Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas – Celebrate Easter with our Kids Easter Egg Hunt! Your children will love running around the house and garden, solving clues and collecting a basket of great gifts. Complete instructions and free printable tips are included to make it easy for you!

I don’t know about you, but my kids love Easter, Easter egg hunts and chocolate – what’s not to love! Now that they’re teenagers, we’ve adapted our Easter scavenger hunt tips for teens because they still want the annual Easter egg hunt.

Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

Easter is a special time for us and it is perfect to celebrate the beginning of spring with the religious aspect of the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

Ideas For Your Easter Egg Hunt At Home

Ever wondered what to do with plastic eggs that break in half, here’s a great way. You can add a hint inside the egg along with a small chocolate or small gift. Plus, using a plastic egg means you won’t find a forgotten chocolate egg months later!

My biggest tip with plastic eggs is to have each child choose a specific color and let them know they are looking for a specific color. Print out a set of clues for each egg color so it doesn’t turn into a speed race and all the kids in the house get presents and chocolates.

When the boys were younger, I had a basket full of Easter gifts and sweets (I would exchange them for each plastic egg in the basket at the end of the Easter egg hunt. No baskets, no hassle – make our last minute Easter bags). We always had their staple chocolate egg at the end of the hunt

Easter may be a little different this year, so I’m giving all the tips only for home, car and garden.

How To Set Up An Easter Scavenger Hunt At Home

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Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas By Pink Princess

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As much as we love coming up with crafty Easter egg hunt ideas, this year we’re doing things a little differently. But don’t worry; All our picks have Easter eggs in them. From lawn games to baking, we’ve got just about everything, so if you’re looking for some Easter-themed party inspiration this weekend, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition, there are many activities in which everyone, both children and adults, can participate. Think grilling on the lawn with delicious Easter Egg treats and easy games – an elegant wreath made entirely of Easter eggs. Guess it’s Easter Eggs. Hear us out: Easter egg hunt ideas don’t have to involve games, contests or candy. Instead, it can be an easy activity that everyone, not just kids, can enjoy. Our personal favorite? An Easter egg wreath that can be displayed anywhere. Help the kids tie them up at the party and hang them up wherever they see fit.

Trust us; These games, decorations and sweets fit the theme so well that you have to memorize them in advance. Luckily, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for your Easter party, so if you’re going to do it yourself, there’s no need to go into panic mode just yet. However, some of these Easter egg hunt ideas take a little time to pull off, so we don’t recommend saving them for the last minute. So make these crafts fun, stress-free, and work on them when you need some time to relax. We guarantee that you and your guests, young and old, will have fun.

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

These faux cacti are probably the cutest Easter decorations we’ve ever seen. However, it is not easy to create them. It takes a little patience to get them right, so if you’re looking for a quick project, keep scrolling. Otherwise, just empty the eggs, grab some paint, and get to work!

These hand-painted eggs will be very valuable for traditional hunting. After all, with such a detailed design, they are not like ordinary Easter eggs.

Another time-consuming DIY art design, this beautiful Easter wreath only requires a few tools that any crafter should have on hand, including corrugated paper, tissue paper, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Once you’ve painted the papier mache eggs, attach them to the wire frame of the wreath and the rest is a breeze!

Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

These Easter eggs are good enough to eat, but we have to resist because they’re covered in inedible paint and glitter. After emptying the collection of eggs, paint them with your favorite light blue color and sprinkle with whites and glitter.

How To Host A Virtual Easter Egg Hunt 2023

If the Easter egg hunt doesn’t end with candy, it’s not as much fun. Enter this Italian Easter bread from baker Heather Bird. Before placing the delicious roll (recipe here) in the oven, crack a raw egg into the well. According to Baird, it’s really cooked. Top everything with rainbow sprinkles before serving.

Most Easter gatherings have a lot of kids, so make sure their table is just as elegant as the adults. It may seem like a lot of work, but all you need is a colorful hallway, a mason jar vase and, of course, Easter eggs.

Sometimes we get more than we need and Easter eggs are no exception. Add any Easter eggs to your decor with this festive garland. You can also ask participants to weave a wreath as a fun post-hunt activity.

It’s definitely easier to find Easter eggs when the eggs are bright and colorful, so challenge yourself by disguising them with twine.

Tips For Hosting An Easter Egg Hunt For Kids

In addition to candy, add another incentive: a trophy. You can even create them for everyone involved so no one gets left out.

Keep the party inside! Hide eggs everywhere from the fridge to the children’s pillows. So, the hunt continues long after sunset.

After the hunt, go bowling with Easter eggs. The one whose egg is closest to the white wins! Make sure the winner has a prize.

Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

Instead of a basket, have everyone make their own Easter basket using craft supplies like tissue paper, scrap paper and finger paints.

Printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues Cards

As the kids get older, make Easter morning more fun by inviting them to find the goodies in their basket.

The youngest may not be participating in the Easter egg hunt, but they can still play with an egg or two! Make them even cuter by drawing a cute bunny face on the eggs with a Sharpie.

These egg flowers are best for little egg hunters. Plant egg-filled pipe cleaner stems in your garden and encourage children to pull them by the roots.

Youngsters (and adults, for that matter) will absolutely love this high-tech twist on the classic egg hunt.

Alphabet Easter Egg Hunt For Preschoolers W/ Free Printable

Foraging is much more than just collecting eggs. Ask participants to find flowers, animals in the yard and certain types of colored eggs.

Keep the eggs simple for the little ones and arrange them along the path leading to the Easter baskets.

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Easter Egg Hunt At Home Ideas

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