Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

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Planning your sixth birthday party and looking for fun party games? We have many ideas to keep the kids entertained. From indoor games to outdoor activities, these simple games will keep kids entertained and ensure they have lots of party fun!

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

If you’re planning a six-year-old’s birthday party, you’ll need fun games to keep the kids busy.

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By the age of six, children are used to following school rules and enjoy participating in many games and activities. These ideas are great for the little ones and will keep you entertained – make sure you have plenty of small gifts like candy and stickers to give out to all your guests to keep everyone entertained.

If you don’t want to play a lot of games in your group, you can also set up a craft table to keep the kids entertained.

A classic party game, by swapping the words ‘duck’ and ‘goose’ you can make Duck, Duck Goose easy to fit into any theme. So you can have ‘girls’ and ‘rainbows’ for example at a unicorn party, or ‘girls’ and ‘sharks’ at a pirate party.

Have all the children sit in a circle, then choose a child or ask for a helper (shy children may not go first).

Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

The chosen child walks out of the circle, hitting all the children on the head as they go, and calls out ‘duck’.

After a while, he patted the baby’s head and said ‘goose’. Then run in circles to get back to where they were. The child must follow the ‘goose’ and catch it.

If the first child returns to the circle before being caught, he/she sits down and reaches the hunter. Otherwise, the same child appears again.

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

Make some jelly bowls with a small plastic animal in each. Animals should be small enough to fit in the bowl, but not so small that they create a choking hazard.

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With their hands behind their backs, the children must remove the animal from the jelly using only their mouths.

This is very easy to make using jelly blocks, but if you want to make real fruit jelly from scratch, try our strawberry jelly recipe.

Choose a brave boy – or birthday boy – Mr. Wolf. The children line up on one side of the room, Mr. Wolf is standing in the back of everyone’s room.

The wolf says a time, like ‘four o’clock’. There are many ways for children to go to the wolf, and then it is a question of time.

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Whenever the children ask what time it is, the wolf can say ‘it’s dinner time!’ The wolf turned and followed the other children around the room. If a wolf marks one before returning to the starting line, it becomes a wolf.

Movie titles and TV shows can be challenging for six-year-olds, so stick to simple and fun activities.

Write some verbs like ‘brush your teeth’, ‘ride a horse’, ‘meat ice cream’, ‘goal’ on a piece of paper and put it in a basket or hat.

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

Each child pulls one out of the hat and predicts in front of their friends without talking or crying. Their friends will think about it.

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If you want to give gifts, you can give gifts for the funny mime, the greatest drama king, etc.

The sardine is hide and seek. One hides it for all to see. It is best played in an open space such as the whole house or a large garden.

The detectives calculate a number – giving them between 50 and 100 times to hide – when a person goes and hides.

After the team finished counting, they spread out and searched for the hidden person. Each child finds a hidden child and joins them, until they are all packed like sardines.

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Divide the children into two groups – or more if you have many children. Each group has a basket or bucket with one balloon per child.

When you say go, the first child in each group runs to the basket and catches the balloon. So they have to stay until it happens! When they come out, they go back to their team and mark the next player. If you’re playing outside in the summer, and people aren’t wearing their best clothes, you can also play with water balloons.

Using a bamboo stick or broomstick, have two adults hold the pole close to the child. The children go under the pole and turn one way or the other.

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

Each round, the pole descends. If one touches the pole with any part of his body, it is gone. The last child left is the winner.

The Mermaid Birthday Party

You can have the kids decorate the limbo pool with paint, ribbon or glitter before you start.

Another great balloon game. Write simple funny things on thin paper, tell your best joke, stick your tongue out five times, jump on one foot 10 times and tap your head and rub your belly, make your own noise.

Children dance and you throw balloons. Throw it in the air. When the song ends, the person holding the balloon must hold it up, and everyone in the group will learn.

You may remember Simon’s Method from your childhood. The child is given instructions such as ‘Simon says to put your hands over your head’ or ‘Simon says to walk like a zombie’. The other children must follow the instructions, unless the caller says ‘Simon says’ first.

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If they don’t say ‘Simon said’, the child will follow the instructions and go. Or if you like, he’s the next person to call for advice.

A driveway is a great idea if you are hosting a party in a large area such as a garden or a large building.

Hulas to get out of, pillows to run without touching the floor, blankets to crawl under and whatever other obstacles you have. It’s like your simple little game!

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

An interesting variation is ‘The Earth is Lava’. Put weight on pillows on the floor, and children can jump from one pillow to another in the room or garden without touching the floor.

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Children’s gifts are always fun and easy to adapt to the age of your group.

By the age of six, children should know how to read a basic map, so pirate hunting is a good idea. Hide small items or ‘treasures’ – such as chocolate coins or toys – around your garden or party area.

Create a treasure map by drawing an X on the map to indicate where the treasure is hidden.

Depending on how many children you have in the group, divide the children into 3-4 groups and let them find the treasure. You should create a different map for each group to avoid conflict with one group to steal all the resources.

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This is normal! Set up a row of chairs with alternating chairs facing the aisles. Play fun music and turn the kids around in chairs. After the song ends, each child must find a seat and sit down as soon as possible.

In each round, sit while the music plays. When the song ends, the child is left alone. The last child to have a seat wins.

If you have a really tight group you may want to use cushions instead of a chair for easy seating!

Birthday Party Ideas For 6 Year Olds

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned party game? Put on a ponytail and people of all ages can adapt to your party theme. For example you can put a rock in Harry Potter’s hand or you can put it in a corner.

Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Draw a big donkey on the card and tape it to the wall. Cut the tail from another card or use thread. Put a patch on the tail and give it to the baby.

Cut each child’s face and circle it three times to see which tail is closest to its place. You can ask each child to write their name and where they put their tails to keep track of who they are.

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