Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old

Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old – My son turned one and we decided to throw him a monster party. Everything from the food to the decorations is terrible. We invited the whole family down and had a blast. My son got a ton of presents, mostly clothes, but much needed! Read on to find out how I made the decorations and what treats we had for a monster theme!

I bought a white shirt at Walmart for about $2. Then I drew one and one monster on computer paper and cut it out. I visited my grandma’s house where she had a closet full of clothes and picked out two different outfits that fit the blue/green color scheme and monster theme. Then I told my grandmother my idea, and she took it from there. She did an amazing job making my son’s first birthday shirt!

Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old

Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old

If you know how to sew and have the right equipment, I recommend making your own baby clothes. Otherwise, various sites sell birthday dresses for $40.

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I tried to match all the food to the monster party theme and make the labels and stick to the blue and green color scheme.

I baked a blue raspberry smash cake and cupcakes with extra batter. I decorated the cake and cupcakes with blue raspberry frosting. I piped the frosting onto the cake and cupcakes using a #21 piping tip. I added candy eyes to the cupcakes and made them look like monsters. I wanted to put them on the cake, but I didn’t want to choke my son because he doesn’t really have teeth, so I tried to make monster eyes out of mini Oreos and ice cream.

My son wasn’t a huge pie fan so we had to give him a spoon to eat some, but he loved the frosting!

Since we were on a budget, I decided to get crafty and made all the decorations for the monster party. I think most of the decorations are made out of paper so they are super cheap and super cute!

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We have name blocks on the door with Mike from Monsters Inc. Name blocks are beautiful decoration and beautiful photography. You can see how I made the name blocks.

I created three monsters to hang on the wall above the gift table. I made these monsters out of craft paper tubes, but you can use wrapping paper, poster board, or construction paper to make your monsters. The monsters I made are about two feet tall, but you can make them as big or as short as you like.

We covered the doors and windows of the kitchen with blue paper, the tables also work. Then I made eyes out of construction paper and glued them to the blue paper. As it was my son’s first birthday, I printed out my son’s newborn 12 month Look at Me pictures and hung them above the dining room table to create a happy wolf face.

Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old

As I said above, we covered the doors and windows of the kitchen with blue paper, and the tables also work. Then I made eyes out of construction paper and glued them to the blue paper. I cut out seven white teeth and the letters O-N-E from construction paper. Then I cut a strip of blue paper and glued the teeth to the blue strip. Then I glued the letters O-N-E to the three middle teeth. I glued the finished teeth to the high chair. Window coverings and high chair decorations look terrible when copied.

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I made giant table decorations out of empty tissue boxes, construction paper, and piping. I used one of the monster woven boxes as a container holder and the other as a table decoration.

I taped the sign on the front door, “At your own risk.” I thought it was only fitting that there were a ton of little monsters in the house.

I also pointed out different things and things my son could do, say, eat, love. I had planned to frame the board over the dining room table, but I printed it large and didn’t want to waste ink reprinting them, so I hung them on the wall next to the dining room table.

I hope my son’s first birthday was a success and everything was great! My son got tons of new summer clothes and toys. He wasn’t sure about all the people and the cake, but overall a good time was had by all. As for expenses, we had to buy some food and dishes because we had all the other stuff. Get crafty and make all the decorations and cake yourself! I hope you enjoyed my son’s monster birthday party photos and they inspire you when planning a monster party for your child! Your enemy is blessed! Hope you all had a great weekend! We are having a yard sale and ready to move in! We’re going home number 4 soon! Eh!

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As promised last week, I’m back today to share with you all the printables I made for Henry’s birthday party! There is a funny story about these stickers! When it came to food labels, I was at my limit with my hands. Somehow the idea of ​​making my own labels is beyond me. With all the great free printables out there, there’s sure to be something for someone to match! right?

Ha! I spent probably 2 hours searching all my favorite blogs, Pinterest and Google and couldn’t find anything useful. Uber was disappointed that I had wasted so much time and I sat down to prepare myself. Using MDS and within an hour I had completely personalized and fun tags for my party! I should have done mine first!

So you don’t have to go through the same thing… I mean, if you’re having a green/blue/orange/red party…all my tag templates are after the jump!

Monster Party Ideas For 1 Year Old

These are my stickers! I printed them out on glossy photo paper and adhered them to card stock squares and circles (I cut them out on my Cricutum!). You can see what my marks look like here.

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However, I understand that if you don’t eat the same foods and activities that I do, the above labels won’t do much for you! Soooo… here are all the blank templates!

Please note that all stickers are for personal use only ???? Have a great week! Next I’ll show you how I made the monster Henry costume!!! This review is entirely based on my opinion. Others may have different opinions or experiences with the products listed above. I was given a free sample by a company or PR agency and I gave my honest opinion.

Throw a monster birthday party. A friend of mine is celebrating his birthday this month. Like many little boys, he likes to build things after monsters. Both are very high on my list of likes… As luck would have it, I met the wonderful people at Houseworks, LTD. When I go to HAVNC this summer. HOUSEKING, LTD. Home Depot makes all kinds of fun workshop kits for kids. Luckily they launched an amazing new birthday pack and were nice enough to send me the new birthday pack and building kits for the boy’s birthday party. Now, I could help his mom throw a construction party and that would be great, but I wanted to include monsters. So we had a Create a Monster birthday party.

Housekeeping Company, LTD sent me 12 sets of wooden tableware and party sets including paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic cups, balloons, plastic construction hats, placemats and party table. Basically, all you need is a cake, some syrup and some hammer and you’re good to have a party. But to make this party even more personal for my little boy, we hit the thrift store and craft department to pick up some monster supplies. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pompoms, glue sticks, stickers, and candy eyes are all easily found at the craft store. And this department has rounded up the best monster party supplies! We have monster serving dishes, cardboard cake stands and other monster party favors. We bought pre-made frozen cookies and a small white cake from the bakery. Candy melts with pretzel squares and eye candy melts were a quick project the night before, and a box of Captain Crunch Berries made a great monster night treat too!

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We organized a party

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