40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband – If you’re looking to throw a 40th birthday party on a budget, here are some affordable and easy ideas for your sweetheart (or beer-loving gal)!

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40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

My husband turned 40 this past weekend! It was a lot of fun, but very tiring! It was a three-day holiday. Ha ha! (I’m sure he’ll be reminded of this when I turn 40.)

Masculine 40th Birthday Bar

He spent Friday golfing and drinking at a local bar with his two older brothers and friends. Saturday was in our backyard and Sunday was his actual birthday!

Since I had a baby and a 3 year old to take care of, I was looking for some quick, easy, and affordable ideas to make a backyard birthday party special! Check out my Budget 40th Birthday Party below!

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I started looking for invitations on Evite.com. I’ve used them many times. They are great because they offer so many options. Many invitations are free, but you can create your own or choose a premium invitation for a small fee. They’ll send you a free thank you email after the event ends!

Best Adult Birthday Party Food Ideas

“Beer and cheers 40!” I found a free themed invitation. (They also offer this gift card for other big birthdays such as 30th, 50th, 60th, etc.)  This was exactly what I was looking for for my 40th birthday party with a limited budget.

After deciding on a theme, I chose black and gold as the color scheme for the party. In other words, I used the black and gold colors from the 40th birthday party theme in my selection of paper goods, decorations, and more! For lunch I bought black plastic plates, dessert plates and some black napkins.

To add detail, I used black and gold dinner napkins with the number “40” on the front and back. I chose gold cups to complement the black plates and purchased striped black and white and gold and white paper straws for a little fun! I know my husband really appreciates all the little things like straws. Ha ha ha! He didn’t even notice!

40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

I knew I wanted to display some of Brian’s old photos for sentimental value. I rummaged through the family photo albums and baskets he kept in college. There were amazing photos! I taped them to the door in our kitchen so people could see them. (Detail of the door below.)

Th Birthday Surprise For My Husband

They were such a success! Some of the photos above made me laugh, including myself. There’s nothing better than a polyester plaid jacket for a three year old! This was priceless and a great way to save money for my 40th birthday party on a budget!

If you don’t know what it is, it’s like a Polaroid camera! Still not sure? (When were you born!?)  You take a photo and immediately print it out using your camera. It takes about a minute to develop the image, but the best part is that the photo is printed instantly! The camera comes in beautiful colors like Ice Blue (shown below), Flamingo Pink, Lime Green, Smoke White and more!

You never know what kind of trouble my husband and his friends will get into, so I thought it would be fun to purchase a photo backdrop with photo stands for people to use when taking photos!

To save some money on my 40th birthday party, I had to come up with some cheap and cute table centerpieces.

Rustic 40th Birthday Party For The Hubs — Nissa Lynn Interiors

I already had purple balloon weights. I knew I could attach some black and gold helium balloons to the weights, but purple wasn’t in the color scheme so I had to hide them!

That’s when I came up with the idea of ​​making a beer pitcher out of a clear plastic pitcher and yellow and white tissue paper!

Not only did she hide the purple balloon weights, but she also agreed with the party theme! Instead of buying helium balloons for centerpieces, I was able to save money by purchasing black and gold balloons, inflating them myself, and attaching them to balloon posts. Click here for a list of materials for making my balloon beer mug! If you liked this DIY topper, you’ll also love the DIY balloon I made for my son for a cheap and easy superhero birthday party!

40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

I copied the words “Evit” onto a board we found for 60% off at Michaels and onto the brick on our side porch to keep with the theme!

Sisi Yemmie Threw Her Hubby A Surprise 40th Birthday Party He’ll Never Forget

I hope this budget-friendly 40th birthday party inspires you to plan a party for the beer-loving husband, son, father, boyfriend or woman in your life! For your convenience, resources are listed below!

Black plastic plates, gold plastic cups, gold and white striped straws, black and white striped straws, black paper napkins, 40th birthday napkins) My husband Vince turned 40 last week. I had time to think of good birthday party ideas for men. So I did what any suburban housewife would do: I went to Pinterest and Googled until I found a few ideas that popped into my head. I didn’t want it to be cheesy or over the top. I asked Vince if we should rent a restaurant or open one in our home and he chose our home and demanded that I serve him his favorite food… Chipotle. (He’s so easy to please!) I didn’t want to create a theme that was like a Cinco de Mayo party themed around Mexican food, so I went in a different direction. Like this!

I knew I had to include blue because it’s Vince’s favorite color. Instead of white as a neutral color, I chose gold to make it look more festive. I also wanted some humorous yet personal touches, so the first thing I bought were drink stirrers. I sent the store a photo of Vince and told him hat No. 40 should be navy and white.

The next thing I bought was this poster. I picked out Vince’s cute Christmas photo, sent it to the store, and was promptly given a digital file! It costs 15 dollars

Memorable 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Men

Copy this! So you will have to send it to where they print the posters. Shutterfly didn’t have the sizes I needed, so I went with Vista Print.

The next item was in no way relevant to my topic, but I needed it. Vince and I are big fans of The Office. We always say goodbye to the episode where Dwight and Jim forget Kelly’s birthday and throw her a surprise party. Dwight is in charge of the decorations, so he makes a white sign that says, “It’s your birthday.” His book doesn’t deserve any explanation. So naturally I had to buy the same sign from this Etsy shop. For those of you who are fans, I thought about hanging deflated or barely deflated balloons on the wall to match the office scene, but that didn’t last very long.

Then I bought this banner to hang over the fireplace. I wouldn’t have a party without a few profanities.

40th Birthday Party Ideas For My Husband

Men’s Birthday Party Decorations For my latest Etsy purchase, I wanted some fun napkins. I have this set and this one – both from the same store! (Bonus for saving on postage!) On both orders, I mentioned that I wanted the napkins to be navy blue with gold lettering.

The Robinson Residence: Brett’s 40th Surprise Birthday Party Hibachi Style

Party stores are definitely great. But what’s better than this? Amazon. Because you get the same things there, but if you’re a Prime member, they ship faster and are free. I first purchased navy blue plates, gold dessert plates, and gold silver cutlery. I wanted some fun cupcakes so I found them and I liked them so much that I decided to include them in a few posts.

Next I made a quick balloon garland. If you have time, save your breath and buy this cheap balloon pump. It happens so fast! You blow up the balloons and hang them on this completely reusable strap! I’ve been using the same one for years! I used it to buy gold, navy and sparkly balloons. Helpful tip: When it’s time to collect the balloons, throw the shiny ones in the trash. This golden circle glows

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