2 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot At Home

2 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot At Home – Monthly milestone photos are a great way to track baby’s growth in the first year. Our son is already 2 months old and I can’t believe it’s almost summer! I remember my birthday (the first day of summer) that I knew was coming every weekday. Here we are with another monthly success picture. I hope you can use this step-by-step tutorial as an easy photo shoot idea for your daughter or son.

I used scissors to cut the “wave” out of the blue poster paper. If you can, make it a little larger than you need so that it actually covers the bottom corner of your photo.

2 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot At Home

2 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot At Home

For the sun I used a sun graphic I found on Canva and loaded it into my Cricut to cut out. You can cut out the sun just by hand cutting or printing something. Cricut is easier and gives really clean lines.

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Find the most natural sunlight in your home. This is where you will set your photo. Try to avoid flash or headlights.

Spread a sand-colored blanket. Place your “ocean” in the bottom corner and your sun at the top.

From there, think about where your baby will go on the blanket. And add some accessories. I used a shovel and a sandcastle. inner tubes, sunglasses, Whistles, You can also use small surfboards or other objects. Here are some ideas for support (swipe for more).

I also use this message board. One side is the pink color used for my daughter and the other side is gray. It’s small enough that you can lay down next to them and take pictures without too many people.

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Personally, I love getting everything ready so I can quickly put the baby down and take a picture.

Tip: Play music if your child isn’t too interested. Ask your partner to make funny faces or scream.

When photographing baby milestones over a year, I’ve found that it works best to do it 15-25 minutes after a meal. wake up eating Playing and sleeping can help reduce drooling during filming. But also make sure they’re not upset about their next nap.

2 Month Baby Boy Photoshoot At Home

That’s all I really use. Minus the kids swim trunks they are limited edition with this brand. However, you can get $15 off your order by clicking here. But below are some other outfit ideas for a photo shoot with a boy or girl.

Diy Ideas For Baby Photoshoot At Home

Copyright 2023 – Complicated Motherâ„¢; The sophisticated Millennial®. all rights reserved. Terms of Use; Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. In the ad reveal, Mom first met this family for maternity photos when she was pregnant with her older sister. And I photographed Mrs. L’s newborn. So I was so happy to meet this family and see their new arrival. Mr. L has only been in this course for three months and boy is he the cutest. He gives me so many wonderful smiles. As you can clearly see, he is very cute. This session is about Mr. L and his two older brothers. Miss L is only 2 years old and so cute! Mr. N’s brother is almost 13 years old. And he was a great help in this session. He held Mr. L and helped Ms. L smile and look at the camera. Taking pictures of your baby, including siblings, is very special. Mr. I’m so glad I got to shoot L’s 3 month old photo.

For milestone baby photos like this one, Check out my latest Milestone Baby photo roundup! And my Baby Photo Ideas Pinterest board is a great place to start.

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Welcome to Crabapple Photography! I’m Kate and I’ve been a family portrait photographer since 2009. My specialty is newborn babies, Great fun. My style is clean, tidy and detail oriented.

Baby Milestone Photos

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