Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

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Your baby’s first birthday is a day to celebrate the first year you’ve spent getting to know your little girl. The cake will be perfect for them, for you, and for your siblings and friends who will join in on the fun. We’ve put together this collection of our favorite recipes, from simple and delicious baby chocolate cake to lemon meringue cake.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

Browse our gallery below for cake baking inspiration and click the link on each slide to see the recipe.

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Striped Cake

This traditional chocolate cake is sure to be a family favorite. Decorated with strawberries and chocolate bars, it’s easy to put together and looks as good as it tastes!

Your little girl will love digging into these little cookies for her. Don’t forget to take a picture of the colored frosting before you start!

A classic carrot cake with cinnamon and orange zest, this is a wonderfully creative take. Plus, it’s full of hidden veggies!

This simple vanilla sponge cake is perfect for the girl who loves Frozen and all things Disney. If she has another favorite princess, you can easily customize the decorations!

Milestones Baby Girl Outfit Princess Photoshoot Dresses Belle Threads

This rich chocolate cake pairs perfectly with vanilla ice cream—another birthday classic sure to please older siblings.

This French almond cake is a twist on the classic sponge cake. Plus, you can easily decorate it to add a personal touch to your little girl.

A simple and easy tray cake topped with colorful smarties and sprinkles, this is the perfect cake for a small family celebration.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

Your little girl will love this cake full of beautiful colors. This is a creative twist on a simple vanilla sponge that is easy to make.

Find Awesome First Birthday Cakes Designs Nj / Ny / Ct

Drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with colorful sprinkles, this cake is a decadent treat that everyone will love. The classic sponge filling is sure to satisfy all tastes.

A delicious treat with a hint of citrus, this light vanilla sponge cake is topped with healthy raspberries and sweetened with fruit jam.

A fun, fancy treat, this cake will delight chocolate-loving kids and siblings alike. You can easily replace Maltesers with their favorite treats!

This beautiful cake tastes as good as it looks. A stylish choice for big birthday parties with a sharp citrus scent.

St Birthday Pink Edible Cake Topper

A sweet, colorful twist on the classic chocolate cake, it’s a fun option for your child to enjoy with family and friends.

Your little one will love the colors inside this rainbow cake. Additionally, you can dress up the look by opting for sprinkles for added sparkle.

A sweet, simple twist on the classic vanilla sponge cake, this cake is perfect for kids with spring birthdays.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

This cute birthday cake is the perfect choice for little dreamers. The delicious carrot filling is sure to be a hit with family and friends.

Baby Girl 1st Birthday

Your child will love all the bright colors of this adorable cake. The plain vanilla sponge is a great choice for the whole family.

This sweet birthday cake is the perfect choice for those who love little animals. Inside is a plain vanilla sponge.

This classic cake will never go out of style. Filled with cream and delicious jam, it’s the perfect treat for small family parties.

A creative twist on the classic chocolate cake, this is a delicious treat for your little one’s special day.

Helewilk Purple One Butterfly Cake Topper, For Girls 1st Birthday Cake Decoration

Do your cakes always stick to the bottom of the pan? Using silicone molds makes it easy to pop the cake – we love these two-packs that come in a variety of sizes. See Amazon for more details.

Check out 36 meal ideas for kids. Any parent worth their salt knows that a big part of a child’s birthday party is the food! Kids of all ages love nothing more than to eat tasty finger foods and all their favorite sweet and savory treats. And there’s a cake…! We’ve put together tons of ideas for recipes, as well as kids’ party food and drinks. You can thank us later… View gallery

Looking for more birthday party inspiration? Check out our articles below or share your thoughts in the forum. Planning a birthday party for your little girl’s first birthday? One of the most important aspects of the holiday is undoubtedly the cake! To help you narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 38 most popular cakes for a girl’s first birthday.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

From unicorns to princesses, rainbows and more, you can find a cake that perfectly suits your daughter’s personality and preferences. The selection includes pretty pastel colored cakes with floral decorations, playful animal shaped cakes and even geometric themed cakes!

Amfin® One Cake Topper For 1st Birthday , Anniversary Cake Toppers Accessories Decoration / Baby Girl 1st

Remember, the most important thing for your daughter is to enjoy her special day with her friends and family, and always keep your daughter’s favorite colors and letters in mind when choosing a cake design.

A beautiful and delicious cake will surely add to the festive atmosphere and create memories for years.

We hope this list of the 38 most popular birthday cakes for a girl helps you find inspiration to create the perfect centerpiece for your daughter’s celebration!

One of our most popular first birthday themes for girls is Minnie Mouse. So if you’re planning a baby shower, you won’t want to miss out on this cute pink Minnie Mouse polka dot cake!

St Birthday Smash Cake Recipe + Decorating Ideas

Easy to pair with pink lipstick dots, black mini lipsticks and a cute mini mouse topper.

Download the free Minnie Mouse Pink Party Printables or download the free Minnie Mouse Red Party Printables to decorate your party.

If you have a little mermaid at home that everyone loves, hosting a mermaid party is a great option.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

The bottom layer is decorated with various fondant shells and the top layer is decorated with a beautiful pink, purple and blue mermaid tail.

Baby’s First Healthy Smash Cake

To top it off, just add 1 glitter topper and you have the perfect mermaid birthday cake!

Decorated with beautiful fresh flowers and a wooden “one” topper, this cake will take center stage at your big celebration!

If you are thinking of a unicorn party, surprise your guests with this cute unicorn themed cake decorated with colorful sprinkles and sweet candies.

There’s no little princess who doesn’t deserve an amazing first birthday cake on her special day.

Personalised Kids Cake Topper. First Birthday. Girl Or Boy 1st Birthda

This exquisitely decorated pink cake is fit for a princess party with its pretty flowers and ribbons.

There isn’t a mom among us who hasn’t struggled to find the perfect cake to celebrate her baby’s first year.

Snow White is a very cute Disney princess, so if you’re looking for Snow White cake ideas, look no further!

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

Decorated with an image of Snow White and topped with a single red apple, this cake will look great on your dessert table and is perfect for a Snow White themed birthday party!

Dress Doll Cake

Little kids can’t find cute woodland animals, which explains why woodland parties are on the rise and the trend is growing right before our eyes.

This jungle themed cake is just what you need for your baby’s first birthday, with lots of cute fondant and pretty flowers.

Another favorite of young children is Bambi. The movie holds a very warm place in our hearts, making it a perfect first birthday party theme.

Make your daughter a special cake on her special day with this impressive Bambi birthday cake.

Babys 1st Birthday Hot Air Balloon Clouds Stars Cake /

Decorated with pretty pink butterflies, a picture of Bambi and a cute ‘one’ cake, this birthday cake will wow your guests!

Decorated from top to bottom with lots of beautiful butterflies, this custom cake is just what you need to take center stage at your party!

Turn your first birthday celebration into a magical delight with the magical fairy tale cake below.

Cake Design For Baby Girl 1st Birthday

You really can’t ask for a more themed cake decorated with cute little fairy doors, butterflies and pretty flowers.

First Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

It’s not every day that you get the chance to celebrate a special occasion, so go all out and throw a sweet 1st birthday bunny with this beautiful cake that will leave your guests speechless!

Everything about this ombre cake is so impressive. From the cute fudge bunny to the beautiful fresh flowers, this birthday cake is sure to stand out!

If you’re planning a garden-themed first birthday, you’ll definitely want to gather everyone around this adorable garden-themed cake to celebrate your little one’s birthday.

Covered from top to bottom in beautiful fudge flowers, this stunning 1st birthday cake will stop anyone in their tracks.

Your Little Princess Will Love These 1st Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls 2023

If you are celebrating your first birthday in summer, how about celebrating your birthday girl with this amazing flamingo themed cake?

Children love everything about wild animals and

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