Home Ideas Kerala

Home Ideas Kerala – There is another house called “Kadaveer” at Atirampuzha in Kottayam, Kerala. The rooms are small and the area is humid, blocking the golden sun and cold wind. However, now it has been transformed into a new “beauty”, style and beauty. Closed rooms are replaced by open and airy spaces that quickly attract people to enter. Jithin, the owner of the house, talks about the big change in their ancestral home.

The old house is a simple house, with a simple dining room, kitchen and four small bedrooms. Older buildings often have unused spaces, such as hallways and small corners. This type of difficulty actually restricts the air circulation and darkens the room. Additionally, families are plagued by pests and insects and are happy to make the roof of their old house their home.

Home Ideas Kerala

Home Ideas Kerala

“Our heritage building is over 125 years old. The kitchen was renovated during a renovation nearly fifty years ago. Austin interior designers trusted in the transformation. The building has been transformed while preserving its original. Now, more than 70% of the walls have been removed. Before, the building faced the east, now, it turns house to the east. The old house was 1,950 square feet. Added living space, landscaping and a new porch.

Kerala Contemporary Home Design

The old restaurant has been converted into a spacious living area. At the same time, a beautiful green covered the old porch and became an important part of the house. Instead of regular walls, this place has glass walls. Although the old house had four bedrooms, none of them were needed. There is no privacy there because the room has four doors. Also, most of the other parts of the old house are included in this room. Additionally, family members can no longer enjoy separate spaces that lack air or natural light. All these bedrooms were completely destroyed. Two spacious bedrooms replace the old three bedrooms. Now, at more than 400 square feet, the master bedroom alone is one of the most spacious areas in the house.

This bedroom is set with a green area and a separate dressing room. This bedroom is attached with a bath and comes with modern amenities. The front living room is now a beautifully appointed living room. Additionally, a new bedroom has been added to the renovated home. The old roof tiles have been replaced with truss work covered with tiles. Meanwhile, the interior false ceiling is flawless.

The new house has four bedrooms. Three en suite bathrooms. The new building is also equipped with a common laundry room, a kitchen with an adjacent work area, a living room, a living room, a green area and a prayer room. Every inch of this beautifully renovated home has been used wisely. Now, the place is more spacious and the atmosphere is more comfortable.

An additional 400 square feet was added to the existing building to make the room more spacious and useful. One bedroom has its own balcony and a small green area. Currently, the kitchen is divided into a large kitchen and a functional kitchen. The modular kitchen and rows of cabinets make it the modern kitchen.

Home Ideas: 1950 Square Feet Finished Home Design

The interior of the building is designed with an old metal theme. French steel windows, stained wood, leather and warm lighting add to the beauty of this theme. Electrical wiring throughout the home has been replaced to ensure safety and quality. Also, about 30% of the materials are recycled. The restaurant maintains its old wooden ceiling, a special reminder of the past. And the old wooden cabinet was cut in half. Interestingly, these pieces of wood were reused as tables in the dining room and living room.

The grounds are filled with many trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Seating areas are arranged under the trees where the whole family can enjoy a moment. The front wall is paved with clay bricks and is about 1500 square feet. About 4 million rupees were spent on renovating the building and upgrading the front yard. Kerala is God’s paradise world with its long coastline, beautiful beaches, beautiful emerald waters, mangroves and lush green hills where one can build their home using Kerala home designs of this time. Kerala is a traveler’s paradise and is one of the best places to live in India as it is surrounded by greenery and peace. This blog will describe modern Kerala home design – modern and stylish.

With its residential area and many places to visit, visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences in Kerala. The state is mild, with temperatures year-round. If you want to develop a new Kerala home design, here are some ideas that you can use to build your home. In addition, Kerala also maintains housing schemes for the vulnerable and homeless.

Home Ideas Kerala

Futuristic and beautiful look: Kerala modern house designs attract people’s attention for their futuristic and beautiful look and look elegant and beautiful in the society.

Modern And Colorful House Design Ideas That Inspires You!

More energy efficient: If you develop modern kerala house design, electricity can be used. Energy-saving electronic equipment is rapidly entering the market due to the availability of new technologies.

High Natural Light: Kerala has a lot of natural light. You can design your new Kerala home so that it gets natural light when it is built.

Better and more efficient use of space: Better and more efficient use of space: As modern architects try to incorporate more small space, your new Kerala home design will present you with the best use of space so that all the rooms look good without feeling cluttered. public.

Raw Materials: People are now using raw materials and products in building their houses, especially simple Kerala house plans, to save and save the environmental hazards.

New Homes Designs Kerala

Contemporary Kerala home design is warm and cozy without being dark or dreary. Simplicity, elegance and simplicity are the order of the day. Clean lines and the use of style are understood. Also, space is more important in modern Kerala house design than the view of the house. The furniture is an eye-catcher while remaining stylish, and the rest of the interior is clean and fresh. The colors used are neutral like black, black or white.

The use of traditional raw materials, including wood and bricks, characterizes the typical and simple Kerala house style. Traditional Keralite houses have interior designs that are heavily influenced by local art and architecture. Modern kerala house design is a short and unique house system. There are few flats in Kerala, in old buildings. Tile-built houses are a common feature of Kerala as the state is located in a region with high rainfall. Padipura doors are considered traditional as far as home entrances are concerned. However, the great design doors are slowly replacing them.

In different parts of Kerala, you can see colonial house designs from the past years. If you like modern kerala house design, you can build it. A modern colonial Kerala house has two or three floors. Kerala colonial houses try to preserve their life by incorporating simple designs like symmetrical facades, roofs and double glazed windows with shutters. Shutters with side windows and rectangular transom or fan windows are often popular. Fireplaces fill contemporary Kerala home designs with simple yet timeless details.

Home Ideas Kerala

Fusion style house designs in Kerala are known for their beautiful exteriors and interiors that truly cater to the taste buds. A contemporary Kerala home design will have a geometric arrangement of key pieces and be equipped with modern amenities that will immediately capture the viewer’s attention. For a sophisticated, decorative feel, the edges of doors and windows are often finished in matte white. The most common flooring options are polished granite and glass tiles. Contemporary Kerala home design with a mix of styles exudes taste and style from every angle.

Top 10 Modern Kerala House Design Images In 2023

The ability of the house to change the shape of the scene is important. Designing an eco-friendly and modern Kerala home can be challenging in a world where sustainability and protecting Mother Earth is all about sustainability. Only one part is about gardening and planting trees. Kerala home design is must now. For example, the layout of a house is important. Due to Kerala’s mild climate, summers can be very mild. In this case, it is better to limit the number of windows on the west side of the house, because otherwise it will lead to overheating inside.

Such is the environment

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