Victorian Home Ideas

Victorian Home Ideas – For many people, the living room is undoubtedly the most important part of the home, but how did it come to be? Supporters of the Arts and Crafts movement saw no need for the formal entertainment spaces enjoyed by the Victorians.

Instead, they abandoned the salon concept and introduced the living room, a more functional space equipped with comfortable and practical items rather than decorative and formal items. Built-in bookshelves became a must-have, and furniture began to be placed against the walls to create more useful space in the room.

Victorian Home Ideas

Victorian Home Ideas

But how do you bring Victorian style into your living room? Read on for 10 tips to easily transform your space into a Victorian-style living room.

Beautiful Victorian Living Room Ideas And Designs

Adding Victorian-style decorations is easy, and you can buy them cheaply from charities or antique shops, as well as online auction sites. Find bell jars, taxidermy, pin art and pillowcases, glass vases, mirrors, antique clocks and artwork. The Victorians were avid collectors and their bookshelves were often filled with curiosities.

Rich paint and wallpaper colors are the norm: think ruby ​​red, forest green, midnight blue and brown. If you’re not brave enough to keep the entire room in a dark shade, choose a feature wall as an accent.

Although the watchword of Victorian decor was “luxury,” it was easy to add elements of openness without succumbing to the crowded interiors favored at the time. Think of a sofa or velvet curtains, a button seat in the bathroom or a Victorian lamp as a light fixture in a modern living room.

Look for Victorian candles (glass candles that were once part of a dresser are easy to find and cheap) and light up your room with candles and fire at night.

Modern Victorian Decorating Ideas That Aren’t Stuffy

Make your own Victorian pincushion – One of the most popular designs of this era is Queen Victoria’s dog, a black and tan spaniel. You can find free patterns online.

Fireplaces were crucial to the Victorians as they not only warmed the room but also provided a centerpiece and gathering space over the mantel. If you have an old fireplace that needs restoration, there are plenty of online guides that can help you avoid damaging the metal, marble, or tiles. Many stoves were installed in the 1960s when electric stoves began to be sold, so you should check to see if there is one hidden behind a table. Visit the salvo processing furnaces and kilns.

Scrape away the dark floors and add a Persian rug in rich tones. The Victorians often painted only the visible parts of the floor, and removing the carpet would reveal a sleek, light floor. Fortunately, if you want to achieve the color of your wood floors, most living rooms have standard wood stains.

Victorian Home Ideas

The Victorians were very fond of using different textures. Try cushions with lace, velvet and bow covers, play with curtains or lace covers, add pretty curtains or drapes, and use lace or delicate pillows and placemats.

Victorian Bedroom Ideas That Feel Classic Yet Modern

If you have unique elements, such as ceiling flowers and moldings, highlight them. If they are disconnected, consider restoring them. Although replacement parts are relatively cheap, they are often difficult to install correctly and you may need professional help.

If you live in a home with vaulted ceilings, consider painting them the same color as the walls. Although it may seem extreme, a great room can feel welcoming and elegant.

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Beautiful Victorian Living Space Ideas And Designs

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Download the free e-book The Victorian Home by Adrian Flux Insurance Services. Victorian home facts, tips for creating a Victorian-style home (even if you live in a new home), and tips on where to buy Victorian and reproduction appliances, fixtures, furniture, accessories and art. . . Keith Watson-Smith February 18, 2022

Back in the UK this week, yes it’s a terrace house with period features (of which there are plenty) but it’s also full of great colours, regular readers know I don’t make interior design rules and I’m a firm believer that everyone One should do this to learn about their style tools, I really like the tonal color scheme (in my opinion it allows you to use rich, saturated colors, but in a calm and relaxing way).

Victorian Home Ideas

Come on in and see what I mean… Inigo is selling a five-bedroom, four-bathroom townhouse in Brixton, south London, for £1,500,000. But as usual, we’re not here to talk about London house prices, it’s pretty much just a decoration.

Bold Colors And Timeless Decor: Victorian Home In London 〛◾ Photos ◾ Ideas ◾ Design

Here is an example of a stunning entrance. I always talk about the importance of the gym in all my books and online courses. This is the first place you see when you come home or have guests. It sets the mood, but it’s usually a painted, cluttered place that says “Uh, not you again” instead of “Welcome.”

Like most city terraces it is narrow so the owners made sure coats and shoes were stored elsewhere – perhaps in the toilet/closet under the stairs. They have retained (or replaced) the original Minton tiles, and I know from in-house inquiries that many people don’t like the other colors. But there are plenty of options, and those choices multiply when you choose a shade. You can get very colorful terracotta colors – warm cream colors with red arrows – deep red, dark blue or light blue, as is done here.

The color worked so well that it was used on the sides and straps of the stairs, the lower half of the walls, and the woodwork and doors. It’s descriptive, but not an idle half-sentence, as is often the case when using bold colors. Instead of trial and error, choose it, own it, and execute it with confidence.

It should be a color that you want to admire with your eyes and then be happy to see on the stairs and throughout the house. It’s not blue to me, but it could be one of the terracotta colors. For example, with the same idea, you could use dark gray or navy blue on the first floor and stairs to brighten each floor. That’s the definition of tonal decor – the same color but it gets lighter as you step outside. If you’re organized (and keep track of it), you can buy a big pot of dark color and mix some of it with the white in a separate pot. Be sure to adjust – the first layer is 100%, the first layer is two cups of 1L white, the second layer is four cups, etc.

Modern Victorian Living Room Ideas

You can always replace the tiles if they aren’t for you, but you can give the original tiles a modern twist by using patterned tiles (great for cleaning and hiding muddy footprints and paw prints) and your color scheme. There.

Unusually for most homes like this, the kitchen doesn’t go back to the side to expand the space. The effect, of course, is that the dark space in the middle becomes darker and the garden becomes smaller. Also, if the kitchen is large enough for a sofa, then the front room and the middle room will not be used. Even if you curse your kitchen for being too short, we need to consider whether expensive additions will actually take up more useful space (or you won’t recoup the cost of sale) or make it more useful. space in a certain part of the house so as not to lose the space you already have.

Devil’s Advocate: If I were in that position

Victorian Home Ideas

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