Home Activities 1 Year Old

Home Activities 1 Year Old – You’ll love these activities for a one-year-old at home, and you’ll find it easy to put together household items. In this post, I’ll also reveal the contents of the Panda box you receive and share some tips to help your little one play and explore. This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by KiwiCo.

Prince A has reached a magical milestone: the big ONE. Will they officially become toddlers then? At the same time, a new concept appears: boredom.

Home Activities 1 Year Old

Home Activities 1 Year Old

Day, but he also needs structured play. A sign she’s ready to entertain: fabric “snow” starts falling all over the living room. He explores and all is well. But I prefer to let him explore

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Five minutes of interactive time with a simple activity or a new toy—the first time you play together—will motivate him for the next game. And according to Wonder magazine in the Panda Box, kids discover more about themselves through play than learning how to do things!

Independent play is a sign of early discovery, but babies this age could use some encouragement. A kind of training wheel.

And if you’re a stay-at-home mom with a baby like me, you know how important it is to entertain your little one! Super simple activities for one-year-olds at home can help keep them sane.

Today I’m sharing three fun baby activities for toddlers. They are inspired by Kiwiko’s Panda Crate themed content and activities for 11-18 month olds. They use things you have around the house, so you can replicate them today while you wait for your Panda box!

Activities For 2 Year Olds: Ideas For Learning

KiwiCo offers monthly boxes that delve into a specific topic, designed by experts and tested by kids. They are shaping the future of gaming by making it immersive, enriching and truly fun!

Their super fun projects, experiments, and products expose kids to age-appropriate STEAM concepts. With nine subscription lines, KiwiCo has established itself as a leading source for this type of activity. They are designed for specific age groups, from babies and toddlers to teenagers and even adults! Each box contains tools, materials, and inspiration to explore the theme of that box. The instructions are kid-friendly and each box includes a magazine with ideas for expanding the theme. My boys have enjoyed many of their boxes over the years.

Just a few years ago, KiwiCo added a baby box to the line! I was very curious about what Panda Crate had to offer. KiwiCo usually goes above and beyond advertising colorful and shiny toys. They make high-quality boxes at an incredible value (starting at $17.50/month) and have always taught in a unique and hands-on way through creativity, exploration and STEM activities.

Home Activities 1 Year Old

To bring this concept to the children’s level, KiwiCo has partnered with Seattle Children’s Hospital to create developmentally appropriate toys that best teach 0-36 month olds to discover. Boxes arrive every other month, so you get two months off.

Activities For 1 Year Olds: Fun Ways To Entertain Them

Each toy is well designed and designed for the baby or toddler stage. We also really like the quality of the toys, with organic wood, soft colors and details like curved corners.

Each Panda box contains additional activities, play instructions and variations for specific toys, and a parenting journal. The log is straightforward: it summarizes the skills the box discovers and offers even more gameplay tips. The activity cards are open, so we each get a few activity ideas! I’m going to share with you how we customized the discovery jars with tissue paper and tape.

The funny thing about baby milestones is that we tend to focus on the obvious when there are so many that we don’t even know about. A is currently in physical therapy and I didn’t even know he never learned to cross the midline!

Panda Crate toys encourage skills like hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and other important milestones, so we can have fun celebrating first steps and word trials.

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Panda Krait Toy Cards explain the play value of each card and how to promote it. Here are some of these tips.

The biggest hit in our Panda box was definitely the ball drop tray. Put a light ball through the hole in the felt and see where it goes! It took me a few tries to realize it was in the drawer. And he repeated after me: “Ball!” Score one for new words!

We even looked at more words like in and out. And it teaches babies the objective function—that it’s there even when you can’t see it. This is perfect for a “peep” step!

Home Activities 1 Year Old

The Ribbon Cube is a plush cube with a ribbon that can be pulled back and forth. They have sensory tablets on the back that A likes to put in his mouth.

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Valuable skills you will learn include two-way coordination, colors (name them when you play together) and cause and effect. Spin/push and learn about the twist!

Nut board and rod board are two in one. You can use only with beads or rods or a combination of both.

Rods help develop spatial awareness and both help develop coordination. I start with A from the beads and finally pull the rods out. I love that this is a “grows on me” toy! Learning to put them together correctly is a great skill. Color customization will be offered later.

It’s worth starting something, even if they can’t figure out all the concepts – it will grow on its own (a bit like your baby). But for now, look at those incredible skill stacks!!

Best Activities For 1 Year Olds That Are Fun & Easy

Each Panda Create contains a selection of books featuring the Pappy Panda mascot. I love how easy this name is for babies! A calls all his Pandacrat toys “poppies”.

There’s also Wonder Magazine, which is fast, light and easy to read, designed to help you better understand navigation right now. Our One in a box is all about solo play, how easy it is to get into it, and ideas on how to get started. There’s even a song to sing!

Each Panda Box has additional activities to try. We’ve tried one so far, and then I came up with two more inspiring activities for a one-year-old at home.

Home Activities 1 Year Old

These game ideas are very valuable. They also teach me, the parent, what to think about when I’m trying to do activities for my one-year-old at home that allow for maximum play.

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Please note: All these activities should only be done under strict supervision. Your child can still play independently with you!

We recreated the Treasure Gas activity card using a torn snack, crumpled paper and seeds that were in our box. We hid various treasures in plastic pots in plain sight.

Your little one will love pouring into the jars and putting the lids on – but leave them open. Let your child search for that treasure! Unless you’re doing it in a high chair like the card suggests, I recommend sticking with a cracker.

Remember the tissue box above? I decided to use it again. I removed the plastic around the hole and filled it with scrap tape. The leftover Christmas gifts are perfect for this!

At Home Activities For Kids

To do this, fill any box or container with a narrower opening with tape. You can add shorter and longer ones to change it up. Containers of disinfectant wipes are also perfect for this.

Ribbons may not “snow”, but if your box is full enough, you will have enough challenges to satisfy your child. And they are much easier to clean.

Babies tend to destroy flap books, but they love the exploration aspect. So why not do it yourself?

Home Activities 1 Year Old

That’s it for our activities for the one year old at home! Which one was your favorite? Leave your comment below! And when you’re ready for hours of richer experiences, visit Panda Crate and get 30% off your first month with code LEARN30!

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Before I go, I wanted to show you what was in our latest Panda Box! A is still playing with it, super stable! We have been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you purchase through our links, we may receive a commission. Read more about our review process.

When it comes to finding activities for toddlers, one-year-olds can be difficult. While it’s exciting to watch their minds grow as they interact more with the world, it can be difficult to find fun, easy, and engaging activities that bridge the gap between what they want to do and what they can do. And while it may be tempting to think that they need expensive toys to boost their cognitive and physical development, the truth is that there is so much that can be done that only requires a few simple things.

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