Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas – Whether you love or hate the Elf on the Shelf, there’s no doubt that teachers across the United States (and around the world) have fallen in love with the articulated holiday figure. Every year, more and more “Elf on the Shelf” classroom ideas appear on our social media channels, and teachers add their Christmas elves to more and more classroom activities.

If you’re part of Team Elf on the Shelf but need new elf ideas and activities, you’ve come to the right place!

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Teachers on the Teach Starter team spoke with teachers across the United States to find out how they like to use their Elf on the Shelf in their classrooms, including how they integrate the Elf into their core lessons and adding writing activities about the Elf in ELA, Writing Activities. Elf engineering for STEAM and more.

Elf Crafts For Preschoolers To Make

Read on for tips from our teaching team on how to use the Elf on the Shelf, as well as some things to keep in mind when adding the popular toy to your behavior management strategies this holiday season.

Before we get into the specific ideas, we talked about some of the big themes that arise around these holiday toys.

You may (or maybe not!) know that The Elf on the Shelf began as a book by Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell and has since grown to pretty epic proportions with movies, a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade balloon, and countless materials sold at the company. Elf on the shelf. The concept is simple: the elf is a scout sent by Santa Claus from the North Pole to keep an eye on children and report whether they are naughty or nice. It’s a hit with parents, who often use the elf to keep their children busy in December.

Things have also gotten wild in the classroom, with some teachers spending hours preparing daily journeys for their elves. If you’re not sure whether or not to include this guy in your lesson plan, here are some things to keep in mind:

Creative Elf On The Shelf Classroom Ideas

If you have never used Elf on the Shelf with your students, you can order a book and a set of elves together, or just get a standalone elf.

In the meantime, check out these fun ideas to make your classroom magical this Christmas with the help of a special visitor… your very own Elf on the Shelf! As mentioned, you can also borrow many of these ideas to use with other characters and toys.

The Elf on the Shelf tradition has become so big that many children may already have their special holiday friend at home. But for those who don’t know, a read of The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition can help familiarize you with the story.

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

When your elf arrives from the North Pole, he will have no name! Your class can decide on a name together – this is a great opportunity to brainstorm together. One teacher used our landscape Christmas page border printed on cardstock to brainstorm.

Easy Last Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas

In December, we know that most students have been in school for three or four months and have taken Thanksgiving break. The classroom norms you practiced at the beginning of the course may have been shaken. Don’t worry, we have a trick for teachers.

Kids love their elves and we love the way North Carolina teacher Tiffany Hicks (@tiffteachessecond on Instagram) uses her class elf on the shelf to gently remind her students of classroom rules . It’s like having a friend to help students remember!

Speaking of rules, your Elf on the Shelf class can also help reinforce your morning routines. Remind students to do their bell work each morning by organizing an elf delivery! Students can visit the elf to find the morning’s work. Don’t forget to place a sign on your elf detailing proper procedures.

Do you want to incorporate your Elf on the Shelf into your ELA lessons this December? Here are some fun ideas that teachers have shared with us covering different grade levels:

Elf On The Shelf Classroom Ideas

Some teachers (and parents) use the Elf on the Shelf to manage poor behavior, but a positive behavior approach allows you to integrate an Elf on the Shelf or other classroom visitor into your PBIS or similar program. Try placing your daily visitor in a place in the classroom where they can “experience kindness” during the holiday season.

Instead of pushing them every night, the kindness-focused elf can add points to a classroom reward chart or leave surprises on individual students’ charts. Just make sure you can trust your elf with the prize box!

If this school year you have configured the classroom seating in the shape of a table, you can reward the well-behaved tables with a visit from the elf! Each day the elf will monitor what table exercises are listening and other important behaviors you identify.

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

The next day she magically appears in the middle of the table and remains there all day.

Classroom Elf On The Shelf Made Easy

One of the easiest ways to celebrate the joy of the season with your elf (and your students) is to share a new elf joke every day; You should not move your elf at all. Add a new prank to your repertoire every day and you’ll have magic within reach.

Here’s a fun idea from @ready.set.teach.syd: make a mess of your gaming tables with an elf making “snow” angels. His kids had this idea, but it’s so simple and he could almost organize his activities using these counters all day long!

There are many places your elf can hang out, but if you have a Christmas tree in your classroom, this is an easy option. Third grade teacher Stephanie Rhea (@thirdgradefarmhouse on Instagram) shares that her class elf has “special moving gloves” so she can place them on her tree… much to the delight of her class. This breaks the Elf on the Shelf’s golden rule that people are not allowed to touch it.

Speaking of not touching…we all know that sometimes students just can’t be helped. Here’s an elf repair kit: a small pack of glitter to restore the magic of “Elf on the Shelf” if the elf is accidentally touched, handy for teachers!

Quick & Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Grab the mini marshmallows for this fun “Elf on the Shelf” class idea from Georgia teacher Courtney Streeter (@kindergarten.with.courtney on Instagram). Her kindergarten class watches “The Polar Express” and enjoys hot cocoa, and so does hers “Elf on the Shelf.” Of course, Elfie gets a little more creative with her marshmallow!

You can leave a little “elf” for your students to find on their room screens. Tablets, laptops and interactive whiteboards in the classroom are great hiding places for cheeky elves!

South Carolina teacher Madison Hines (@spedventuresinkindergarten on Instagram) has one of the easiest ideas we’ve seen for an Elf on the Shelf in the classroom: Grab a piece of toast before you leave the house and write a little note of your Elf on the Shelf over time!

Easy Classroom Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Another easy way to avoid having to move your Elf to the shelf day after day is to place the toy in a convenient location but change the activity it “offers” each day. One day I might bring the book to read aloud. Another day you might bring in a craft that the whole class can complete.

Elfcapades {elf In The Classroom + Random Acts Of Kindness} Freebie

This is another fun post from Madison Hines! Get your elf ready to play Twister! Madison made her own Twister card (so creative), but if she wants to make this Elf on the Shelf idea even easier, she printed out a fun Twist Up game board.

If she looks around her classroom, she’ll probably find several instant elf-on-the-shelf setups. We love this cool VW bus that teacher Andrea built for her students’ fundraiser at the beginning of the year! It’s a perfect hiding place for your elves!

Here’s another super easy classroom idea from Elf on the Shelf: If you have tights in the classroom, grab this quick idea from teacher Maggie (@maggietheteacher83 on Instagram). You just have to put on the elf to spend a day!

This idea comes directly from our teaching team! Elf on the Shelf may be known for his silly pranks that adults can’t handle, but there’s no reason why your students shouldn’t use their creative thinking skills to get through this little sprite.

Is Your Elf Crunched For Time? Get Last Minute Ideas!

As part of your STEAM lessons, challenge your students to put their heads together to build elf traps in your classroom.

Don’t be afraid to get help with your Elf on the Shelf activities, whether it’s to make your job easier or to offer more magic to your students. Some teachers have a member of the administrative team deliver the elf packet on the first day. Others have a neighboring teacher move their Elf to the Shelf after school to add an element of surprise (for you too!) or because we’ve all been there.

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