Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds

Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds – Who would have thought that simply giving a child a bouquet of flowers could keep them occupied for more than half an hour? Scarlett was excited, as you would expect from a girl ???? She separated them, shook them, took out a few petals. It’s a great sensory activity that helps practice motor skills and develop a general awareness of the world.

This activity was also successful for us. I put the spice tray down for Scarlett to explore. I tried to use spices that didn’t have strong flavors (like chilies) as we opened, smelled and touched some of them. Most of all, she loved to shake them, she tested the sounds made by different bottles. She also spends time playing with cinnamon sticks. This activity develops the senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, helps to understand rhythm and is a great sensory awareness training.

Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds

Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds

Sensory trays or bins are great ways for children to interact with objects and learn about them. They can be classified by color, shape, texture, purpose, theme. To familiarize children with colors, Maria Montessori recommends starting with the basic colors first: yellow, red and blue, then adding secondary colors: green, purple and orange. Look around your home for any objects of the same color that might interest your child but are safe to play with. It is best to collect objects of different textures and sizes. Some ideas are: ribbon, kitchen utensils, double blocks, books, cardboard, spools of thread, toys, balls, large straws, plastic cups. Benefits: develops color concepts, senses, exploration and motor skills.

The Best Montessori Toys For 1 Year Olds

Because we practice Montessori at home, we allow our children to explore our home naturally. She seems more interested in the fridge. We put glass bottles and jars on higher shelves so he can’t reach them and let him handle the rest on his own. You will be surprised at the number of objects your child is interested in. Scarlett especially likes to throw potatoes on the floor and roll lemons around the house. This activity is great for promoting your child’s exploration.

It is advisable to develop your child’s musical skills as early as possible. Give your child all the musical instruments you own. We use an egg beater

. If there are none, empty bottles filled with things that can make noise will be very effective. It is easy to empty with a pan and 2 spoons. You should also let your child listen to different types of music. Create music playlists of different genres: jazz, flamenco, classical, polka and see which style your child prefers.

, but you can also use different sized boxes and hide one inside the other. A set of nesting cups

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Or a set of measuring cups works well too. Our son really enjoys putting them together and taking them apart. This is a great activity for learning the concept of big and small, learning how to open boxes or make doll nests, and trying to fit objects inside other objects. Our son plays a lot with the nesting dolls, shaking them, taking them apart, trying to put them back together, carrying them around the house and showing their eyes, mouth and nose. Nesting dolls are highly recommended for this age group and even if children of this age cannot put the toy together, they can still have a basic understanding of the concepts and it is simply a toy Great wooden play to take with them.

Scarlett loves to explore things, so this is another exploration game. To do this, find boxes around your house that have different closing mechanisms and place a toy in each box. Encourage your baby to look for toys, you can shake the box or open the box to see what’s inside to arouse your baby’s interest. We used a plastic box, 2 different jewelry boxes and a regular gift box. This activity is great for developing motor skills and teaching about the permanence of objects.

Assembly is easy, just cut up some apples and oranges and add water! Scarlett tried to pick up the apples in the water and put them on a plate. I also gave him a cup from the play set and he started drinking from the bowl! It’s a great activity to teach kids to drink their own water, it’s a great sensory activity and it’s very healthy.

Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds

There are many ways to play with colored rice. At 14 months, a baby’s favorite things are: hiding toys in rice, walking on rice, transferring rice into a small container, making it rain rice and pouring rice into a saucepan. There are more ideas in these 12 ideas to play with colored rice.

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This is an easy activity that your child will probably enjoy. All you need is some empty plastic bottles and lids. It is very difficult for small hands to close bottle caps, they may need a lot of practice. When children are a little older, this activity can be done with many variations where there are different sized blankets and children have to choose the appropriate blanket.

. The purpose of having a tray is to focus a child’s attention on an activity, isolate distractions and maintain order in the play environment. In addition, aesthetics are important in Montessori education. Maria Montessori paid particular attention to wooden materials.

This game is inspired by the Montessori Animal Match game. I made this bingo game by placing these cards on three posters – for each member of our family. I chose note cards for things I could put in my bag. Then we followed the rules of bingo – I took each item out of the bag and put them on the board of the person whose photo it was. Whoever fills the board first wins the game. This is an association lottery game because the objects do not look exactly like on the card, so children have to associate them with the card. Another version of this game is to match cards from a deck with cards on the board (to do this, you will need 2 identical packs of cards). This game is great for learning new words and letters. I don’t think Scarlett understands the winning part of the game yet, but she loves matching objects.

If you like these activities, check out my e-book 65 Fun, Developmentally Stimulating Activities for 12 to 18 Months. Includes most of the activities in this article, along with many others tried on my son. You will love these activities for your one year old at home and how easy they are to incorporate with household items. In this post, I also reveal the contents of the Panda Box we received and share some tips to help your kids have fun and explore. This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by KiwiCo.

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Princess A has reached a magical milestone: the big one. Isn’t that when they officially become children? With it comes a new concept: boredom.

Per day, but she also needs organized play. One sign that she’s ready to have fun: fabric “snow” starts falling all over the room. She’s exploring and that’s okay. But I prefer her to do her research

Five minutes of interaction spent with a simple activity or new toy – played together for the first time – keeps your baby stimulated for independent play later. And, according to Wonder magazine, found in the Panda Box, children discover more by playing than by being taught how to do things!

Montessori Activities At Home For 1 Year Olds

Self-directed play is a sign of early exploration, but children this age need a little push. Like training wheels.

The 15 Best Montessori Toys For 1 Year Olds

And if you’re a stay-at-home mom with a kid like me, you totally understand the value of keeping your little one happy! These very simple activities for your one-year-old at home can help keep you healthy.

Today, I’m sharing three fun activities for babies. They are inspired by the activities and content of KiwiCo’s Panda Crate Play With Me Theme, aimed at ages 11 to 18 months. They use items found around the house so you can recreate them today while you wait for the Panda Box to arrive!

KiwiCo offers monthly boxes that fully explore a specific topic and are expertly designed and tested for children. They are defining the future of gaming, making it engaging, rich and fun!

Their fun projects, experiments and products expose children to age-appropriate STEAM concepts. KiwiCo has established itself as the ideal source for this type of activity with 9 subscription lines. They cater to specific age groups, with options ranging from babies and children to teenagers and even adults! Each box comes with tools, materials and inspiration to explore the topic in the box. The instructions are kid-friendly and each box includes a journal with ideas to extend this theme beyond the box. My boys have enjoyed many boxes of them over the years.

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Just a few years ago, KiwiCo added a baby carrier! I am very curious about what Panda Crate can do

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