1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby – Planning a birthday party for your daughter’s first birthday? One of the most important parts of the festival is undoubtedly the cake! To help you narrow your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 38 most popular cakes for first-time girls.

From unicorns to princesses to rainbows and more, you’ll find a cake that perfectly complements your daughter’s personality and interests. The selection includes pretty pastel cakes with floral decorations, fun animal cakes and even cakes with geometric colors!

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

Remember, the most important thing is that your daughter enjoys her special day with her friends and family and always remember your daughter’s favorite colors or letters when choosing a cake to make.

First Birthday Cake Smash Pictures — Jacqueline Marie Photography Llc: Columbus Ohio Maternity, Newborn, Baby Photographer

A beautiful and delicious cake is sure to complement the festive season and create memories for years to come.

We hope our list of the 38 most popular birthday cakes for girls 1 helps you find inspiration to create the perfect base to celebrate your daughter!

One of our popular first birthday themes for girls is Minnie Mouse. So if you’re planning to throw away your daughter, you won’t want to miss this cute pink Minnie Mouse cake!

It’s easy to combine pink polka dots, a black Minnie Mouse and a beautiful Minnie Mouse balloon.

Incredibly Cute Kids’ Birthday Cake Ideas

Download the free Minnie Mouse Party Printables in Pink or the free Minnie Mouse Party Printables in Red to decorate your party.

If you have a mermaid at home who loves everything, then having a mermaid party is a great option.

The lower part is decorated with shells of various colors and the upper part is decorated with pink, purple scales and a tail.

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

To finish, just place 1 on top and you have a perfect mermaid birthday cake!

St Birthday Cake Topper Rose Gold Floral Girls — Blue Planet Fancy Dress

With beautiful fresh flowers and a unique wooden topping, this cake will be the centerpiece of your big party!

If you’re thinking about throwing a unicorn party, surprise your guests with a delicious unicorn themed cake like this one, decorated with pretty decorations and cute sweets.

There’s no princess out there who doesn’t deserve an amazing first birthday cake on her special day.

This beautifully decorated pink cake is definitely suitable for a princess party, with its fun flowers and ribbons.

Silhouette First Birthday Cake

There is no mother among us who is not looking for the perfect cake to celebrate her child’s first birthday.

Snow White is a beloved Disney princess, so if you’re running out of Snow White-themed cake ideas, look no further!

Decorated with an illustration of Snow White and a red apple, this cake will look beautiful on your table and is perfect for a Snow White themed birthday party!

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

Children can’t find cute animals in the jungle, which explains why jungle parties are on the rise and civilization is growing before our eyes.

Celebrating A Purrfect First Birthday With A Pink And Gold Cat Themed Cake Smash Session · Kristeenmarie Photography

This tree cake is just what you need for your baby’s first birthday, with lots of cute animals and pretty flowers.

Another favorite of young children is Bambi. The film has a warm place in our hearts, being the theme of the first birthday party.

Treat your daughter to a special cake on her special day with a fun Bambi birthday cake like this one.

Decorated with pretty pink butterflies, a Bambi illustration and a delicious ‘one of a kind’ cake topper, this birthday cake is sure to impress your guests!

Beatifull Teddy 1st Birthday Cake!

Decorated from top to bottom with lots of beautiful butterflies, this personalized cake is exactly what you need to stand out at your party!

Turn the first birthday party into magical fun with a fun birthday cake like the one below.

I couldn’t ask for a more cake than this, decorated with a cute little door, butterflies and beautiful flowers.

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

It’s not every day you get the chance to celebrate a special occasion, so go all out and throw a bunny-themed 1st birthday with a cute cake like this that will leave your guests speechless!

Chic Geek Diary: 1st Birthday Wishes & A Cake Smash

Everything about this ombre cake is amazing. From the cute bunny to the beautiful fresh flowers, this birthday cake is sure to pop!

If you’re planning to have your first birthday in the garden, you’ll definitely want to gather everyone around this fun garden cake to wish your child a happy birthday.

Covered from top to bottom with the prettiest flowers, this gorgeous 1st birthday cake will make everyone stop in their tracks.

If you’re throwing your first summer birthday party, how about treating your birthday girl to a flamingo themed party with a cute cake like this one?

St Birthday Cakes For Girl

Children love everything about wild animals and can spend hours enjoying them in zoos, which I think explains why festive safaris are so popular.

Throw your child a fun safari themed party with a cute cake like this one. Sometimes you don’t need to do everything and a simple cake will do the trick. Remember to take your food allergies into account when considering the following recipes.

Cake smash is a great and fun option for your child! Remember to prepare your camera to capture these precious moments!

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

If you’re planning a rainbow party, you’ll want to provide everyone with a cake stand that no one will soon forget!

St Birthday Cake

Decorated with a stunning rainbow, colorful butterflies, macaroons and colorful balls, this rainbow cake is what dreams are made of!

If you want to impress, then you don’t want to be the prima ballerina’s first birthday cake!

It’s everything you need to celebrate the big day in style. Each slice of cake is beautifully decorated and the slippers are a real treat!

Check out all the cute ballerina party favors and use our free ballerina party printables to decorate your party!

Adorable First Birthday Cake Ideas That You Will Love

This girly cake has so many cute little details like pretty flowers, bows, and carousel horses that it’s hard not to fall in love with it.

The episodes are crazy. Each one is inspired by a different character, such as the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat.

Check out all of our Alice in Wonderland birthday cake ideas and decorate your party with cute Alice in Wonderland printables!

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

This tea-themed birthday cake is another great example of how fun your first birthday cake can be.

Baby Girl 1st Birthday Cake

There’s no way your guests won’t be impressed by this masterpiece! Made up of many beautiful companions, it’s fitting that the top is tea!

If you’re looking for a classic first birthday cake for an elegant Parisian party, then this next cake is exactly what you’re looking for!

Inspired by French patisseries, this first birthday cake will add a touch of fun to an already beautiful party!

Turn your party into a fun celebration by throwing a llama themed party with all your family and friends.

St Birthday Cakes

Make sure your 1st birthday cake has everything you’re looking for and looks great on your table.

This cake may not look traditional, but it is delicious. I loved the charm of the llama!

Many kids love the movie Moana and its catchy songs, so it’s no wonder it’s a popular theme for girls’ parties.

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

Decorate your party with free Moana party printables. Also, enjoy these fun Moana ideas! and Moana tables.

Personalised Kids Birthday Cake Topper

A tutti frutti themed party is a great way to introduce your daughter to a bunch of fresh fruit. The best part is that you can serve them to your guests as great party food!

Treat everyone to a beautiful fruit cake that melts hearts. I mean, look at this delicious cake… irresistible!

Everyone loves lemonade and a refreshing glass of something delicious this summer, so why not make it the theme of your first birthday party?

Don’t miss this amazing lemon first birthday cake decorated with a bunch of lemon slices. It’s sure to attract attention.

Creative 1st Birthday Cakes Ideas For Your Little One

If you’ve been dreaming of a super soft cake, this swan themed first birthday cake will do the trick.

Peter Rabbit is a classic, beautifully illustrated book, still in print today, that is a popular party theme for boys and girls.

Mark my words, everyone will love this cute cake, decorated with a cute picture of Peter Rabbit and pretty pink flowers.

1st Year Birthday Cake For Girl Baby

Give everyone a donut birthday cake decorated with pretty donut cakes like the ones below and your guests will be asking for more.

Baby’s 1st Birthday Cake

Use the free donut party printables to decorate your party and check out these great donut party ideas!

The best way to choose a party theme for a year is to combine the designs you like most at the time.

For example, Peppa Pig is very popular with young children, which explains why we have so many children

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