Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf – Our evil on the shelf, Trixie, loves to have fun at night and is a bit mischievous. Luckily, she uses things we already have at home and doesn’t make things too complicated. Here are some of your favorite mischievous elf ideas that are super easy to replicate. They don’t take more than a few minutes or a few dollars worth of supplies. Here are over 40 of our favorites so far.

Basically like a choo-choo train, but with shoes instead. This time, the ELF decided to bring the princesses along. It can be a shoe for anyone… moms, dads, etc.

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

This is a very easy and fun one. Make a bag of popcorn and mess it up in the microwave and we still have popcorn on the floor. What a messy Elf. It is the first day of this year, so he also borrowed our magnetic letters to leave a message.

Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids

Get a disposable mask and hang it on a chandelier or even a Christmas tree. I recommend a disposable mask as I have to cut it up for it to work. I cut the rubber bands and attached them to the lamp.

All you need is goldfish crackers (in every home with kids!), a sink and any type of fishing rod. This rod is from a game fishing rod, but even a branch with wire will work. Warning: add water at the last minute or you will wake up to very wet and bloated fish. You can also do this in the sink without water. It’s just cute.

Make some space in the fridge and use a kitchen towel as a blanket. It really is that simple.

The elf took my daughter’s panties and hung them on the Christmas tree as a decoration. You can wear anyone’s underwear, but children’s sizes allow for more underwear!

Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas For 2023

Our villain turned the dryer into an amusement park ride and gave pictures of Barbie. All you need is a piece of packing tape to attach them!

Get a bunch of Christmas lights, string them up and string some toys together. Your ELF is being held hostage by stuffed animals!

All you need is a pack of googly eyes and the options are endless. We’ve had googly eyes here a few times. This time we put all the fruits in the eyes of the fruit basket!

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Our elf loves S’mores! He used a candle, toothpicks, small shrimps and an upside down coffee mug to sit on.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Kids

If you have a ladder, it’s super easy! All you need is a roll of toilet paper. Push the ELF, start at the top and let it roll down.

Our elf pooped in a wine glass. All you need is a Hershey’s kiss and any cup or glass of wine. This is fun!

All you need is the kids’ underwear or panties, magnetic clips (or even work tape) and your ELF. I added a fun message using magnetic letters.

Our elf loves orange juice, but this time he took an orange and just put a straw (I cut it so I only had to put a small piece) and sat down to drink.

Elf Letterboard Notes

The ELF borrows the bath paints and leaves a funny message in the tub. If you don’t have these paints in the bath, this is a great opportunity to leave a little gift from your elf. You can find them at the Dollar Spot at Target…. they are $1 each.

Another easy way to use toilet paper. The elf took a roll of toilet paper and decorated our tree for us since we hadn’t decorated it yet.

Our bad guy took some string and tied it from the chandelier to the Christmas tree and then used a candy zip tie from one end to the other.

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Speaking of toilet paper, here’s another one. This time he covered the house with toilet paper. Choose any method and make a mess!

Classic Elf On The Shelf Ideas Continued

Like a snow angel but using sprinkles and we put it on a cutting board for easy cleaning afterwards.

Our villain has a friend and they decide to go down the rail with candy canes.

Our evil entered the magic door and left a footprint of snow (flour). Here’s a little package I found on Amazon. Linked here

It’s funny because this dinosaur dances. Our evil decided to go ahead and hold on for dear life. I tied her hands with small clear hair elastics so she could be tight.

Naughty Elf Ideas

The elf used the float for the cup and decided to relax in the pool. This is a unicorn, but any cup float will work. We did it in the pool and in the bathtub.

Our evil is captured by the best stuffed animals for his son. Use a glass jar with a lid and ask your echo to retrieve the toy. Again I used small clear elastic hair ties to attach her arms and hang from above.

I made this for my daughter’s loft bed (when she doesn’t sleep) upstairs, but it could be anywhere. Just put together a bunch of toys, dolls, and stuffed animals and hide the elf in them. This has become one of my daughter’s favorites!

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Our elf loves to climb. He climbed our decorative trees on the dining room table. Again, tie the hair elastic bands to his hands. That’s it.

Quick Elf On The Shelf Ideas (done In 10 Minutes Or Less)

The day before we got the Christmas tree, the elf put the little bottle brush trees from the dollar store on the toy cars. I think this is his way of telling us that we need to buy our tree.

Our elf loves to hang on to things. He hung upside down from our chandelier, showing off his acrobatic skills.

Take an empty toilet paper roll and thread a string through it to make a swing for your dog. You can hang it anywhere. We chose a flag because it is so easy, but it can go on a door frame or anywhere.

My daughter built a fort that day that she refused to take down, so our little one decided to have a slumber party with some dolls.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Daycare Little Sprouts Learning

Our bad guy was hungry last night and used household items to climb into our pantry basket.

Our bad guys have recruited friends for the Hungry Hungry Hippo. You can use any board game and add friends to have fun.

My son loves to hide and eat candy and the ELF did just that! He found gummy bears and hid in one of my decorative lanterns to eat them.

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Our elf decided to play in the Barbie house and helped herself to a bubble bath. Mini marshmallows in a barbie tub. That’s it!

Elf On The Shelf Ideas For The Kitchen

The ELF left my daughter a little love note on her bathroom mirror using mom’s red lipstick. Don’t worry, it will come right off with a little vinegar on the napkin.

The elf gave my daughter an apron and a package of cookie decorations so they could decorate cookies together.

The ELF helped herself to a fancy breakfast using pretend foods from my daughter’s American Girl doll set. She even wore a scarf for the occasion.

Our bad guy turned the boiler into a hot tub with mini marshmallows and even gave us a cape to use afterwards.

Elf On The Shelf 2021: Here Are 106 Funny And Creative Ideas

​​​​The ELF borrowed a hot dog stand and made a hot dog stand for Trixie (her name) so she could feed her friends.

Our elf was particularly silly and took Elfies (selfie versions) of my daughter while she was sleeping and used the pictures as the background on my phone. It was a great surprise to wake up to and a nice way to remember her guillotine when she returned to the North Pole.

Our villain decided to play hide and seek and used extra toilet paper rolls to make a nice hiding place. He also left a note on the roll.

Funny Ideas For Elf On The Shelf

Elf Trixie borrowed a Sharpie and drew funny faces on our bananas. I chose different funny faces…one crazy, one sad and one very cool.

Brilliant Ideas For Your Elf On The Shelf

My daughter borrows a Trixie Light Brite and leaves a happy little message. It’s not too bold because the message is good, but it’s definitely a pleasant surprise.

The elf borrowed a whistle and decided to drink the syrup straight from the bottle. He sat on the glass for a moment to get to the top of the bottle.

Recruited our round of friends for a fun game. They used brown paper bags for the potato sack race. The bags are the perfect size when folded over.

You are definitely a favorite in our house. Our evil mischievous painted my husband’s nails bright pink while he slept. We found the elf in the bathroom this morning with a bottle of hot pink nail polish and a note that read “I left your dad a treat. Now go find him and look at his feet!”

Funny Bad Milk Elf On The Shelf Idea

Trixie made a hammock out of toilet paper and hung it there

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