80s Home Ideas

80s Home Ideas – It’s likely that we’ll be leaving the decorative trends of the 80s – such as long floors, vertical blinds and kitchen surfaces – there is definitely something fun and nostalgic about the past.

Here are ’80s-inspired accessories you can proudly display today – they’ve proven to outlast the boombox and VCR seen this week.

80s Home Ideas

80s Home Ideas

From bright pillows to pastel rugs to vases and text lamps, the Carlson family represents one of the best decorating trends of the decade: Southwestern style. Look for pieces in desert sunset colors that include geometric shapes and images that evoke the American Southwest.

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Depending on where you live, this week’s more retro palette may be difficult to pull off in bulk. But in small quantities, or combined with other lively pastels – such as terracotta (which has its time in light!), rose and peach – the result can be suddenly refreshing.

Fake flowers and greenery were popular in the 80s, especially trees, tropical and green – the stronger and more realistic, the better! You may not want to arrange your own silk flowers, but a few delicate petals or a large vase can set the scene for today. Felicia Fester has worked as a lifestyle journalist for more than 20 years. She specializes in writing about interior design, agriculture, fashion, culture, travel and wellness.

You know what they say: When it comes to trends, everything old is new again, and the revival of 1980s home decor is proof. Across the country, interior designers are turning ’80s decor trends like bright, bold colors, high ceilings, metallics and tropical prints into new projects.

This begs the question, why the 80s – and why now? Many see this trend as a reaction to Scandi-style minimalism and mid-century modern decor. Johnny Cormick, who sells 80s furniture, says: “After years of hearing about minimalism and the value of having less, 80s design is about having a lot of beauty and filling the home with different shapes, textures and colours. ” who runs the Vintage Show Pony Instagram account (which has 46,000 followers). Cormack says that ’80s furniture influences people, and she can’t get enough of copper furniture, multi-colored rugs, laminate interior decor, curved sofas, and neon accessories.

Photos Of 1980s Home Décor To Overwhelm You With Nostalgia — Best Life

This decade-old trend suggests a departure from the clean lines and masculine tones that were popular at the time. Conversely, 80s decor is sleek, chic, and curvy—it’s a way to appreciate decor and fun. But no one wants to live in a time capsule, so it’s important to look at the 1980s style interior in the right way. Here, interior designers and style experts share how to update these trends in your home.

High-end drapes, bold prints, bold reds, flat Laura Ashley floors, and sleek decor are hallmarks of ’80s decor—and New York home and interior design firm William Georges & Mirgordsky entered. He brings all these details together (with an 80s twist) while creating an 80s-style living room, which defines the details of the decade with a global, trendy touch. “It’s highly decorated, that’s for sure,” Giorgis said.

At her charming Brooklyn store Six Bells, fashion designer Audrey Gilman sells a wide range of ’80s-style home decor, including pet supplies, spongeware, pillows and mats. “I’m a child of the ’80s and there’s something about ’80s country that makes me feel right at home,” says Gilman, whose childhood bedroom features the wall.

80s Home Ideas

Want to bring 80s style to your space? Gilman suggests bringing ruffles. “There’s a resurgence of ruffle going on, and you’re seeing it on pillows, trays, vases and candles at Six Bells,” Gilman says. To avoid relying on the city’s time capsule, Gilman advocates moderation. “Since most of the ’80s were based on urban patterns, I recommend mixing maxi prints with more muted solos.” he says

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It’s not your mom’s mom, today’s shades are bold, relaxed, and look great paired with cool pinks and summer versions; It gives a new twist to the 80s style. New Jersey interior designer Christina Kim is a big fan of the color and splashed it at the Capps Bay Decorator Showhouse in Dallas this fall. “I wanted to use fruit in a new romantic way, but I secretly loved how it was associated with the ’80s,” she says. “Mayo has become a kind of ‘forbidden colour’.” But really, is anything forbidden? Well, that’s very interesting.

New black and white stripes, grids, and zebra prints are a nod to the 80s. “Using any graphic pattern or any color combination, especially black and white, is a hallmark of the ’80s,” says Dallas-based interior designer Jane Liu. Leo used black-and-white hand paintings on textiles and sculptures by Mexico City-based artist Emma Baumkamp in this stunning lounge.

Looking for an easy way to update black and white? Instead of using fabric, try adding more graphics to tell a color story.

The 1980s were all about playful graphic touches, from flares to squiggles. Leo recommends bringing in these iconic brands to hit the right ’80s notes. “Let the ’80s flow through furniture, lighting, or accessories by incorporating quirky and quirky elements into the same space,” says Liu.

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This elegant and elegant entrance corner combines rounded corners and graphic style with a bag and includes statement lamps, tables and chairs to emphasize the fun, subtle and fun graphics. “Don’t predict it

“Brass is another characteristic of the ’80s,” says Liu. And when you combine bras and cups? You have 80 gold. Carmack said the combination works best for his customers. “The lotus flower is something I’ve always wanted,” she says. “Everyone seems to want a glass garden (as I call it!) which really adds to the old Hollywood regency vibes.”

Paired with coffee tables and mirrors and large curtains, the serpentine lilac sofa from New York City design firm Project AZ is all 1980s. “I added curved elements to soften the atmosphere,” says Ahmed Abujanat, designer of Project AZ.

80s Home Ideas

Abu Zanat referenced 80s decor in many ways when creating this luxury Dallas bathroom. It started with a horrible wave. “I wanted the vanity in this small bathroom to be a showpiece,” she says. She used 80s patterned wall coverings (another big thing of the decade) to add that dramatic detail. A soft gray and blush coordinating color scheme makes the whole pattern feel contemporary – without feeling dated.

Pics That Perfectly Sum Up “the 80s Interior”, As Shared On This Instagram Page

In the 80s, designers reworked ancient Greek and Roman designs, adding a new twist to columns, carvings and marble. “The 80s were an interesting time – people were going back to see history,” says Georges.

For a modern interpretation of this 80s aesthetic trend? Designers use black, green and burgundy textured marble for a classic look with a bold and modern twist.

The Italian Memphis Group design movement (1981-1988) is a response to the minimalism of the 60s and 70s, founded by architect Ettore Sottasas. It is loud and fun and predicts bright colors and triangular shapes and interesting rings. The designers still draw from this classic ’80s show—but using a more relaxed palette, this room features lots of golds and blues from Project AZ.

You can achieve the Memphis look by relying on a few colors – and accessories are a good place to start. “Maybe there’s something in Yves Klein blue or fluorescent yellow that you can put on a bookshelf,” Kim said. “And it’s a Memphis table lamp.”

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80s Home Ideas

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