At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds – This little guy turned 3 last week and his passion for astronauts and space is what I needed to pick a theme for his 3rd birthday party and go with it. He is so loved and at the same time I am sad to see my 2 year old grow up, it is the joy of my life to see him grow up and see who he has become. However, the day before he turned 3, I took the time to photograph the favorite parts of his 2-year-old personality so I would never forget these things. After all, that’s the whole reason I ever take pictures, to remember the sweetest parts of life that I never want to escape my memory.

If you’re like me and you love looking at the details of people’s parties and how others decorate, let’s start with this cake:

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

First, a big thank you to my mom who helped finish the cake so smoothly (which was impossible for me with my current skills!). I made a wonderful, tried and true vanilla cake without the vanilla bean and swirled through a few layers of blue food coloring before baking because it’s James’ favorite color. The filling between each layer is the filling from this amazing recipe with buttercream frosting, without adding flour. This is one of my favorite frosting recipes of all time, fluffy! His face made all the work worth it when he saw the cake, he was so happy!

Chase’s Toy Story Themed 2nd Birthday Party

To make the moon cake topper, I followed this awesome guide. When I tried to leave a spaceship trail of gold sprinkles on the side of the cake, I ran into the problem of trying to place them vertically. Finally if I wet my fingers the sprinkles would stick to it and then I could press it to the side of the cake. Problem solved!

I searched everywhere to find a large box to build the spaceship. , but no luck. I stopped by Michael’s for a little something and as I walked in the door I saw this cardboard boat staring me in the face. It’s definitely meant to be! So I took it home and added gold contact paper to make it more interesting.

Years ago I picked up these vintage posters from Calgary’s Heritage Park and planned to put them in the kids’ room. Luckily I remembered that I had perfected these.

I had a lot of fun one evening painting styrofoam balls to look like solar system planets, it’s a really fun craft and now I’m trying to figure out where to turn it into a decoration at home. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

Birthday Party Ideas At Home

The background we hung in the kitchen was just black paper that I taped to the wall and then painted white with an old toothbrush so it looked like a starry sky. I followed this tutorial and made a balloon wreath by blowing up about 100 balloons. , I might feel a little dizzy after that! Target #3 is from City Park and adds a metallic sheen for a spacey look (ignore my island light in the middle of the photo).

I put Curtis in charge of the food with instructions to make it look “space-y”. He did a great job with potato strips (Channel Rock) with chili, cheese, sour cream, and green onions. He also grabs some pizza, finds a white pizza box, and tapes the Pizza Planet logo from Toy Story to the box.

Love the food as per the style of the room! Using leftovers to make chili dogs the next day isn’t a bad idea.

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

We played a few games, one of which was shooting these rockets out of straws and another was “find the moon rocks” where we hid plastic beads around the house.

Sienna’s Tea Party 11th Birthday!

Most importantly, James had an amazing time and we are so grateful to all the families who came and made him feel so loved. He talked about the party and you!

I still can’t believe he’s three! His enthusiasm for everything in life makes us all happy and his love for being a kid and playing all day is the best. Love you James!

I have been passionate about photographing people for almost a decade and I find that there is no better way than seeing the joy and positivity in my life reflected in a photograph. Telling my story and the stories of my clients through pictures is what I love to do as much as writing. Here you will find both of my passions and hopefully find some inspiration.

Here is an example. To view your Instagram posts, double-click here to add an account or select an existing linked account. Learn more and continue my normal work on the very belated birthday thread! Finally I am sharing the last photo from Nora’s birthday. The title of the shoot is based on the fact that she called them clowns, which we all think is pretty cute! I think I’m just going through the steps I’ve collected and the ideas I had for her birthday.

Super Simple But Fun Bluey Cake I Made For My 3 Year Old’s Bday Party!

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First and foremost is background. I knew I wanted a rainbow background, I wanted white balloons on top like a cloud, and I knew rainbow crepe *would* look amazing. I ordered some from Amazon and they are brilliant. After that, I wrap them over and over again! I put the balloons on eBay.

The Happy Birthday Banner is from my favorite party store, MegCatHooray, along with the Happy Birthday and 3 cake toppers. Yes

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

I printed the cloud on Canva and it hides the plug perfectly! Then I used a pillow to rub around the table like a cloud. I got the star tree from Home Bargains. The Pink Cake Stand* is another Amazon buy. Cloud Disks * are another bargain and I got them from Amazon as well.

Dear Happy Party Studio 3rd / 3 Year Birthday Decoration For Boys 32 Combo Kit

For all the food, I made it myself and you can find all the details in this blog post.

Hello Nice to meet you. I’m Kathryn, mother, wife, blogger and photographer. Get all our adventures, recipes and stories about motherhood. Thinking of hosting a mermaid birthday party for your child? Here are mermaid birthday party ideas, activities, decorations and party favors to start your planning. Our little girl loved this theme for her 3rd birthday this year (and I loved making it too!)

When Miss 3 announced she wanted a birthday girl earlier this year, I have to admit I was pretty excited about the idea of ​​all the decorations and activities we could do with that theme! Then she decided she wanted a Frozen-Elsa, which was a tougher call, but we were able to incorporate a lot of Elsa themes into her actual birthday, which she enjoyed.

Here are the mermaid birthday party ideas we came up with, all of which I couldn’t photograph (like the manic nature of the party, I’m sure you can relate!)

How To Throw A Last Minute Birthday Party For Young Kids — Learning Here And There

At all of our birthday celebrations, I often collect several cardboard boxes to make signs and decorations. Cardboard is a cheap, versatile and effective medium and lends itself very well to painting, cutting, tapestries or 3D creation.

I cut a few large pieces in the shape of a shell and added some details with glitter glue using oil pastels. These are supported around the room as part of the backdrop. I cut another large piece in the shape of an old piece of wood and painted “River Lane” on it, and it has a string of rubber beads on it that sits behind the table.

Spread these around the place from Amazon and find cute ceramic bowls to use on the table to display and serve food.

At Home Birthday Party Ideas For 3 Year Olds

For a game we filled the front with gold chocolate coins. At the end of the party we moved from decorations to the final play of the piñata and they filled all the beads into plastic cups.

Dear Happy Party Studio 3rd / 3 Year Birthday Decoration For Boys 82 Combo Kit Black Birthday Backdrop Banner, Black, White, Golden Metallic Balloons, No. Foil Balloon, Foil Curtain Items

From paper plates and straws to plastic cups and napkins, everything else we use has a turquoise theme. Most of these come from supermarkets, eBay or Amazon.

All the girls drew pictures (cut out of cardboard) of starfish and fish

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