Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Kids | Birthday Treasure Hunt Instant Download PDF | Birthday printable games for kids

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

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Happy Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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Add fun to a child’s birthday party with this printable scavenger hunt! Make their special day more special and memorable! 18 clues will eventually lead him to a special birthday surprise. You can have them do this scavenger hunt when they wake up or save it for later in the day for an extra birthday surprise. Whatever you do, it will put a smile on their face!

18 clue cards are included that guide them to various common places around the house (mostly indoors and some outdoors) – freezer, washing machine, mailbox, bathroom, etc. directs. If one of these places doesn’t work in your home, the toss is free, which doesn’t hurt the cleaners one bit! Also included are 6 blank clue cards so you can add your own ideas to the mix!

** After purchase, you will receive a link to a digital file (PDF). It has 8 pages including:

Birthday Indoor Treasure Hunt Clues Birthday Scavenger Hunt Clues Printable Birthday Present Activity Cards Quarantine Birthday Activity

3 sheets of reference cards with hidden locations. Keep these pages for reference when hiding

1 sheet of blank cards that you can write with your own suggestions or use as you like

Also note that this is not an editable file – the pages will be printed as shown in the list images.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

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Loved this scavenger hunt! Easy to print and hide for a fun little girls birthday party. Thank you!!

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Now Ideas: Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

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Best Holiday Scavenger Hunt Templates In 2024 (printable!)

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This treasure hunt is longer than the last one, but I promise it’s worth the effort! There are 18 riddles/riddles in this hunt, and instead of hiding a gift with each clue (which can be expensive), I hid all the gifts as treasure at the end of the hunt.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

I started by giving my clumsy dad the first clue and when he solved it, she gave him the location where the next clue was waiting for him. You can find some of my previous treasure hunts as I “reworked” some of them, added some tricky points and some puzzles. The first key is the hardest, but I promise it gets easier.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas From Thirty Handmade Days

Treasure hunting is surprisingly easy – all you need is good hiding places around the house or garden, I’ve bought some maps and envelopes in which I’ve written suggestions, but you can also download my free printable book. All you have to do is print the stickers on single-sided paper, cut them out and hide them in the right place!

Chapter 1: Today a very famous chemist is found murdered in his kitchen. Police narrowed it down to six suspects. They know it’s a two-man job. their names; Felice, Maxwell, Archibald, Nicholas, Jordan and Xavier. An inscription was also found on the body: 26 – 3 – 58 / 28 – 27 – 57 – 16. Who was the killer?

Hint: If you need a hint, you can give the recipient a copy of the periodic table where the numbers correspond to the elements on the periodic table.

Exercise 2: You keep your head down while you count sheep, and it often wakes up before you go to sleep.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Kids & Adults Will Love

Hint 3: Feed me, float in the air, flap your wings fast, because soon there won’t be enough.

Hint 4: The thing that keeps our food warm is usually a metal box with numbers on it.

Guideline 5: You are told to know where to keep cool and where to go next

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

Suggestion 6: It’s full of paper and ink, it’s not a book, so what do you think?

Best Treasure Hunt And Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas

Clip 8: They knock on me to say hi, but when I leave you shut me down. what am i

Hint 9: To find another clue, you need to think, if you need a drink, you use one of these

Exploration 11: Can you find anything with no key, no lock, no space, anything that lets you in?

Tip: If the recipient doesn’t recognize it, you can give them a Morse code key.

It’s A Birthday Present Treasure Hunt!

Area 15: You can find tools used for cooking, now hurry up, your quest is almost over

Exercise 16: Soap and water, but not hand sanitizer, used by Persil, Ariel, and many other brands

Exercise 17: Check back for the latest tip on where to watch movies, cartoons and episodes

Birthday Scavenger Hunt For Adults At Home

Exercise 18: A place where water falls like rain, and when it falls on you, it flows.

Great Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

If you want a treasure hunt that is fun for the whole family, click here.

I have worked very hard to create these amazing treasure hunts for you, completely free and it would be amazing if you could show your support by buying me a coffee for just £2 and having a great time using my treasure hunts. Click the button below. Thank you – Freya Wilcox

I earn some money per click. It won’t cost you anything, but you can learn more about affiliate links on my disclaimer page.

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