Valentine’s Day At Home Ideas

Valentine’s Day At Home Ideas – I don’t go overboard, but I usually try to decorate a little for Valentine’s Day, mostly focusing on the dresser, front porch, and entryway. Since most of my Valentine’s decorations this year are similar to some of my Christmas decorations for different holidays, I was happy to change things up a bit. So the challenge was to see what I could keep and continue to use after Christmas. Since I really love red and pink for Christmas, it wasn’t too hard!

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Valentine’s Day At Home Ideas

Valentine's Day At Home Ideas

Heart Sweater || Bow flat (similar here and here) || Jeans (comfortable and cheap! I removed the cuff seams at the head) || Gingham Shirt || Mild heart palpitations

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The location is very simple. It was too early for my usual porch ferns, so I added some greenery by pulling out my faux boxwood topiaries by the front door.

Topiaries- at home, here or here || Gingham Outdoor Rug (available here) || Heart Spread- Entertainment Lobby or here || Gingham Ribbon || Satin Ribbon || Ok fake evening

I bought these broken hearts at the Dollar Tree years ago and used hot glue to add the pom poms. In the past I’ve placed my wreath on the front door, but this time I used a faux wreath, wrapped hearts around it, and added a simple bow at the top. Simple!

I tied the wreath with more dollar tree hearts and hung it on the entryway mirror. The Christmas chocolate bar on my console table in the living room is now a Valentine’s Day candy bar on the entry table! ???? I had the ribbon candy, but I thought the rest was still ???? appropriate for the day. Christmas had a pink pagoda lantern, but I cut little ornaments out of little hearts and mixed them into medicine jars.

Easy Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids

In the room, the big boy makes a big statement! When I was removing all the baubles from my Christmas tree this year, I kept all the pinks and reds together and thought, “I have to use this for Valentine’s Day!”

I had never assembled any of these fabrics before and had no idea what I was doing. I started collecting honeycomb balls, varying the color and size randomly. Here’s how honey balls are made. I used leftover plastic flowers from Christmas bells and then hung string hangers from the balls around. I think the beads helped me press the threads where I wanted instead of moving them back and forth like I would with ribbon or wire. Sometimes I tied the hanging loops short, and pieces of paper helped hold some of them or secure them where I wanted them. Ha… mostly scraps of paper, bits of tape here and there, and prayers added! Since I have pipe cleaners on the back of my bow, I attached them to the nails on the side of the dress that hold the pearl crown.

This sign is a DIY project that does double duty… Turn it around, it’s my FALALA sign that I use at Christmas! The “winter pine” trees for Valentine’s Day were mini Christmas trees last month. ????

Valentine's Day At Home Ideas

XOXO Sign DIY Tutorial || Honey Balls- Yee, Yee, Yee, Yee, Yee, Yee, and Yee || The explosion of Apollo || Diana burst boy and girl couple set

Some Last Minute Valentine’s Day Basket Ideas!

The coffee table was just like Christmas with a few switches – hearts scattered around lights instead of decorations, fresh flowers instead of poinsettias, a bowl of hearts with my remote and glasses, sweets talking hearts in a candy dish – best Valentine’s candy ever!!!

Hand Carved Heart Wood Bowl- A gift from our dear friends at Gathering Thyme, a cute little kitchen shop in Texas! He is up to date, contact him through his IG page for details or orders

Last week my husband and I made a quick trip to Ikea. Unfortunately, about 1/2 of the items on my list (supply issues) didn’t have them, but I snapped up these adorable pillows as soon as I saw them! They were not Valentines when I bought them. The filling was lumpy, but they were only $4.99, so I scarfed them down and of course added pom poms!

The dining room is very simple. After Christmas I removed these beautiful table top trees. But, it fell into some blue and white gardens, and now it’s the best little pine tree until spring!

Valentines Home Decor Diy Ideas

Sometime last year I got a set of three metal hearts that I thought would be great for Valentine’s Day. It’s small, the perfect little touch tucked into the side of a large vase. I use two other hearts around the house. I think they look really cute!

I don’t think decorating for Valentine’s Day has ever been easier, except with cotton candy! I’ve never had many Christmas pieces to use, but I’m a fan!

Just a reminder, because I don’t know when this change will happen, but I hope it happens soon, and I want you all to know-

Valentine's Day At Home Ideas

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Valentine’s Day Decoration: Some Tasteful Ideas For Your Home!

We’ve got enough Valentine’s Day ideas, fantasy themes and delicious cocktails to fill a few Pinterest boards. And don’t worry – there’s more to come in the next few months!

In the meantime, we thought we’d round up some great Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s) ideas to get you off to a good start. So whether you’re living with your partner or going out with your friends, this list will help you spread the love!

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Planning a memorable Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! If you’re looking for great Valentine’s Day ideas on a budget, we recommend getting creative, creative, and adding some ~spice~ to your favorite activities.

Home Tour: Valentine’s Day Home Decor

In fact, there are cute + romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that don’t cost anything –

Make a bigger impact than spending hundreds of dollars on the same basic dates. For example: writing love letters, making your partner breakfast in bed, taking a bath together or stargazing in the garden!

Another great way to save on V-Day is to give your Valentine’s Day ideas a romantic makeover at home. This brings us to the most frequently asked questions…

Valentine's Day At Home Ideas

Valentine’s Day Dinner + Dessert Ideas Photo: Taylor Hatter, as seen at Galentine’s Wine + Cheese Night

At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas — That Millennial Momma

If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that you can make almost anything at home — and still have a show! To plan a special Valentine’s Day at home, think about how you can set the mood, try something new, and add romantic elements.

Ambient touches (like candles, stringing fairy lights, and sprinkles of roses) can make even a simple V-Day at home feel romantic. We love turning your favorite Valentine’s Day ideas into something you can do in your own four walls!

For example, skip a fancy restaurant with small portion sizes and instead create a romantic picnic at home. It’s more intimate (and cheaper), and you can customize everything from the menu to the background music!

These are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day ideas at home. We’ve got plenty of where that came from — including some swoon-worthy and super romantic ideas

Valentines Day Dessert Board For Fun At Home Date Night

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