Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds – When it comes to winter birthdays, celebrating can be a challenge. It’s too cold to go outside and with so many holidays in the summer, it can be difficult to enjoy with friends and family. However, one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is to simply embrace it! Although it is sometimes cold and dark, winter is a beautiful season with lots of snow, ice and snow.

Kelsey, one of our good friends and founder of Fete House, did this for her daughter Denver’s sixth birthday party. Kelsey set no limits when planning this event. From the snow to the winter forest to the snow globe, this event has it all! Denver’s birthday party is filled with every bit of magic Kelsey can muster and the special Let It Snow party.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

Kelsey created her Let It Snow event with beautiful blues and blues. We created a background with several streams cut in different lengths and layered in an ombre pattern from white to blue to create a cool waterfall. To replicate the look for your own event, matte blue and silver fringe backdrops can create the same effect when cut to different lengths and layered together. Kelsey added some extra sparkle to the back by adding lots of silver stars to the back, along with the acrylic words “Let It Snow”. It ends the winter festival with a white Christmas tree decorated with many disco balls.

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We absolutely love Kelsey’s table. She has a large table made of natural wood placed in front of a beautiful blue sofa, which is big enough for her three daughters to sit comfortably on. For a casual table runner, Kelsey paired silver glitter garland with pearls in blue and white. Mini Disco balls are placed throughout the dress for a little glam. Small trees in shades of green and blue create a snowy forest in the middle of your table, and large deer figurines that match the colors of the party complete the winter table.

Kelsey really let her creativity shine when she put together this recipe for Let It Snow. Inspired by his love of snow globes, he came up with the idea of ​​turning each plate into a unique snow globe for each guest. It starts with Oh Happy Day and the paper is decorated with sea blue, teal, silver and snow. Using paper snowflakes, snow, ice, wood and disc balls, and a light stream of iridescent confetti, she creates a stunning snow scene on each plate. The snowflake design is finished with a clear acrylic top to protect everything perfectly.

The plate is paired with a themed outfit – a white coat with a silver snowflake design and a blue dress with Lorelai’s “I Feel Snow” quote from Gilmore Girls. Kelsey paired melamine plates and bowls in aqua, mint, navy and sea blue with silver accents. Finally, each plate is topped with white powder and silver for a large crowd of food and drink holders and a traditional snowman ornament with each guest’s name engraved on it.

Speaking of food, Kelsey’s diner looks like it’s from the Land of Sweets and has been blessed by the Sugarplum Fairy herself. Heavy paper snowflakes are hung on the table, mixed with bright disco balls and glitter. It looks like indoor snow. Kelsey draped white wool over the table and draped the Silver Star Garland and Silver Glitter Mini Flag Garland over the table to bring the sparkle of the snow up to eye level. Combine wood and deer statues from your main table and move to the dessert area to enjoy all the delicious dishes.

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For food, Kelsey has a delicious charcuterie board filled with fruits, cheeses and meats served with mini croissants and mini cinnamon buns. There’s also a bowl of sweet treats to go with the cheese, but on top of that, there are enough cookies to satisfy any sweet tooth. Kelsey has beautiful macarons and refined sugars in the form of snow, ice, and baubles featured on many cakes, plates, and in stores. Our favorite is the classic, sugary snow globe with Denver’s name on the bottom and a white sprinkle inside that jingle when shaken.

Denver friends enjoyed the hot chocolate bar Kelsey put together. Kelsey posted the Cold Baby banner out behind the bar with all the steps to making a perfect cup of hot cocoa. There is a cake with beautiful winter cupcakes decorated with pictures such as Christmas trees, snow globes, snowy forests and Santa Claus. We can’t go beyond a pot of melted snow, called hot water to mix cocoa. That’s great!

Of course, no cup of hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows, and Kelsey is ready with an entire cookie jar filled with mini marshmallows. In front of it, Kelsey placed a tray filled with hot chocolate drinks. There’s not only chocolate milk chocolate, but there are candies, marshmallow men, caramel chocolate spoons, sugar candies, chocolate bars, cookies and ice cream – all the ingredients for the perfect cup of chocolate.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

If cookies and hot chocolate aren’t enough to fill you up, Denver’s best bakery is celebrating right! Kelsey had an amazing cake designed for Denver’s special day. It looks like a snow globe that matches the theme of the party and has a silver deer in a snowy forest on it. Chocolate balls decorated with edible silver leaf and small snowflakes decorate the sides of the cake and really come alive. Kelsey placed the cake on a clear bowl filled with fake snow to break up the snowy world. Several mini disco balls were placed along with a cake stand to decorate the party and finally the cake was decorated with green candles and green ombre for Denver as she wished.

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Kelsey asked guests to sign copies of First Snow and Life Park instead of the usual guest book to celebrate this special birthday. It is a beautiful children’s picture book with simple but clever illustrations that tells the story of a little girl’s adventures in the first snow of the year. It’s a great choice for your little girl Let It Snow.

As the guests leave, Kelsey hands out silver disco drink bottles. We love the variety of these tumblers! They can be designed to match the theme of the event. Kelsey decorated each tumbler using ribbon and cotton to match the party colors of blues and greens with tinsel and small party decorations. All guests also receive a frozen snowflake design with a temporary tattoo to take home the magic of winter.

There’s no doubt that Denver had a great time at its Snow Break event. Kelsey showcased her art and created a beautiful and memorable party for her daughter. This event is definitely one for the books and Denver, her sisters and all their friends will surely remember this beautiful day for years to come.

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Winter Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

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