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Home Ideas Show – Are you single right now? Come visit this Show Home with me where I share tips and ideas for interior inspiration.

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Home Ideas Show

Home Ideas Show

Show Homes has only one goal: look so amazing you’ll want to buy it…now! So it is reasonable to believe that home builders put a lot of effort into all their show homes and create each one with new interior trends and styling techniques that make them attractive to buyers (=sales).

Show Home Photography

The interior style must also stand the test of time. For example, it may be a large development and they may produce (and sell) locally for many years. Visiting a show home can be time consuming and is not always geographically reasonable. So why not let me do the hard part and share the new interior ideas I found for you and your home.

TOP TIP: If an item or piece of furniture stands out, the sales consultant should give the designer’s details for further information.

One thing to keep in mind with any show home: the prices of the properties sold will determine the budget spent on show homes. Usually, the more expensive the property, the more exclusive the finishes. There are so many great interior styling tips and ideas that can be taken and recreated regardless of your show home budget or budget.

That’s what I love about the tips I share on Secret Home Designer: Whether you have a studio apartment or a six-bedroom villa, every room has the potential to look amazing by finding interior ideas that you love and integrate them into your home.

Inspiration To Take From The Anthropologie X Pinterest Holiday Show Home

TOP TIP: Use show homes as a point of interior inspiration. If you see an item you like but it costs £££ (or you just know it’s expensive), try to find something similar in stores or online. However, you may have to compromise on some details, but you may love this part even more!

The time has come for you to join me on my tour of this show home and I hope to leave with great inner inspiration.

I am excited to show you this wonderful Bellway Show Home today. It is beautifully furnished and has some great features that I will share with you below.

Home Ideas Show

This entry definitely has a “wow” factor. The mirrored wall is bold and unique in design and is an unexpected surprise when you enter this show home.

Show Homes Gallery

Now, depending on your lifestyle and taste, this may not be right for your home, especially if you have small children with sticky footprints and pets with wet noses ???? but it is really quite impressive as an entrance to a home.

Although this area has limited natural light, which unfortunately happens in many hallways, the mirrored wall allows the light entering this room to bounce around all the reflective surfaces, giving the area a light and airy feel.

Since visiting this show home a long time ago, I have seen this idea in many different ways. Go to my Pinterest board if this is a design element you think would be great in your home. I created this board specifically for this post to give you more ideas for interior inspiration. There are so many unique and beautiful ways that people have decorated a mirror wall in their homes. Check it out!

INTERIOR INSPIRATION – If you have a hallway with limited natural light, use reflective furniture wherever you can. Mirrors, mirrored frames and mirrored furniture are a great source of bounce light and keep the room from feeling dark. The goal of an entryway is to give a welcoming and spacious feel to anyone who visits your home.

Show Home Style

Large neutral colored tiles were used in this entryway leading to the kitchen. This helps to open up the space and allows the two separate zones to flow seamlessly into each other. Tile flooring may not suit everyone’s lifestyle needs, but it adds a clean, fresh look to an entryway.

You may not have noticed the built-in entryway in the previous photo. I had added this useful detail to a house because there was a vestibule before entering the living room. Now, it’s not cheap compared to a nice welcome mat, but it looked a lot better lying on the floor. This made the area easier and prevented the door from getting stuck when the separate welcome mat I chose was too thick.

This lamp is magnificent and adapts perfectly to the height of the room and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Light shadows jump from the ceiling, reflect on the mirrored wall and provide enough brightness for the room. Win-win.

Home Ideas Show

If you’ve read any of my previous Show Home blogs, you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with lighting. I love a light hearted plea…guilty!

Why The Show Flat Is The Best In The Block

And show homes never fail to impress me. Many times I have found myself in the lighting department of John Lewis and marveled at their lighting display. One day they’ll tell me to leave, I’m sure…but until then…

There is much more to lights than their function. Yes, its main priority is to give you enough light to function in the room. A single light bulb can do it, but how boring would that be? The aesthetics for me personally is probably better than the amount of light emitted. Correct answer or not, the shadows cast by the lighting design, the atmosphere created by the light are also important factors in the style of your home. Watch out for light poles early.

HELPFUL TIP – Make sure that the lamp you choose is suitable for the room and the height of the room and does not interfere with your functioning in the room. Measure your ideal room before buying lighting, so you know right away what fits best in the room.

Due to the full wall mirror on the main wall upon entering, patterned wallpaper was used on the staircase wall. This style of patterned wallpaper is similar to textured wallpaper in that it can add interest, but it doesn’t have to be overdone and not quickly “date”.

Suna Interior Design Show Home For Orbit Homes At St Anne’s Quarter — Suna

I like the monochromatic style of the frames because it brings out the white woodwork. It makes it look fresh and bright, the black also ties into the general color palette of this show home, which you can see more of in this post.

This living room is very luxurious with its finishes. It is filled with reflective pieces and soft fabrics that create a sophisticated atmosphere in the room. The details of furniture and soft furnishings with straight lines and square shapes created a formal style. However, the choice of velvet and satin fabric for the sofa and ottoman softens the sharp shapes, allowing for a comfort element in the design.

In addition to the reflective nature of the satin and shiny materials, this room uses mirrored furniture to add even more luxury. As I said before, this room has a more formal style, so mirrored furniture is ideal. What would I suggest to someone who has to polish and dust this style of furniture every day, when I worked in an interior design business… it must be fun to clean! They are beautiful pieces but a big collector of dust and fingerprints. So if you have small children, you may want to keep this in mind (or keep the door closed in this room)

Home Ideas Show

INTERIOR INSPIRATION – Footstools are a great piece of furniture to have in your room. It can have many uses depending on what is going on in your room at the time. Firstly it’s obviously a footstool, I love mine and it’s perfect for when you’re relaxing watching a movie. Second, he used it to create extra seating without the need for larger, bulkier furniture that is rarely used. And thirdly, as above, show your accessories with trays, candles and “coffee table” books.

Come And Visit Our Stunning New Show Home At Thonock Vale

The color palette is decorated with neutral tones and a small accent of black. The patterned wallpaper theme seen on the stairs was carried over to the living room wallpaper and cushion fabric. The pattern makes a real statement by mixing neutral tones into the room. And by adding metallic accents to your design, it not only creates a luxurious look, but also reflects the light.

The two black frames fill this space well without taking up too much of the wall. Sometimes overcrowding a room or wall can make the room feel unbalanced or cramped. I would always suggest starting with a few pieces at a time. You can always add more later after you have added the main furniture

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