Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl – Delicious birthday cakes for teenagers. More than 150 ideas that will enchant your teenager (really!) in » Food for Kids

Looking for great birthday cake ideas for teenagers? From trendy themed cakes to candy-covered creations (and even cake-free alternatives!), you’re sure to find all the inspiration you need here.

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

If your teen’s birthday is coming up and you’re struggling to find the perfect cake for their special occasion, we’re here to help.

Money Cake Stuns 12 Year Old Queensland Birthday Boy

We’ve scoured the web and found over 150 great birthday cakes for teens and categorized them so it’s easy to browse and find the perfect cake for your teen, including:

Some of these birthday cake ideas will require you to take them to your local bakery to recreate, but most come with complete recipes and step-by-step instructions so you can make them at home. We even have a whole section on simple and easy birthday cakes for teenagers.

So whether you have a newly crowned 13 year old, a teenager celebrating their Sweet 16, or an 18 or 19 year old, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect birthday cake for them here.

Looking for a birthday cake for your teenager that perfectly reflects their interests, hobbies or current obsession? Fun and trendy birthday cake ideas for teenagers are sure to be popular.

This Was My First Cake For Icing Smiles A Charity That Provides Cakes For Very Sick Children And Their Families It Was For Gabby A 12 Yea

Inside to match the limited edition blue, purple and pink drink. It looks good enough to drink…and eat! (via Club Crafted)

(3) Teens may not remember the days when they shouted the #pound sign, but thanks to Twitter and social media, the hashtag is here to stay, and this hashtag cake is a sign of how it’s part of every teen’s life became (via Club Crafted)

(4) Choose all your teen’s favorite emojis and turn them into simple cake toppers with this colorful emoji cake maker. (via Gentle Revelry)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(5) Tik Tok is the latest social media craze and teenagers can’t get enough and this Tik Tok cake is cool enough to go viral. (source unknown)

Imgur: The Magic Of The Internet

(6) Do you have a favorite Cheetos? This trendy cake subtly incorporates the brand’s hot Cheetos in cake form. (via @theflourgirl_)

(7) This giant taco cake looks just like the real thing thanks to the white chocolate taco shell and candy filling. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

(8) It may not be hot off the grill, but this cheeseburger cake looks delicious. (via Food Network)

(9) Breakfast in dessert?! You get the best of both worlds with this realistic cereal cake. (via DIY Studio)

Amazing Birthday Cakes For Teenagers You Have To See

(10) Perfect for teenage boys or any pizza lover, a giant pizza slice is sure to feed a crowd. (via DIY Studio)

(11) Pair this popcorn cake with a movie night or Hollywood birthday party. (via Club Crafted)

(12) Wow! This burrito roll really does look like a burrito, with foil wrapping, heaps of filling, and even cookie crumbs and strawberry “salsa.” yum! (via Club Crafted)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(13) We love this fun and vibrant pineapple cake, especially because it requires no work! Simply stack round cake layers and cut out. (via DIY Studio)

Brilliant Birthday Cakes For Kids

(14) These fruit chip cakes give new meaning to the word “fruit cake”! Choose watermelon, kiwi, orange slice or passion fruit – or if you have a big party, prepare them all! (via DIY Studio)

(15) How cute is this kawaii inspired pineapple cake?! The key is to create the texture with the buttercream and create that beautiful expression with a little fondant. (via xo Katie Rosario)

(16) This cake is bananas! Try this sweet banana cake decorated with bright colors and fun banana cookies. (via Gentle Revelry)

(17) Decorate a plain cake with your teen’s favorite cereal to make a Watermelon Cake Fruit Loop. (via sheri_wilson_)

Personalised Musical Note Cake Topper

(18) There are so many things we love about this giant tart – it’s a simple sheet cake and it’s actually filled with jam – and what little boy doesn’t love poptores?! (via DIY Studio)

(19) What’s better than a doughnut? How about an everyday donut cake?! Personalize it with your teen’s favorite tops and fun sliders. (via Cake Blog)

(20) Or how about taking it a step further with a triple donut cake! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(21) Perfect for the outdoor or camping enthusiast, this giant s’mores cake is relatively easy to make – a simple white cake with chocolate sauce and graham crackers. (via Aww Sam)

I Got A Request For A Half Chocolate Half Vanilla Cake With Light Blue Frosting And “pretty Decorations” For A 12 Year Old Girl’s Birthday. This Is What I Came Up With! :

(22) If your teen runs Dunkin’, they’ll toast this Dunkin’ Donuts cake, complete with real doughnuts, a drink, and munchkins! (via Homestyle Bakery)

(23) But if you have a Starbucks fan, Starbucks Salted Caramel Cake is sure to make them smile. (via

(24) What little boy doesn’t love a cake covered in candy and cash! Get inspired with this amazing silver and candy cake from @sweetpetites22.

(25) Ask your Magic 8 Ball Cake if it tastes good and it will probably say, “The way I see it, yes!” (via Club Crafted)

Where To Buy Birthday Cakes In Singapore

(26) Whether your teen uses Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook, you’ve got this social media pie for you. (source unknown)

(27) Keep it simple and decorate your teen’s birthday cake with the device always at hand with this iPhone cake. (source unknown)

(28) This is for all teenagers who love video games. Take it to the next level with a cool video game cake. (via @crumbsncakesbypallavi)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(29) Does your teenager enjoy watching shows on Netflix? That’s why this Netflix-inspired cake is perfect. (via Kirsty Cakes)

Vanilla Birthday Cake With Old Fashioned Vanilla Buttercream

(30) One of our favorite teen birthday cake ideas and best for teenage boys who like to sleep in, play video games, and keep their room messy! Find a talented cake designer to create this sleeping boy cake. (source unknown)

(31) For a loving teenage girl, she is obsessed with this trendy makeup cake. (via @kekandco)

(33) Or go for bold colors and show your age on a cake, like this makeup cake. (source unknown)

(35) Throw a big pool party and make these amazing pool float cakes – so classy! (via Aww Sam)

Personalised Custom Glitter Cake Topper, Is Nine Ninth 9th Birthday Girls Boys

(36) We love how amazing this glam flamingo cake is – the cotton candy is totally genius…and super yummy! (via @sheri_wilson_)

(37) The beauty of this quote bubble cake is that you can match it to any phrase your teen is familiar with. Like, OMG! (via Club Crafted)

It’s no secret that teenagers love candy, so why not incorporate their favorites into your birthday cake? From bold patterns with jelly beans to macarons, these teen birthday cake ideas are sure to raise your sugar levels.

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(1) Put your teen to work sorting the candies into a rainbow of colors to create an amazing candy-covered color wheel cake. (via Club Crafted)

Birthday Cake • Baked To Order • Crumbs & Doilies

(2) Breakline cakes are a hot new trend, and this gummy bear cake takes it to the next level by filling it with sweet gummy. via @ellesweetshoppe

(3) Although a little tedious to decorate, this Sixlet Cake can be customized with your teen’s favorite colors and hides less-than-perfect frosting! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

(4) Try this fun and colorful piñata cake – filled with candy that releases when cut. (use sprinkles for breakfast)

(5) Cover a plain white cake with rainbow macarons and sprinkles to create this playful cake. (via @deliciousbysara)

Michele Robinson Cakes: Zebra Poka Dot 12th Birthday Cake

(6) How happy is this Rainbow Twizzler Cake?! There are even layered rainbow cakes hidden inside! (via Sprinkle Bakes)

(7) This jelly bean rainbow cake decorating method is very easy and can even be used to decorate a shop cake. (via Raspberry Cupcakes)

(8) Top up your teen cake with lots of colorful candies to make this epic rainbow cake. (via Raspberry Cupcakes)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(9) Cover the sides of the white cake with colorful candy stripes, like this jelly bean cake, and then top with some super cool candles. (via Gentle Revelry)

Ten Best Unicorn Cake Ideas For Your Kids Birthday

(10) Collect a variety of pretty candies to go with this candy cake – it’s easy to decorate! (via Jenny Cookies)

(12) Or make a number cake where you can announce what age your teenager will be. (via Amy Otsar)

(14) Inspired by cotton candy, this amazing cake is a work of art with beautiful shades of blue, purple and pink. (via @frostedfujicakes)

(15) Combine neon and pastels with fun candy to recreate this neon candy cake. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

Th Birthday Loved Acrylic Cake Topper

(16) Create a tower-style cake with rainbow meringue for a truly unique birthday cake that your teen will love. (via @deliciousbysara)

Teen birthday cakes have one thing in common: they are inspired by other teens’ favorite cookies, chocolates, and treats. Not only do they look great, they taste great too!

(1) A layered graham cracker crust filled with marshmallows and chocolate ganache topped with toasted marshmallows transforms this s’mores cake from campaign favorite to dreamy dessert. (via Gentle Revelry)

Birthday Cakes For 12 Year Olds Girl

(2) A chocolate cake with minimal fuss is easy enough for even a novice cake designer to make. All you have to do is freeze and stack 2 cakes (yes, the box type is more than acceptable!), then arrange several cookies and brownies on top. (via I Am Baker)

The Best Supermarket Birthday Cakes 2022

(3) A delicious cookie dough filling is the star of this cookie dough cake – yum! (via Liv for Cake)

(4) If it was salted

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