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This unusual garden, carved into the shape of a seashell in front of a house on Rosecrans Street in Cape Loma, has long attracted people.

Home Ideas Rosario La Union

Home Ideas Rosario La Union

Strangers would walk up to the front door of the home owned by Frank and Elsa Mendez and ring the doorbell. They were asking about the “garden” – an intricate creation of carefully assembled shells shaped like exotic plants.

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Frank died in 1997 at the age of 75, and Elisa continued to receive surprise visitors and answer their questions over the years.

Years pass, and due to the lack of movement in the past days, Elsa has not opened the door in recent years.

On March 23, the Portuguese-born grandmother turned 101 years old. He now lives with a carer, but still lives in the house with a shell garden where he lived for 70 years.

Because of the coronavirus, her family didn’t have a big celebration planned for her 100th birthday last March, and instead had to settle for a more modest tribute on the trip. So this year, her extended family gathered to celebrate at her home and the home of her son Dan Mendez, a retired tuna fisherman like his late father, in Pointe Loma.

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Elisa Mendez, who turned 101 on March 23, is there with her nieces Denise Williams and Williams’ granddaughter Harper.

The garden was the idea and hobby of Elisa’s husband after he retired after more than thirty years of fishing for tuna in the Pacific Ocean, often in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador.

When he returned from his travels, he brought with him large quantities of shells – clams, oysters, oysters, and eggs – and coral, long before the Galapagos Marine Reserve was established to protect them.

Home Ideas Rosario La Union

Frank removed the grass and most plants from the yard of their home at 2022 Rosecrans Street and began building his artwork.

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“He loved working with his hands. He could build things, fix things, create things,” Dan says. “The whole garden was his imagination. He never painted anything. He created it as he saw it in his mind.”

“It’s always been a work in progress,” Dan says. “We no longer have to worry about watering the front lawn.” They don’t even have to mow the lawn, but they do have to swipe a light finger every now and then to escape with a box of shell “papers” as a souvenir.

The fairyland of sedge bushes, cactus-like flowers and spiers has been featured in newspapers, magazines and tourist brochures over the years as one of the most unusual parks in the United States.

But the bark plants begin to show signs of wear, cracks, breaks and splinters after 30 to 40 years outdoors.

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Dan says a man once offered to lift the entire garden and move it to a safer location inside his private museum in Los Angeles.

Even when his mother no longer lives there, the house will still belong to the Mendes family, and for now, its unusual garden will stay with him, Dan points out. “He belongs at home.”

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, shortly before testifying at a Sept. 23 Senate hearing on testing a COVID-19 vaccine.

Home Ideas Rosario La Union

Pacifist: Dr. Anthony Fauci is many things: a physician, scientist, immunologist, and, as President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, a national spokesman on the COVID-19 pandemic. He is now on his way to becoming a nationally recognized “pacifist.”

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At a virtual awards ceremony on May 15, the San Diego-based National Center for Conflict Resolution will bestow its highest honor on a medical professional who has become a voice for the continuing evolving coronavirus crisis.

Previous recipients of the Center’s National Peacemaking Award include Father Gregory Boyle, founder of HomeBoy Industries; the late Chancellor John Lewis; former White House presidential advisor David Gergen; and former US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano who, as president of the University of California, guided the University of California through some contentious issues.

Lest anyone wonder why Fauci is classified as a pacifist, Center President Steve Dinkin explains: “He has served in multiple administrations throughout his career, under both Democrats and Republicans.”

Fauci has served under seven presidents, but, as Dinkin insists, he has managed to remain neutral and apolitical while working for the American people. It also inspires confidence and calm in times of crisis.

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Despite being sought out across the country and caught up in the complexities of the ongoing battle with COVID-19, Fauci was happy with his selection, Dinkin reported. He added: “We sent an official invitation to his office and he accepted it within a day. He was truly amazing.”

The Local Peacemaker Center Award will go to sisters Eken and Nene Okolo, students whose Instagram posts have drawn attention to systemic racism within the Poway Unified School District. Their activism led to changes in district policies and increased diversity in hiring.

The Jewish Community Foundation, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation and San Diego Foundation will also be honored for their charitable support of small businesses and others in need.

Home Ideas Rosario La Union

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Creative solutions for a brighter future in the education sector were discussed during the Etihad Education Summit

To strengthen the education sector in the province, the Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU), through the Provincial School Board (PSB) and in partnership with Synergeia Foundation, hosted the La Union Education Summit on June 16, 2023 at Ynad’s Place Hotel and Resort, Cahir San Fernando, La Union.

The aim of the summit is to bring together education stakeholders such as Local Chief Executives (LCEs) and Local School Boards (LSBs) to exchange ideas, highlight creative solutions and work together to support building a bright, sustainable, successful and equitable future for all. Students in the education sector.

The summit was attended by the PSB headed by Governor Rafael Veronica “Raffi” Ortega David, BSP Co-Chair and La Union School Division Superintendent Jorge M. Reinante, SP Board Member Cynthia Angelica M. Pacornay, and SP Board Member Ma. Rosario Euphrosina “Shari” b. Nessie, PSB members and advisors. Members of the Synergia Foundation, Dr. Meloida “Nene” M. Guevara, CEO and President of the Foundation, former Mayor Juan Carlo Medina of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, former Mayor Mary Jane Ortega of San Fernando City, La Union, former Mayor Hermenegildo Velasco de San Gabriel, La Union, Program Chair Anjanette Juan and Program Director Maria Consuelo Doble . The summit was also attended by Palawan Mayor Alili U. Concepcion, Capa Mayor Doña R. Crespino, and Sodebina Mayor Wendy Joy D. Bocking.

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Doctor. Synergeia’s Guevara Steps other local units are using to re-engineer and revitalize LSBs to enable effective educational management mechanisms, for example expanding the local school board to bring more stakeholders to the table; Transforming the ECB into an advisory body where the voices of interested parties can be heard; Holistic management perspective approach. SEF budget formulation “By the students, by the students, for the students”; Sustainability, and integrating educational programs into the annual investment program and local government unit development plan. During the workshop, LGUs of the 20 LGUs that form part of the EU were asked to submit their action plans to improve education services using the discussed steps to re-establish LGUs.

Finally, the government. Ravi expressed his appreciation and gratitude for all the efforts, initiatives and commitments made by the BGL participants along with the fruitful discussion and ideas of the Synergeia Foundation mentors. governor. Ravi also presented the PSB business plan to the participants using the key things he learned from Conradh na Gaeilge

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