Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas – Do you like meat? Do you miss the smoked products of the night? Do you like handmade food that you can make yourself? Korean barbecue is perfect for you.

Here’s a little 101 on all things Korean BBQ. What is it, what to buy, how to set the table and how to do it.

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

Korean barbecue is all about balance and contrast between flavors and textures. It is fully customizable so everyone at the table can eat exactly what they want.

Samgyupsal (korean Bbq Pork Belly)

Here’s what happens when you go out to KBBQ: You sit down and a bunch of small plates come out that you didn’t order. These are banchan: small side dishes that go well with Korean barbecue. Order meat and it comes to the table raw. You grill them, wrap them in lettuce, dip/pour over them, and then eat them. Everything is dirty, meaty, tasty and delicious. Eat meat, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and repeat!

Sounds like fun, right?! Mike and I like to go to Korean BBQ. That’s one of our things – late night grilling and late night talking. I like the interactive part and Mike likes meat and alcohol. We both love food. We’ve eaten at countless Korean BBQ restaurants, and earlier this year when everyone was under lockdown, we really missed Korean BBQ. It was an itch we just had to scratch. So that’s what we did: the ultimate KBBQ, at home.

Korean barbecue is a popular method of meat on the table. Korean barbecue restaurants have gas, charcoal or portable grills built into the tables. Marinated meats like bulgogi and kalbi are eaten together with various small Korean dishes called banchan.

This is a really long article, but the gist of it is this: roast meat at the table, cook it in leafy vegetables, pour sauce over it and enjoy.

Outdoor Bbq Grill Table

Korean barbecue is usually eaten in the form of ssam. Ssam just means to wrap, but it means one layer of fresh lettuce with a small piece of grilled meat covered in sauce (ssamjang).

To be fair, you can get everything you need at H-Mart or your local Korean retailer. They will even have marinated meat for you. If you don’t live near a Korean bakery, you can buy the meat and marinate it yourself. If you don’t have a banjo, don’t sweat it. Basically, Korean barbecue is all about wrapping delicious meat in lettuce and dipping it in ssamchang.

The most important thing you need for Korean barbecue is a grill or hot plate. The Korean BBQ grill is specially designed to drain the fat so you can cook inside and prevent thin slices or small pieces of meat from falling out. They sell a wide variety online and also sell them in Asian stores. In addition to the grill, you also need a heat source. Your options are:

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

You want to keep the window open during a KBBQ party, no matter what grill you use, because it will smoke. If you have a yard, you can have a KBBQ party in the yard, but if you don’t, you can do it at home, just put on a hood and know that you need ventilation. Maybe hold a stick to push the off button on the smoke detector if you have crazy high ceilings. Read more in the smoke section below.

Korean Bbq Recipes From Meats To Sides To Sweets

In addition to the grill/grill, you’ll need a bunch of small banchan dishes, small individual sauce plates, chopsticks, scissors (for cutting meat into smaller pieces), and plates and bowls for eating. And food, of course!

If you have access to H-Mart, Korea’s national grocery store, that would be the best place to buy the best barbecue meat. They’ve got all the right cuts and even sell marinated meats if you want a super good night of chilled barbecue:

After H-Mart, most Asian grocery stores have pre-sliced ​​meats in the frozen section that are probably meant for hot pots, but work well for KBBQ.

And, finally, you can go to a regular bakery or butcher. You can buy a rib eye, freeze it and thin it out. Instead of Korean short ribs, use bone-in short ribs and thinly slice them. Most bakeries carry slices of pork belly (sometimes called steak), and chicken is always a good choice, especially if you marinate it in a spicy bulgogi marinade.

I Ate] Korean Bbq

Although both are beef, they are not the same. The biggest difference is in the cut of meat used. Bulgogi are short ribs with thin slices of meat and heart. The marinade is basically the same.

If you’ve been to a Korean restaurant, you know Banchan. They are definitely an important part of Korean barbecue. Bančan, or side dishes, are placed around the grill for everyone to share. I always rate Korean BBQ restaurants on their banchan, because you know if they take care of their banchan, they’ll take care of everything else.

You can make your own banchans (please check out Maangchi for some great recipes!), but if you’re lucky enough to have an H-Mart in or near your town, it’s worth going there because they have a huge freezer section of prepared banchans. Plus, at Whole Foods you can get a line of Melona ice cream and fried kelp snacks that are 10 times cheaper than seaweed snacks.

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

Omelette roll / gyeran mari is the best banchan because they are beautiful and taste great! How can you not love scrambled eggs with mini vegetarian sweets?! Here’s how to do it:

How To Cook Korean Barbecue At Home

It’s not a KBBQ party without the sauce! The table needs sauces and spices to suit everyone’s taste.

A very aromatic sauce that lets the flavors of the ingredients you roast shine through. 2 teaspoons of toasted sesame oil plus 1 pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

It’s a thick sauce that works best when spread over sesame seeds! 1 spoon each of doenjang, gochujang, sesame oil, honey, boiled sesame and 1 clove of garlic, crushed.

This is a sweet and tangy base sauce that goes with everything. 1 tablespoon each of gochujang, sugar or honey, and rice vinegar, plus a squeeze of fresh lemon and finely chopped green onions or sesame seeds.

Korean Bbq Pork Ribs

You’ll probably be full after the meat is gone, but most KBBQ restaurants offer rice and noodles at the end of the meal. Mike really likes to put rice in his ssam, so if you want, serve a few bowls of rice with your KBBQ. Speaking of noodles, who doesn’t love noodles? A popular delicacy is naengmyeon or cold noodles because after the heat you want to cool down with a bowl of smooth and delicious cold noodles.

You don’t have to! Many times, Korean barbecue is actually stripped bare so you can appreciate the pure flavors of the meat. This is how the Japanese actually like Korean yakiniku and barbecue. We love some meatballs to enjoy with salt and sauce.

Don’t lie, there is smoke when you eat meat, especially if your meat is marinated. KBBQ restaurants have very powerful fans that draw in the smoke so you won’t notice it when you eat there. To keep the smoke level in your home at a healthy level, make sure your windows are open and your hood is on.

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

Even better, now that it’s summer, host your KBBQ party outside! Heck, even in the winter it’s fun to grill outside under blankets. In Seoul, they have outdoor areas where there are heaters and blankets for a cozy experience.

Korean Barbeque Recipes

To reduce smoke, always cook unmarinated meat first, then move on to marinated meat. If it starts to smoke, take a break and replace or clean the grill pan.

Besides the grill and the ingredients, there are a few things that will make your KBBQ night easier.

Most people like to drink beer and juice. Of course, makgeoli, sweet made from milky rice wine, is also very popular. You can also drink mixed drinks, such as Yakut and Soju, Melona and Soju, or Soda and Soju. If you drink alcoholic beverages, iced tea is perfect.

I hope this post has inspired you to try Korean BBQ at home. In fact, it’s a lot of fun and very tasty.

Korean Bbq Guide: Restaurant Grilling To Kbbq At Home

The Complete Guide to Korean BBQ at Home with Kalbi Short Ribs, Spicy Bulgogi Pork Belly, and all the tools you need for a night of celebration, fun, and meat.

You are not limited to this meat, feel free to buy what you like or find easy/convenient! For chicken, try chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch pieces. For the pork, if you can find it, try the pork!

That might actually be enough

Korean Bbq At Home Ideas

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