7th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas At Home

7th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas At Home – Saber turned 7 last week and we all know that is a milestone in any child’s life. We didn’t have a big party and decided to go to Hong Kong for a family vacation. He had a small pool party to celebrate with friends.

His sister Miley took a photo last year for her 7th birthday and I knew for sure we were going to do one for Sabre. However, I have decided not to hire a photographer anymore. I was just using my Sony A5000 camera and did all the modes myself.

7th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas At Home

7th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas At Home

For the outfit, I used things that we had at home and mostly things that I got while traveling. I bought a teepee during our trip to Australia, the light is from some Koko and the world and the letter S is from Canada. The destination is sheets and pillows.

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Just a tip, I went on Pinterest and looked for poses and angles to copy. Saber kasi looked at me the same at first, just standing straight with his hands on his hips. So once we have some pegs it’s easy to build hehe. Mr

Once again Happy 7th Birthday Saber! It’s no secret that he’s probably the closest to me and dad, because he just likes to go everywhere with us. He is also very nice and probably a mama’s boy who likes to say I look pretty and hot hahaha! As a child I raised him to be polite and I loved when he opened the door for me and even helped me take my things when we went out. I hope you never change Saba! We love you a lot! For my daughter’s 7th birthday, I knew I definitely wanted her to take photos to capture this moment in her life. She had a little party at McDonald’s, but I didn’t hire a photographer that day because it was just me taking pictures. I think I’ll only take a picture of her before her birthday because I want a picture that looks especially beautiful on it.

I happened to come across some beautiful family photos shared by fellow blogger Maqui on her FB page. She recommended photographer Mhel Mesa to me, so I decided to check with her. I was pleasantly surprised by its price, which is very affordable compared to others!

I booked her in December 2016 and her price is P3,000* for a lifestyle shoot. Yes, only P3k!!! (*Disclaimer: Her rates may have increased/changed at the time of this post)

Mrsmommyholic: A 7th Birthday Photoshoot

I can’t believe it because some photographers charge double, triple or even waaaaay more! And in some studios you don’t get all the high definition images, just a limited amount. Needless to say I booked her ASAP!

Mhel always responded immediately via FB messenger and arrived on time during filming. The other photographer was her brother and it was great because I love how some of the photos are taken from different angles (which look more candid). I also squeezed a family photo between our tables, which I will also share soon. But in the meantime, this is a beautiful picture they made of my little princess.

I don’t hire a stylist anymore because I just want a simple image and Classic (plus mahal pa un lol). I just bought different colored balloons because it was her birthday and the theme of her party was rainbow art. I also bought her a flower crown and luckily they have 50% off at SM during this time.

7th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas At Home

But I also took this rug that we used for family photos and some pillows from our living room as accents.

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I love all the photos and there is so much to choose from. It was a very easy and relaxed moment and I loved that I got all the unedited photos right after the shoot (I brought a USB). They sent me the modified file after more than a month, but it wasn’t a problem for me because I already had the unmodified file.

So if you are looking for an affordable photographer for birthdays, weddings and other events, I recommend Mhel. Book fast before the price goes up haha! Mr

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