Kerala Style Home Ideas

Kerala Style Home Ideas – Here you can find the best Kerala interior and exterior house plans, pictures, plans, ideas from our completed and planned projects. Browse our latest Kerala home design portfolio for more information. Kerala is one of the leading home design company, we spread our work on a large scale. We look for new trends and create new ideas ourselves. We are focused on the design and construction of modern homes from the perspective of our clients.

Many people want to create a modern living room. A large number of designs are ready to create Kerala style living room interior design. Many people think that a good living room needs a lot of space. Spending a lot of money collecting ideas for decorating the living room before studying the design of the room, the color scheme, the available space, etc. leads to a lot of time and money. The needs and desires of the customers are different from others, a fruitful combination of their desires and the required space helps to create a good Kerala style living room interior design. The living room is our family home, so it becomes your personal and entertaining space, which we organize or expand according to our ideas. If you want to create a colorful living room, try curtains and sofas. according to the interior designer. A new trend in interior living room design is favoring vertical gardens. This is one of the interior design trends to add a natural and fresh look to the living room decoration. Planting plants that allow them to grow indoors is able to provide a large amount of positive energy to our home. This is our minimum payment per customer. it is a modern kerala living room but it has a very elegant and elegant look.

Kerala Style Home Ideas

Kerala Style Home Ideas

The color scheme is dark and clean, so according to this room design. The good use of wallpaper and wall sticker design adds to the overall beauty of the house. A glass window in the middle is used to separate the living room from the outside of the house. Green garden furniture gives a cool and attractive look

Home Decoration Ideas For Your Living Area

. Just like arranging bookshelves instead of bookshelves, you can arrange things in the living room. You can find a wide range of color combinations for your living room interior decoration photos. The combination of traditional and modern decoration also gives a unique look to your living room interior. moderate use and a small number of modern furniture in the living room, because it requires a large part in the living room, reduces the space for interior decoration of the living room.

The decoration of the living room should be bright and there should be sufficient flow of air and sunlight to remove dirt inside the living room. The use of thin materials for curtains adds a positive energy to the interior of the living room. Put a bright light on the door of the living room, which adds a good energy and a new look. Wall art and wall art can create a dream look for a living space, all you need to imagine and a little money. You can put family photos on the wall, a symbol of your love and affection for the family. Here, the living room is open to nature, which helps to keep the house clean all day long. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Kerala style living room interior design. We can design your living room at a creative and affordable price. Using too many products in the living room is not a good idea to maintain minimalism.

Latest design trends kerala living room interior design kerala living room interior design collection A plant without roots is just a floating weed. This also happens with people. No matter how far we go from our roots, we always carry a piece of home in our hearts. These memories of ‘home’ often find their way into our new homes. If your memories go back to the green of God’s own country, you will definitely know our interpretation of Kerala style house.

Home architecture in Kerala is unique as the climate is hot and humid. The houses here are built with hundreds of years of joint training to prevent heat. Also to protect from water and make sure that there is as much ventilation as possible inside the house. Although this architectural style emerged from the temple, it was distinguished by many powers. He met people from Syria, Portugal and many other places. However, the decorative style in Kerala is as complex and unique as the rich culture.

Interesting Kerala House Design Types

We have selected the design elements that go into creating five different rooms in a Kerala style home. Let this spark your imagination!

The influence of wooden accents is very strong in Kerala architecture. Because there were many trees in the area. That is why in Kerala we often see thatched roofs and doors and windows made of hardwood. Another important feature of this type of building is the abundance of tall windows that let in a lot of light. This article is reproduced from the original

Or plants in clay pots. But the real show here are the wooden panels on the doors and windows. It presents a stark contrast to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows we are used to seeing in modern rooms.

Kerala Style Home Ideas

The living space in a Kerala style house is characterized by wooden sofas, oversized chairs and armchairs, and a typical South Indian swing. While we love all the upholstered furniture in traditional living rooms, the red oxide floor stands out. People in Kerala borrowed this method of laying down from the Portuguese in the 18th century. The main pillar, which was once part of the house, is now mainly used as an ornament.

Kerala Home Interior Design: How To Get A Minimalist Interior Design For Your Home?

Red oxide offers a cheaper and newer flooring option compared to tiles. These floors have not only cultural value, their rich hue can easily become the style of your home.

A traditional Kerala style house always has a dedicated dining room. It is one of the necessary habits to survive

. With a detailed wooden ceiling and a combination of rustic colors, the dining room is a visual experience of the country. In this version, we see special arched windows. These large windows keep the inside cool when it’s hot and humid outside.

In many houses from this area, tins are kept in the corners carved into the walls. These are molded plate cabinets with glass lids. It is also very compact and functional, making it perfect for apartments.

Gallery Of Contemporary Home Style With River Frontage

Bedrooms are usually the simplest element in a Kerala style house. In addition to adequate storage space, usually in the form of wooden wardrobes, the bedroom should also be kept cool. That’s why bay windows are a good way to see air circulation. This way, even on the hottest days, you will sleep in an airy place.

It is a well-known fact that Southern decor includes a lot of wooden furniture and accents. But what is seen in the Kerala style house is the extensive use of black wood varnish. Regardless of whether you are looking at a solid wood bed or a carved coffee table, the varnish is always a dark shade of mahogany. This adds richness and depth to the interior of any home. This is especially true in combination with furniture in earth tones.

It is a group of experts. Every morning starts with a cup of tea and a newspaper. And almost all homes have a dedicated reading area in the hall or attic. It would be better to prepare a reading area with a rocking chair and a coffee table. You can also consider a book stand or shelf here. Potted plants complete this picture of perfect solitude.

Kerala Style Home Ideas

A reading room needs a lot of light. And this brings us to a unique feature of Kerala architectural style – the gable windows. These are the windows that are visible from the roof or in the display part of the house. Thus, it brings natural light to the maximum.

Living Room Interior Design Kerala Trends In 2021

If you want to save some moments of nostalgia while planning your new home, also check out our collection of decorating styles from the five regions of India.

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