Real Home Ideas 5

Real Home Ideas 5 – I think we have little reno or “renovation” projects on our minds now that the weather is nice (read: already too hot) and these types of projects help keep boredom to a minimum and thus the mind. keep to the maximum. “How can I make my home more special?” Thoughts like, or “What are some easy ways to add character?” Maybe your brain was swimming around. Honestly, there’s a lot you can do if you’re willing to get the tools and start working.

Last week we showed you Alison Pearce’s amazing home, where she mostly worked with what she had when renovating. While there are many tips to get this post, she is also blessed with a home full of endless architectural charm. But what if you live in a new building (like 2019) or your old house doesn’t have these special details? You create them yourself. I know, it’s scary, but it’s worth it in the end.

Real Home Ideas 5

Real Home Ideas 5

Allow me to introduce the very talented Shanti Vijaya of Allpress, the developer and designer of this amazing house that you are about to dive into with me. He bought it with the intention of giving it some real life, more square footage, and then selling it to a lucky buyer (with the help of our favorite staging company, A 1000x Betterin. Remember when they introduced this Craft too? ). So, looking at the photos of this house, I thought to myself, there are a ton of great ideas out there for people looking to renovate their homes and tackle a reno project outside of new furniture. So let’s start this home tour and inspire you to use power tools (or brushes) πŸ™‚

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One of the first things that caught my eye was the accent paneling that Shanti chose to install throughout the house. We’re big fans because it adds an instant architectural feature. But what she chose to do (which I love) was to visibly mute it with a warm gray undertone. It seems to be a mystery. Despite the light neutral palette, you’d never know why it looks so comfortable.

Now the key subtle but brilliant detail (and the whole point of this ‘idea’) is that he blended the panel orientation into a landscape. I’m talking about a great way to get the traditional feel of panels in a modern way. This open plan helps to “separate” each room, making it feel fresh and moving your eye.

β€œYes, this was done intentionally to add depth and interest to the overall look, while being subtle to the eye.

First, I decide to do the horizontal panels in the house near the front door. The horizontal direction follows the same direction as when entering the house, so it flows in the same direction as your eyes, making the space feel larger and longer.

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It also focuses on the main focus of this house, the wall of the kitchen and the living room (dining room).

Instead of continuing in a horizontal direction, the eyes stop at the vertical panel on the walls of the kitchen and living room (dining room), which further emphasizes and emphasizes both rooms as the main focal point. It makes the room feel taller and bigger and highlights the skylight in the kitchen.

There really isn’t an easy way to highlight a design moment like a bold color in a bright environment. This helps to focus your eye and bring personality to a room. And who isn’t a fan of navy blue cabinets? But what really keeps this kitchen cool is the vintage island. It adds great warmth that makes the blue cabinets shine.

Real Home Ideas 5

Now dark cabinets, although classic and beautiful, are not a new idea. However, Shanti used the same blue to highlight the built-in bookshelf. So this color not only makes the room interesting and fun, but she chose against the natural wood shelves to make sure that the wall doesn’t look like a blue hole. I love the look of this and it would be so easy to get rid of the old books if you wanted to.

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The accent wall was huge in the early 00s. You’d be hard-pressed to find a house without one (including mine). But then the design world removed the accent wall and we had to paint or refinish our other three walls. However, in the last few years, the walls have come down. But if you want to know more about it, we wrote an article about it.

We think he nailed this house. What she did so beautifully is that she chose a wallpaper with a white background, so it looks seamless with the rest of the wall color. She also chose a “dual accent wall.” What do I mean? Well, each of these three walls has paneling and wallpaper, so it’s more purposeful, not loud.

I have to say this plaid/navy combo is my favorite (it’s so cool, isn’t it?). I love her choice to put wallpaper underneath because A. it’s different and B. it doubles as a cool header. It gives me good ideas for my next project πŸ˜‰

Friends, a thick tile pattern is always a good choice. Emily is even more of a believer. But I mean, come on. The choice of tile in all of these bathrooms takes them from beautiful to stunning. Now what I like (about Shanti very smartly) is that all the other elements are very traditional. This way (especially for resale), you won’t have to redo your entire bathroom if your new buyers aren’t as cool as you are and love your great tile selection.

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I’d also like to take a design moment for that rainwater/light window masterpiece. It really feels like you’re in a hot summer rainstorm. “I want to go there.” Smart design really pays off.

Here is another amazing bathroom with great tile. Again, traditional wall panels and fixtures, but the tile, glass shower wall, shower light and luxury mirror bring it perfectly into 2020 without being too modern.

Also roofs forever. They are magical and we will never stop singing them. If you’re on a budget, they’re not as expensive as we thought. If you have a dark room, consider one. You’ll thank us later.

Real Home Ideas 5

Is there anything sweeter than pale red cement tiles? Maybe, but it’s a close second. Because of this, the sink and mirror are more on the modern side, but the wall tiles, wood accents, lighting and toilet are very traditional. Plus, get away with that beautiful ceiling! very good

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Painting the exterior of your home is no easy feat, and if you pay someone to do it, it’s $$$$. But if you’re looking for a fresh coat of color on your home’s exterior, we want you to consider an almost 100% monochrome look. It is very clean, modern, but timeless. They used Benjamin Moore cast iron.

If you are installing French doors, consider these shutters. See how they pop when they run into that dark coal house. This is very good.

With its light wood grill and elegant Dutch door, the Shanti carries a high-contrast look. All of this makes for an impressive home. Talk about a restraining order.

Guest suite! Yes, instead of using it as a garage (because in CA, where this house is located, the climate allows for closed car storage all year round). Adding square footage to any home is a great idea, as long as it’s approved by the city. It’s a lot of work, so it can be a little difficult to pull off… but not impossible πŸ™‚

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It’s great because it’s a full studio apartment with a nice kitchen, bathroom and separate entrance.

But another bedroom isn’t the only way to add square footage. Backyard office is the best. I can say from my current situation, living with my dad in a small backyard office, that being able to work and close the door behind you at the end of the day is life changing. I will really miss it when I go back to LA. By all means, do it if you can!

Since it’s separate from the main house, the cabin stayed in the color palette, but these plywood walls look very clean and tidy. I don’t think any of us are crazy enough to work there.

Real Home Ideas 5

Well, it is

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