How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

How To Start My Own Cleaning Business – Can I start my own business as part of an IC? What is the role of an independent contractor in house cleaning?

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How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

Can you start your own business as an IC? That is, an independent contractor. And that’s a big problem. Also there was a house cleaner who spoke on the show and asked this question.

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“If I am an independent contractor for a cleaning company, can I open a cleaning business in that country?”

Now I’m a bit confused about the way the question was asked. He stops. And I don’t know if it’s because I read it, or if it was asked, I want to share it with you.

If you are already a legitimate contractor, it is assumed that you already have a house cleaning business. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, you already have a business, you already have existing clients, you have your own clothes, you have your own company car, you have your own cleaning supplies.

You have already paid for your training and certification. There is already a cleaning movement. So, the company that hired you at least got you covered, right?

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You like work So their insurance or artist comp. You are not on their payroll. You don’t wear their clothes. And don’t use cleaning equipment.

They don’t pay for your training, they don’t pay for your car. They don’t have to give you a car to work. You are not on the clock. If you’re late, they won’t write you or anything.

So you need to be very clear, are you currently employed or are you a legal contract? Because the rules are very different.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

Today there are many house cleaning companies that hire independent contractors when they enter a growth mode, for example they have more business. So, they can have two customers and that’s two more jobs or five more jobs.

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And you don’t want to hire a whole new person because you want to be an independent contractor one or two days a week. So instead of hiring a new person, hire an independent contractor.

And then the owner of the cleaning crew makes a little 10%, 15%, 20% of the independent contractor, right? So it’s not like hiring a new person, it’s just hiring. So the set of rules is very different.

Okay, so the interesting thing is that as an independent contractor you issue an invoice to the client. No internet banking. Clean up your customer service.

The cleaning company comes to you and they say: “Hey, I have two jobs for you. Do you want them? This client is waiting for you on Tuesday at eight in the morning and I have another client who needs you by Thursday evening. Can you do both of these jobs?”

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You say: Yes, I can. Now, in theory, you could change the time and call the customer and say, “Hey, I can’t do one hour, can I do it at noon instead?” If you change the time, it’s all up to you since you’re an independent contractor.

I don’t recommend it, because if a company has already been booked, like a cleaning company job, and it’s already settled with the client, if you can adjust the time, definitely adjust the time, but you don’t. Is it legal to resign from the company that employed you until it is written or something?

You are on your schedule. So we gave you an obligation: take care of him. And then at the end you send them an invoice, you say, “Okay, I did the work,” and they pay you. You don’t collect money from the customer because it’s not your customer, it’s his customer, right?

How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

A lot of house cleaning companies now have a little puppy dog, “Well, if I hire an independent contractor, they’re going to steal my business.” Of course, not necessary. This whole thing is like “parenting” as parents when they go out for the day or run errands or go to a doctor’s appointment or whatever, right?

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So they hire someone to succeed for a period of time. But all the rules are very strict and nobody knows who are the real parents there. And then when the moms come out, it’s worth it. Parents return to the regular parenting rules.

But when they are in couple therapy, they will have to follow the rules of couple therapy because it makes mothers act as a step parent.

It does not affect mothers. They don’t start living at home, and none of them do. They just came and took a series of behaviors over a period of time as parents. Everyone got paid for it. Outsourced child care for a certain period. The same goes for house cleaning.

So when a cleaning company hires you as an independent contractor, the services of that client are provided over a period of time. The business is not right for you.

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My point is, don’t buy this business, right? Because now, if a company wants to give you jobs and you want to help with those jobs, you can get a permanent surplus of money for their jobs.

It doesn’t matter if you try to steal those customers and show the orders they have, or try to talk to the customer, or if you try, even if he wants better than you. But it’s training. It’s like saying to a baby or a child, “Oh, we’re better than our parents.”

This means not taking care of babies, but starting to have children. It doesn’t work, does it? Even if the client likes you more, you say, “Hey, listen, thank you very much. I have respect, but it would be a crime for me to take you on as a client when you are now another member of this company and have hired yourself or hired them for their services.

How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

If you are your own business and your business is currently growing, it could be a good source of income for you so I won’t break these terms.

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But if you are currently under a legal contract, it is assumed that you are liquidating a business in the same country where you work for another company. So I hope that makes some sense. It’s a gray area.

If you and the company you work with are not on the same page, get on the same page immediately so there are no surprises and you both don’t work.

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How To Start My Own Cleaning Business

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