Guinea Pig Home Ideas

Guinea Pig Home Ideas – Last year we decided to pamper our daughter. We have tropical fish, but he has been wanting to catch something for a few years. I know it’s ultimately a responsibility, but we wanted to get him a pet that he could hold, feed and enjoy watching – it’s good for comfort. Free. Time.

After much research, we decided that a guinea pig would be the best pet for our family. They live comfortably in the house, they take less care than a cat, they don’t need to be walked like a dog, they are crepuscular, so they are more active in the morning and evening, while our daughter watches them. , when they don’t need it that much. A rabbit-like atmosphere, and with more time and patience, most pigs will happily sit on a child’s lap to be fed or petted.

Guinea Pig Home Ideas

Guinea Pig Home Ideas

I knew we wanted everything we owned to be in the heart of our home to get the most attention. Guinea pigs are gregarious animals and love company (which is why keeping just one pig is not recommended), so the living room is the perfect place for them. Unfortunately, when we first looked at pig bags for sale, they were all impractical — not to mention attractive — for where to store them. It sits in the corner of our living room, so I wanted something that would fit well in the living room and also be easy to move and clean.

Guinea Pig Cage Ideas

The more space you give your pigs, the happier they will be. The RSPCA recommends keeping guinea pigs in a cage no smaller than 60cm x 120cm, but larger is always preferable. The more space a guinea pig has, the more likely it is to exhibit natural, happy behaviors such as popcorning or lap rapping.

A 120 x 60 cm cage, like the Ferblast 120, had space in the corner of our living room to accommodate a small indoor cage suitable for two guinea pigs. However, since access to the cage is blocked on three sides, it is impossible to clean – especially for me! All cages for sale have deep, invisible plastic where you have to look inside the cage to see the pigs, or are made of wood – which will smell bad over time. .

If I was going to find a rabbit that I was happy with, I would have to make it myself.

After a long search and search for an attractive cage that would be useful for us, I came up with the idea of ​​the C and C cage.

Extra Large Guinea Pig Hide With 2 Doors (55x30cm) + Optional Ladder

C and Cis stands for “Cubes and Coroplast” (or Corex) and the idea came from Teresa Murphy, founder of Cavy Spirit (pig rescue). He also has a website that teaches people about C and the benefits of Ccage.

Actually, the C&C cage is a DIY guinea pig cage with a rigid design made of modular wire cubes attached to a corrugated plastic sheet. A light and flexible plastic used to make signs or protect the floor during construction.

Most C and C cages have a similar mesh exterior design. If you are looking for “modular wire cube”, you need to get C cube section and C gauge. To be safe, make sure your lace holes are no larger than 1.5 inches or 3.8 cm. If you want to make a piglet, the holes should be small.

Guinea Pig Home Ideas

Personally, I didn’t want to have a hole in my enclosure, so I was hoping to provide a long piece of perspex for my enclosure to provide an unobstructed view of the pigs.

Housing & Bedding

The plastic part of the C and C cage is like a tin sheet and is just plastic. Most people build C and C cages using 4mm plastic, but larger sizes are available. I chose 5mm, just to be on the safe side.

If you are looking for a plastic sheet supplier; Coroplast, Corflute, Correx, Corex, Coroflute, Cadflute, Fluteboard, Proplex or Polionda are all trade names for polypropylene fluted board or corrugated plastic used in C and C cages.

Sellers sell it on eBay, Amazon, or other major hardware stores. Alternatively, you can sometimes find a local sign maker willing to sell you a sheet. It is relatively cheap, but since it is sold in a large sheet, the postage costs more than the sheet itself. Luckily, Mynherion was able to get a Black Friday discount with Protec’s special email.

Do not use the following as a professional guide to C and C cage preparation. It is intended to help you create your own design. I couldn’t find a similar C and C cage construction guide anywhere on the web, so I thought it would be a good idea to show a few steps of making my own cage – with a few mistakes! This is my first attempt at building a cage and there are good guides to help you. This page was very useful for teaching how to make C and C cages.

Fleece Liners For Guinea Pig C&c Cages, Sacks, Hides, Beds, Forage

I don’t use the usual networks that most people choose. Grids with narrow holes are hard to come by in the UK, but again, the space that fit in my cage was about two and a half meters wide and I wanted to make the cage as large as possible. enter my place

Instead, I chose to keep the shoes modular for most of my designs. The sides are half the width of regular wire mesh, allowing me to create a larger cage than I need to fit my cage. (In retrospect, it didn’t matter because I could have spanned more than half the width of the network with cable connections, but I’m still happy with how it turned out.)

Let me start by saying that I don’t recommend this cube method if you want to get visible grids of pigs. Guinea pigs love to chew and can easily chew through the thin plastic that covers the wire frames. However, I had planned to hide most of the panels and make the whole Perspex front work well with my living room.

Guinea Pig Home Ideas

The shoe rack I used to design my cage is made of rectangles, squares, and plastic fittings. I used fasteners to hold the main structure of my cage. Since it will be a corner cage, I made four straight sides with the long side of Perspex and added a base for strength. The C and C cages are finished with a cable tie at each point for security, but this time, I wanted to mark the shape of my floor.

Browse Indoor Guinea Pig Cages

My cage has an area of ​​0.9 square meters, which is a 150 x 60 cm rectangle – a very acceptable size for two large pigs.

I put my design on 5mm Proplex board. Then I mark the center line directly on the plastic with a sharpie pen.

Then I cut 10 cm to create the vertical sides of the cage. With a scalpel, I traced the folded base sections and cut three lengths in the corners that would allow me to shape my plastic sheet into a box.

At this point, my photos are a mess because I was taking them on the go! I knew the cage had to fit in my living room because the plastic proplex isn’t very nice.

Epic Homemade Diy Guinea Pig Cage Designs To Build

Since this area will be exposed, I wrapped the side panels with wood plastic backing. As you can see, I’m not sure if I need the plastic to go to the front of the cage – I’m not sure why I cut the bottom of the cage.

Here is the final introduction with all the boxes attached. As you can see, I chose not to go diagonally across the circular fabric, as this would give us a clear, unobstructed view of the pigs.

After verifying that my base station matches the network plan, I secured all the panels and cable connections in each location.

Guinea Pig Home Ideas


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