Home Decor 1980s

Home Decor 1980s – Shoulder pads; curly hair; Spandex – The 80s got a bad rap, to say the least. But when Instagram starts to feel like a post-bleach pain (really,

An account that offers the perfect solution for dream fever, color, style and general pizzazz. @the_80s_interior is an unashamedly beautiful poem about the glamorous 80s decor we all want in our lives.

Home Decor 1980s

Home Decor 1980s

This account sells the 1980s building books and magazine images you’d expect. There are powder rooms, kaleidoscope sunrooms, and spaces decorated in every color under the sun, including mirrors. These images are often accompanied by this period detail with an interesting explanation: if hung in the right way instead of wallpaper, you can make a wonderful boudoir out of an ordinary room” (designer Zandra Rhodes’ beautiful In a small place), I say: Come!

Home Decor Through The Decades Part 2: The 80s

What fool would want a gray bedroom floor when you’re sleeping surrounded by pink candies on every surface? Or get your zzz’s with Matisse-inspired scissors? Any connoisseur who deserves a layer will fit a sunny room full of at least eight varieties of flowers, called “simple varieties.”

Love the classic jewelry of the decade? You will also be inspired by the mirrored houses, modern furniture and monochrome panels in the style of Jean-Pierre Reynaud.

In an article reprinted in the cotton candy bedroom article mentioned above, Heidi Piper says: “We love to hate the ’80s, but a lot of people do interior design stuff. They’re going to announce that That the ’80s were really the last. Decade. Real creative. About status and innovation.”

But he added, “The idea is appealing. The ’80s may be behind us, but their legacy lives on by popular demand.” No more proof is needed than this amazing account.

S Décor Trends: 10 Ways To Get The Look At Home

“New Canaan Glory” describes the home of this family.

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Here’s how to set your home apart from the beautiful homes. 4 coffee tables suitable for decoration in a Hoish-Sagamkhai style home. Ideal for elegant train housing. He also worked as a lifestyle journalist for many years. She specializes in writing about interior design, agriculture, fashion, culture, tourism and health.

Home Decor 1980s

You know what they say: When it comes to fashion, everything old is new again, and 1980s home decor is proof of that. Interior designers across the country are embracing the latest decor trends of the ’80s — bright, bold colors, high ceilings, metallics and tropical prints — in their new creations.

The Best 1990s Interiors From The House & Garden Archive

The question arises, why the 80s and why now? Many see this trend as a reaction to the limitations of Scandi style and mid-century modern decor. “After years of hearing about the beauty of ’80s design and filling the house with different shapes, textures, and colors, I started doing less and less,” says 80s home furniture dealer Johnny Cormack. Appreciate it.” Runs the Vintage Show Pony Instagram account (46,000 followers). Cormack says ’80s furniture is very popular and she can’t keep enough copper furniture, multi-coloured rugs, room decor, colorful sofas and neon accessories in stock.

This trend from last decade offers a break from the ultra-clean lines and popular masculine tree colors of recent times. In direct opposition, 80s jewelry is cool, elegant, and intricate—that’s saying no to beauty, thanks for fun. But no one wants to live in a time capsule, so 1980s-style interiors need to be seen in the right light. Here, interior designers and fashion experts share how to update these trends at home.

Beautiful drapes, patterns, bold reds, layers of Laura Ashley florals, and lots of embellishments are hallmarks of ’80s decor, and William Georgis of New York-based design firm Georgis & Mirgorodsky’s Room Services is no exception. . She brought all these details (with a touch of the 80s) when she styled this room with 80s motifs, which define the decade’s globalization and trends. “It’s a great aesthetic, that’s for sure,” Georges said.

At her beloved Brooklyn store, The Six Bells, designer Audrey Gelman sells ’80s decor including pet furniture, cotton figurines, pillows and baskets. “I’m a child of the ’80s,” says Laura Ashley of her childhood bedroom. “There’s something about the ’80s that makes me feel right at home.”

Exploring Iconic 80s Home Decor Trends

Want to bring some ’80s style into your space? Gelman suggests bringing ruffles. “You see Six Bells pop up on pillows, shelves, vases, lamps,” Gelman says. To avoid overuse of urban time capsules, Gelman favors regulation. Other quiet concrete,” she says.

This isn’t your mummy lilac, today the shade is a bright, cool, sweet pink, and looks great paired with tropical prints. It gives a new look to the 80s style. New Jersey-based interior designer Christina Kim is a lover of color, and she made a splash at the Capes Bay Decorator Showhouse in Dallas this fall. “I wanted to use lilac in a New Romantic way, but I secretly love how it ties into the ’80s,” she says. Purple has become a kind of “forbidden color”. But is anything really off limits? Well, this is very interesting.

New black and white stripes, mesh and zebra prints are shorthand for defining the 80s. “Any pattern or color combination, especially black and white, is a symbol of the ’80s,” says Zhang Liu, an interior designer in Dallas. Leo hand painted this rug in black and white. Mexico City Sculptures – Based on this amazing lounge by artist Emma Baumkamp.

Home Decor 1980s

Looking for an easy way to restore black and white? Instead of using fabric, try adding more graphics to tell a colorful story.

Design Trends: Why You Should Know About

The 1980s was a time of fun graphic titles, from flashy to sleek lines. Leo recommends adding these cool styles to get the ’80s right. “Give it an ’80s feel by adding circles and shapes to the space with furniture, lighting or accessories,” says Liu.

It combines rounded corners and a graphic style with an elegant and stylish entry corner bag, and includes lighting, a table and chairs to emphasize the fun, subtle and playful graphics. “He predicted.

“The push-up bra is another symbol of the ’80s,” says Liu. “And when paired with a bra and cups? You have ’80s gold. Cormack says the pairing is great for consumers. “Lotus. K lamps are the first thing I look for,” he says. “Everyone seems to want a glass garden (as I call it!), which would have really added to the Old Hollywood Regency vibe. Is.”

The snake rug paired with the coffee table, glasses and large curtains is the work of 1980s New York City design studio Project AZ. “I added curved elements to soften the mood,” says Project AZ designer Ahmed Abu Zanat.

Best ’80s Decor Instagram Account

Abu Zanat used a lot of ’80s decor when designing this chic Dallas bathroom. It started with a terrible wave. “I wanted this little bathroom to be a decoration,” she said. She used an ’80s patterned wall hanging (another great thing from the decade) to add that cool detail. A cohesive color scheme of soft browns and blushes gives the whole look a sense of the moment.

Classic Greek and Roman screens were revived in the 80s, with designers putting a new spin on columns, mantels and marble. “The ’80s were an interesting time, people were coming to revisit their history,” Georges said.

What about 80s decor trends? Designers choose marble with black, green and burgundy stripes for a bold, modern feel.

Home Decor 1980s

The Italian Memphis Group (1981-1988) design movement, founded by architect Ettore Sottas, was a reaction to the minimalism of the 60s and 70s. It’s loud, fun, and predicts bright colors, triangles, and circles. Designers are still drawing on the ’80s scene, but using a more relaxed palette, like in this gold and blues bedroom from Project AZ.

Farmhouse Cottage Makeover

You can achieve the Memphis look by relying on small amounts of color, and accessories are a great place to start. “May be.”

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