Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief – The Elf on the Shelf has become an important part of Christmas in many homes. Kids will love running around the house wondering what the evil elf did last night! But when parents have to prepare new and exciting events every night for the little elves living at home, the joy of seeing their happy faces can often be short-lived! Here are 21 evil elf ideas to keep your kids entertained.

If you’ve never heard of the Elf Shelf (where have you been?!), they are special scout elves sent from the North Pole to help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists.

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Once a family adopts an elf and chooses a holiday name for the elf, he or she will come to the house during the day, oversee its affairs, and return to the North Pole each night using Christmas magic. After reporting to Santa at night, he returns home the next morning and always ends up in a new location, which results in kids rushing home to find their elves the next day!

Elf On The Shelf Gets Into A Little Too Much Mischief

While the kids have fun, you can get creative by creating a morning scene with the elves before going to bed every night. But don’t be afraid. We’ve got some awesome elf shelf ideas to keep the magic of Christmas alive for everyone through December!

Before we get started, here’s a quick how-to video showing you how to make your elf flexible and soft. This is needed for other ideas below.

How is your elf doing so far? Peanut Blossom shows you how elves work during the holidays!

How about having elves play at school and teach other toys, like A Little Fragment’s brilliant idea?

Of The Hudson Valley’s Most Mischievous ‘elf On The Shelf’

Do some cute elf moves like Lil Blue Boo and get your elf out the patio door.

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Elves will love playing Twister with all their friends in this fun elf-sized Twister game from Frugal Coupon Living. Download the Twister version and enjoy!

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Oh oh! Imagine an elf goes out and turns over a Lego toy. But they got their revenge with Living Locurto’s clever LEGO ambush idea.

Little Hiccups: 100+ Fun & Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Use this fun idea from A Little Snippet to make a roll of toilet paper to help your elf get through the door.

Are you planning a trip before Christmas? Kids will love these quick and easy ideas from Pigskins & Pigtails and they’ll help keep your fairies on track!

Kids will love watching their elf ride a zip line, just like Rachel Swartley customized her own. What could be more fun than this!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… experience the greatest surprise ever with our list of 50 fun Christmas activities for kids that will provide plenty of inspiration for the whole family!

Family’s Real Life Elf On The Shelf Adorably Causes Mischief

It looks like Life With My Little Ones’ clever toy ideas have landed the Elf in trouble again.

Elves love to stay healthy and strong! To wash dirty diapers, elves had to do the hard work using straws and marshmallows.

Didn’t your elf return to the North Pole last night? Ask your elf to email Santa with his news and explain what happened. Smart entertainment from Lil Blue Boo.

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Get ready to rock out with these fun Elf on the Shelf drummer ideas from Frugal Coupon Living. All you need is a few bottles and a pencil.

Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas To Try This Season

Let the elves build a snowman out of marshmallows. This is the work of Bombshell Bling, who has lots of inspiring elf ideas using marshmallows.

This holiday season, let your kids get creative and have fun in the kitchen with these kid-friendly Christmas recipes that are super easy to make. We think kids of all ages will find something to like here, from tasty snacks to chocolates.

Sometimes elves can become self-sufficient at night. Even if you fix Barbie’s car! We found this idea on Pinterest and all you need is a toy car, some Lego bricks to support it, and a few toys.

Get out a toy stick or fire truck and help the elf on the tree with decorations, like the idea in It’s Beautiful to Be a Mom. Maybe your elf will wear some new decorations this Christmas!

Fun And Quirky Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Collect all your toy cars and cars for seasonal laundry. Cheerios janitors created a candy cane car wash using giant sticks, sponges and shredded cloth.

If your child is interested in science, they will love The Simple Parent’s Elven Magic Experiment!

All you need is a bag of Skittles. Arrange Skittles in a circle to create a science experiment. Your elf can leave it to the kids, and all you have to do is ask them to pour water into the center of the plate until it reaches the tap. Then let them wait and see what happens. This is elven magic!

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

Do your kids like playing Minecraft? Perhaps their elves do the same! Follow “My Mom’s” style guidelines to create your own Minecraft elf!

Here’s How To Make Your Elf On The Shelf Bendable — For Better Mischief

These Mother Glitter elves are suffering from the Christmas pox, but don’t worry. All you’ll get is more holiday cheer!

What a fun way to say goodbye to the elf from The Nerd’s Wife. This is done using a downloadable snow spray and cutting template.

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Get our good news straight to your inbox! You’ll find quick and easy recipes, fun ideas for kids, parenting tips, contests, and gifts from brands we trust. As the holidays approach, all parents have one thing in common. These are the needs of others. . Elf on the Shelf makes a statement. If you want to go all out, these naughty Elf on the Shelf ideas will shock your kids. After all, no one said elves have to play well 100% of the time.

Our Creative Elf On The Shelf Ideas Using Magnets

Luckily, these fun Elf on the Shelf prank ideas are still kid-friendly. Things like toilet paper rolls, family photos, and basic kitchen tools work well. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble in just one day. Your kids will be fascinated by the elves’ latest adventures, and you won’t have to clean up much of a mess. Everyone wins.

With any tool, a little time and a sense of humor, you can prank your child every night with the help of an elf. But in reality, it’s better than telling a lot of jokes because you’re doing everything to keep your kids happy and well-behaved. This is sure to become a family tradition that your kids will remember for years to come. Make your Christmas time unforgettable with these adorable Elf on the Shelf ideas.

It’s funny, but not when your child has just woken up and needs to go potty. And this is actually easier than it seems. You will need 1-2 rolls of wrapping paper. Place the paper on the toilet and press the remaining pieces into shape. Do the same with your bathroom tank.

Elf On The Shelf Getting Into Mischief

If you have two elves in the house, arrange them so it looks like the worse of the two is holding the other elf on the turntable. Kids will love it even more when the elf descends and rotates. And if you don’t have a record player, there are other dangerous places in the house where you can do the same thing.

Cheeky Elf Gets Into Mischief At Police Station

With just a few bows, your elf can climb up anything and reap the rewards. They might be hiding behind the cookie jar on the kitchen counter or trying to get to where everyone hid their Christmas presents. It’s easy to assemble in minutes, and you probably have a ribbon bag somewhere at home.

If your kids have a picture of Olaf somewhere in the house, place him on top of a pot of water and make it look like the bad elf is melting the poor snowman. You can also model this evil elf on a platform concept while in a microwave, using a hair dryer, or near an iron. The options are endless.

If you have an empty shoe box, you can turn it into a fast car using construction paper or craft supplies. Whether your elf is alone or with a friend, submit it below.

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