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Home Ideas Login – From a user’s perspective, the onboarding experience of a website or app is just as important as other features. Designing registration and login pages is considered a simple task among UX designers and sometimes they don’t pay attention to it. No doubt, this is a simple process, however, ignoring these small details can spoil the overall experience of your app.

When users arrive at your website, registration is the first step that shows users’ trust in your website. Registration on a website is the beginning of the relationship that users want to have with your website as well as with your company.

Home Ideas Login

Home Ideas Login

If users find a reliable and secure process and a simple and easy experience, they will have the confidence to provide their information on your website. If users experience a very bad design when asked to provide personal information, they take no risk.

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In addition, users must log in each time they visit the site. This also increases the need for a simple login page that doesn’t confuse users and they can easily follow a few steps to login.

Below is a list of best practices that will help you design a simple and effective onboarding process for your website.

Using existing social media accounts to sign up for a new app is becoming popular among users. This provides a quick and efficient process for the user to register without having to worry about creating a new account and providing all the information from the beginning. Users feel more comfortable, because they only need to click on a social network registration button to submit the application.

Because using an existing account to log into an app doesn’t require users to create a new account, it eliminates the process of setting and remembering a new password every time they come back to use the app.

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Apparently, the Confirm Password field helps users avoid the chance of forgetting their password when signing up for the app. However, it reduces the conversion rate of the signature form.

The process involves several steps. If you enter a password for the first time and then enter it a second time, if it does not match the system will generate an error, however, users cannot see and find the error. They should remove both passwords and re-enter them, again without prompts. The process can be repeated again and again, increasing the user’s frustration.

A better, faster and more efficient solution is to provide a Show password option with the Password field. Users can click on the option, see the password they are entering and make instant corrections if needed.

Home Ideas Login

Requiring password confirmation increases the complexity of the registration process. Instead, an option to easily show the password will serve the purpose.

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It is very common to accidentally press the Caps Lock key while working on a computer. The expected behavior on registration and login pages is to inform users of this when they try to enter their password.

If users do not know whether the Caps Lock key is on or off, they may enter an incorrect password based on their assumption. This will cause an error when the password you set is not the same as when you log in to the app or website. This is a simple solution to prompt users as they enter the password in the field and thus help to avoid unexpected errors when they use the password again.

Instant input validation is a way to increase the usability of your registration and login pages. Users don’t have to wait to submit the form to see errors that need their attention. The instant validation helps them easily relate the feedback to the input they provided and they can make corrections quickly.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when providing useful instant validation. The message will only be displayed when the user has just left the input field. Providing a positive error message helps the user build trust in your product. In addition, the error message should explain the problem well and how to solve it.

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Always show users password requirements and don’t assume they should be aware of strong password rules. Display requirements next to the password check so users can clearly see them when entering their password.

It is not good practice to hide the password requirements in the default view and only show them when the user enters a weak password. This will waste users time and also lose confidence in your product.

Display password requirements immediately when the user enters the password. This allows an error to be dealt with before it occurs and thus saves additional time and effort.

Home Ideas Login

A common practice to provide a good user experience is to use the button label according to the action the user will perform when clicking that button. The button label should always define its purpose on the screen.

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Providing a generic button will make it difficult for the user to associate it with the action and they may forget what they are trying to do on the screen.

The user must be able to switch between login and registration forms when accessing your website or app. Provide an easy way to find the login when the user is on the registration page and Register when the user is on the Login page. Both new and existing users will access your site, so there’s always a chance you’ll switch between the two.

It will be an irritating experience for users if they cannot find the signature on a login page or vice versa.

It is quite common to switch to the login page when the user is on the registration page.

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It is also quite common to switch to the registration page when the user is on the login page.

Avoid asking for usernames when users are registering on your website or app. It is always difficult for users to remember a username and sometimes users have to compromise in choosing a username depending on the availability of a unique name. This makes it easy to forget multiple usernames from different websites.

Instead, it helps users easily come back and log in again when they want an email address or phone number without remembering their usernames.

Home Ideas Login

Avoid asking for usernames as they are difficult to remember. Instead, it is a convenient way to create accounts with the help of an email or phone number.

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It is not good practice to leave users wondering why their password is invalid. As with any other error message, clearly explain why the password entered is invalid and how the user can correct it.

It becomes very annoying for users if they keep trying to enter passwords again and again. This results in a frustrating experience for the user.

First, you should avoid additional checks in the registration process, focusing only on the necessary information. However, if there is more information that can be grouped together logically, you can choose a multi-step form.

A multi-step form allows users to manage large amounts of information in a simplified manner. They can focus on one group of properties at a time. When designing a multi-step form, it’s important to make it easy to use. Name the steps related to the properties, make it easier to navigate between the steps, and let the user see a summary of the information provided before submitting the form.

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When users try to log in using their email and password, it is quite common that they do not remember the requested password. A login page experience should allow users to recover their lost password. Provide the Forgot your password option in a prominent place on the login page where users can easily find it.

This option will take users through a smooth password recovery process by sending the password reset link to the registered email address or sending a unique code to the registered mobile number.

Providing an express Remember me option helps users to give their input on whether they want to be reminded when they return to the site. And it’s much easier for them to decide their preferences and they can uncheck the option if they don’t want the site to remember their email ID, which makes it easier for someone else to guess the password. .

Home Ideas Login

The rule is quite simple. If you support the ability to remind users of your site, simply provide this option in the login form instead of making it a hidden feature and reminding users without their intention.

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The process of registering and logging into a website or application is the first interaction

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