room. We dug out the large print in the back and replaced the drink bottles with sippy cups. Hahaha

How to Plan a Rainbow First Birthday Party 1. Balloons are essential! It’s cheap and easy to make, but it has a big impact. I hung them with 2 small flowers for added toxicity.

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

2. Add your words. I chose to use “it’s magic, it’s her” because I like it, but you can use “happy birthday” or whatever you like.

First Birthday Party Ideas You Will Love

3. It’s all about the potatoes. To be honest, we had more than enough food. It was a small party but when I ordered desserts they were part of the decorations as guests. Plus, I really hate leftovers 😉 We had a broken cake for the birthday girl, why not this beautiful acrylic table on the dessert table and the cake for the guests.

4. Party Favors At this age, my favorite party favors are balloons, crayons, pinwheels, or swimming toys.

5. Food: We ordered Chipotle and it was great! Everything came apart so people could customize it the way they wanted, it was great to be with them. In addition to Chipotle, the other thing we had were kids and fruit and vegetable lunch bags for the little ones.

6. Activities: A friend of mine told me how you can rent a simple play area for kids who are sensitive. But when I looked at it, the price was so high I could buy something and keep it for the girls to use after the party. These Halloween toys were just the best! This along with the ball pit and unicorn rocker kept the kids entertained the entire time. They still play on these toys every day.

Unique First Birthday Party Ideas For Boys & Girls

Acrylic Stand: Some Stylish Events // Gold Mirror Acrylic Sign from Creative Amme // Sippy Cup: Play Again // Unicorn Chuck: Two // Acrylic Flower Box: Tassel // Tassel Flag: Ellie and Piper // Wooden toys: Vyorka

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Privacy Policy – Blog Design by Georgia Love Studio – Celebrating Stylist Rights | Popular spring party planning ideas for first birthdays are a great way to celebrate the beginning of spring and a special year. Part fairytale, part modern, and all part fun – these first birthday ideas are sure to please everyone.

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

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Baby Boy 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas For Boy At Home

I only have one son, which means I get to throw all kinds of boy parties like my son’s Pop-A-Wheelly and Pajama Party for his first birthday. It also means I rarely see anything unless it’s a girls night out like a spa and pamper party.

So when I was asked to share my first birthday ideas, you better believe I decided to go with a girl theme instead of a boy. Maybe one day I’ll have a daughter of my own, but for now it’s good enough to share a beautiful girl’s first birthday.

I really wanted to have a party with a play on the word. Instead of using one, I changed one and thought – oh, I’ll make a fairy tale, one of the theme parties. Then, I started looking at colors and color palettes and realized that I really wanted to have a bright and bold summer party.

I joined them both and came up with a theme for the event. A once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale theme combined with trendy spring colors. It sounds a little crazy, but you’ll see what I mean.

Atlas Beach Fest

I love making my own accessories and the new Cricut Explore Air 2 is so easy to use. I was able to print, cut and design all my party supplies in one day. And as you’ll see in this post, the party includes a lot of cookies, prints, and details – all made with the Cricut Explore Air 2. I tell everyone I can, the machine really cuts like butter, and even great designs like the cup wrappers I made for the princess mine and pineapple bowls.

I also used the following designs from the Cricut DesignSpace library. Most of these were included with Cricut Access, but some had additional costs.

Every good fairy tale should have a castle and a castle on the hill. So I created a sun and mountain castle with iron on vinyl and iron on white paper to create details for my party table.

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

I used the castle and the Cricut Iron-on Lite from the Cricut Design Space store in purple, black, corn, cyan, and raspberry, with the iron on in kiwi and green in the background. I love how the background came out in different colors, really hitting the color palette I was going for. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to live in this palace? I will do it!

Best Places For A First Birthday Party

In addition to the backdrop, I made a tulle table skirt to go around the table and give it a Princess Tutu feel. I will post a tutorial on this soon or you can buy a rainbow tulle table skirt!

It was actually easier than it looks and really ties the princess/summer theme together! Last but not least, I used a white vinyl sheet to turn a storage pillow into a rope pillow to decorate our outdoor seating area.

The food was definitely my favorite part of this event. Everyone knows that first birthdays are not just for one year. A first birthday usually means a few kids and a lot of adults coming for good food, celebrating the baby and enjoying being with the kids.

All of these party foods are kid-friendly, but not necessarily kid-oriented if that’s what they’re meant to be. Both are desserts that I think kids and adults alike will love!

Once Upon A Summer First Birthday Ideas That’ll Wow Your Guests

Hansel & Gretel’s Cake CrumbHouse and Rapunzel’s Tower Donut – On either side of the cake I made two matching towers. Next to this gingerbread house is a colorful tower of cake and balls that I first printed and then cut out for my game.

On the other hand, the cake tower features paper flowers that I cut from different colors of cricket cardstock, and a Rapunzel Magic topper that I printed as a cutout.

For the gingerbread house and the top of the tower, I not only printed and cut out the design itself on plain paper, but I also cut the outline onto cricket poster board and taped the two together to add weight. I can go.

Diy 1 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

You can see the pink logo on the pop, I loved the added color! In between the two towers I placed a basic bread I picked up at my grocery store and decorated it with a rainbow of colors. And on top of that, I made a DIY cake topper that I’ll share a tutorial with later in the week.

Of The Best First Birthday Themes

Princess Cake with Pineapple – A wedding cake filled with pineapple. I placed them in the cup wrappers and die cut Cricket from Coral Pearl and Sunshine Pearl paper. And to finish, I covered them with pineapple peel and drinking straw.

Three little things – angel food bread, three little fruits, topped with raspberry sauce, and homemade whipped cream. And to tie it to the one-time theme, I used my cats, white vinyl, and shipping tape to make “Just Right” spoons like Goldilock and the Three Bears.

Magic Jelly Bean Stalks – Small glass jars filled with shells, Oreo dust, jelly beans and green beans. And to go with each one, I printed and cut out a few huggies and fruit wrappers from Cricket Design Space, and filled them with lots of jelly beans. It may not be the best thing on the table, but the kids love it!

Fruit Garden Fun – My sweet sister used a wooden cutting board to cut pineapples and melons, then we filled the center with strawberries and put them on the vine.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas: The Chosen One

To make a fun garden, I cut the grass for my cricket out of green cardboard and tied it to a styrofoam pan. And above all that, I write and cut this sign in white.

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