7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home – Our second child’s 7th birthday party was last Sunday. This has been the worst week of my life so far.

I have three big events and one big delivery on general mompreneur and homeschool stuff!

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

3. Saturday morning I will be speaking at the first Global Authors Conference on How to Make Your Book an Amazon Bestseller. 4. On Sunday I had to organize, coordinate, set up and host Matteo’s 7th birthday party.

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I ran into GRACE. That week I kept praying to God to give me the grace and strength to do all that I had to do. I prayed for nourishment. I prayed for wisdom and encouragement. I prayed that God would put the right words into my mouth. I prayed for God’s mercy. I prayed that God would send His angels to help me.

I put my hope in God, and I am in vain! I have a wonderful and gracious God!

I got to go to CMMA with my immediate family and my mother. I won an award for this blog! You can read more about this in my previous post.

I spoke successfully. I thank God that He has used me to encourage and empower fellow writers and aspiring writers.

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By Saturday afternoon I was already very tired. But, if you love someone, go the extra mile to show your love and make that person feel special. I did that for my second child. I tried my best to give him a 7th birthday party that would surely make him happy.

Months before his birthday, he told me in advance what the theme of this year’s party would be. One of my son’s favorite shows is Lego Ninjago. He likes to watch it with his brothers. So, I started collecting inspiration and pins through Pinterest.

I booked the place three months before the party. I have finalized some of the suppliers and as the month of November approaches, I am gradually finalizing the details of the party.

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

To make my job easier, I decided to get the same suppliers we had 3 years ago for my oldest son’s 7th birthday themed piano concert. (You can read the details of that party here.)

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A lot has happened in my life in the past few months. But I made sure to make time for this important milestone in my child’s life. I stay home more and spend more time with him, but time still seems to fly. Where have all these years gone?

So, I tried my best to fit party planning, preparation and coordination for his party into my tight schedule. I also DIYed some of the party details. Truly, arts and crafts are therapeutic. They somehow help me to be sad. I miss art things. My children’s parties are my creative starting point.

I invited as always. It’s not really a big party. Most of our guests were friends from our parish (children’s choir and fellow ministers from various ministries), our family and close relatives, some neighbors and my son’s godparents.

I recreated the event page on Facebook months in advance for quick coordination. Then I issue invitations to each family or group about two weeks before the party.

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I also got this idea from Pinterest. I tweaked it a bit to make it easier for me since I have a very busy schedule.

I love Pinterest! I get a lot of inspiration from him for my kids parties. Sometimes the challenge is to limit what is possible based on my time, energy and budget.

It is good that the subject chosen by my son is very popular. Many children have this same theme.

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

I immediately booked my favorite decorator, Zoey from Zoey Party Needs and Events Management. She also helped me implement my ideas in my sons previous birthday parties. I love working with her. She is easy to talk to and friendly. Her fee is also within my budget.

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I will tell them only my concept. I show her my nails. Then I delegate to her the party decorations and details that I can no longer do.

For this party she made balloon decorations (ceiling, center tables and balloon columns), background and stage decorations, door decorations and standees.

I also asked them to make ninja eyes for the kiddie tables, registration table, gift and gift table and LCD display table.

I got the same cake, cupcake and cookie supplier as at our previous birthday parties. But I had to find another supplier for cake pops because Leslie from SID Party Supplies said she couldn’t make the custom cake pops my son wanted.

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Another labor of love from me to my beloved son. This confectioner is very happy to see his cake and sweet treats on the buffet table.

I bought popcorn and stick-o’s for extra sweet treats. I came up with funny and funny names for food and designed food labels for them.

Joey created the backdrop for the cake and candy buffet and the happy birthday bunting. At first I thought it would be easy to design and print a quilt. But I saw a really cool background and thought it would be more earth-friendly since it could be made of paper (cartolina). I shared the peg with Zoe and she agreed to do it for me.

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

I chose the same caterer we got for my oldest son’s 7th birthday party. Besides the affordable packages, we have already tried the food. I was impressed with the timing and didn’t want to spend too much time on taste tests to check out new servers.

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Again, I thought of funny and themed names for the food I chose as part of the menu. Then I printed the appropriate food labels.

Again I told the waiter what colors to use for the linen and what the main items were.

I designed name tags for the kids and printed out a registration form to easily keep track of how many kids came and which of them got served at the kids’ tables and who sat at the adults’ tables.

I also prepared some things to keep both kids and adults occupied while waiting for the many guests to arrive. It includes coloring pages for kids to find out what their ninja name is, guess how many Legos are in a bottle and make origami ninja stars.

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My mom and I made loot bags and I packed them. Our birthday boy also helped cut out different sized ninja eyes. The other two boys helped sort the dances to put in the loot bags. My kids help hold the loot bags.

After signing in, guests did activities with their children while they waited for most guests to arrive.

We had photos with the birthday boy at each table before the guests moved to the main buffet table.

7th Birthday Ideas For Boy At Home

Our Lego builders were asked to build the tallest tower and largest letter M they could.

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Between games, Mateo showed off some ninja moves. He is currently a yellow belt in karate and has passed his final exam which will promote him to orange belt. The kids, both boys and girls, enjoyed imitating the ninja/karate moves Matteo taught them.

7 people made their wishes for Mateo. They are mostly family members and some parents.

Then Matteo sang two songs. One of them was Seyo Mi Gul Adhrad, which was his recital piece at his first voice lesson last summer. After that he also sang I Offer My Life. My eldest son plays the piano. My husband played the backing guitar. They pre-recorded the music so we didn’t have to set up a piano for the party.

We had a great show from our youngest son who is just 3 years old. He sang for his elder brother. He also sang Here I Am To Worship. He just listened and sang while his elder brother practiced. Sometimes he asked me to sing alone. He said two days before that he would sing during the party. We knew he was a shy boy so we didn’t take him seriously. So, I was so happy and proud to see him sing for me! He stole many hearts that day!

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God is an expert at doing the impossible! I believe it was God who sustained me that week. Less than 2 weeks before the party I was stressed because the clubhouse had an electrical problem. I prayed hard and hoped it would be resolved. I put my hope in God and I did not hope in vain. Everything went well. Although we failed to turn on all the air conditioners, we managed to turn them on

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