Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party – A few weeks ago, a good friend told me about her family’s New Year’s Eve last year, which included fun games every hour until midnight. I was surprised. I told him that we usually just watch movies with the kids until they fall asleep on the sofa. He then said: “Our eldest children are now teenagers and it won’t be many years before they move away.” So we want to make all the memories we can in the time we have left.”

Her words got me thinking about planning something a little more fun this year, so I’ve put together 50 ideas for celebrating New Years with kids: reading, food, crafts, games, and more. If you’re looking for fun things to do with your family on New Year’s Day, you’ve come to the right place. Health!

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

1. Count down the hours to midnight with balloons popping every hour. For extra fun, write the activity you want to do in that hour on a piece of paper, fold it and hide it in the balloon before filling it. Photo (and many other New Year’s Day ideas) found at One Good Thing by Jillee.

Easy New Year’s Eve Ideas To Do With Kids!

2. Fill bags with treats or ideas and mark them for hours until midnight. Get free printable bags and tons of other fun Christmas printables at The Dating Divas.

5. Make a slideshow of the year using your favorite photos from the year. Put on your pajamas to see this together.

6. Play Marshmallow Dodgeball (usually a reason to throw marshmallows at each other) or make marshmallow catapults and compete to see who can throw the smallest objects the farthest.

8. Do something together. Have dinner together, have a snack or treat later in the evening. These Cinnamon Sticks with Cream Cheese Frosting are quick and easy to make – perfect for making with kids.

Confetti New Years Eve Party Ideas

9. Make and decorate a paper plate shaker for midnight use. Get tips from The Centible Life.

10. Play with spoons (instructions here). For more fun, place the spoons on the other side of the room where you are playing so you have to run to get them. Instead of having the last person from each row, just have them find the letter and have everyone keep playing until someone has collected all the letters of the word “spoons”.

11. Set resolutions! Talk about what went well last year and what goals each will set for themselves this year. Use this fun design from Moritz Fine Designs.

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

12. Then play two decisions and lies. Have each family member tell everyone about two true answers and one false answer, and then guess which one is false.

New Year’s Eve Activities For Kids • Moms Confession

13. Play a balloon game. For older children, tie a balloon to each person’s lap, then have everyone try to blow up each other’s balloons. The winner is the one with the unexploded ball. For younger children, just blow up a lot of balloons, let them go, and try to pop as many as you can in a certain amount of time.

14. Play football. Create a “net” with a piece of crepe paper inside the chamber and push the balloon back and forth with paper plate paddles.

16. Play a glow-in-the-dark game! Ideas abound, including a glow-in-the-dark ring thrown from Pumpkin and Princess.

18. Play charades. Complete the sentences related to the new year or play the Guesstures game (<–affiliate link). The last time we played this game, my kids were rolling on the floor laughing.

Over 30 Fun And Easy New Years Eve Activities For Kids

20. Make popcorn balls! Use lots of sprinkles to make it look like fun. Get the recipe from The Skinny Chick Can Cook.

21. Another fun activity for the New Year with children is to tie donuts on a string and hang them from the ceiling. Compete to be the first to eat it without using your hands.

24. Ask each family member about the past year. Use these printables from SohoSonnet Creative Living or video everyone giving their answers (and then ask the same questions next year!).

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

25. Indoor camping. Set up a tent or build a fort, then tell scary stories. It’s really nice when mom and dad need a break for a few minutes – I always wonder how long my kids will play in the tent ????

Free & Fun New Year’s Eve Party Printables

26. Minute to win games: Get ideas and printables for 10 NEW themed games in The Idea Room.

27. Dance party! Choose your favorite songs of the year and get smarter or play Just Dance or Just Dance Kids (<–affiliate links).

28. Photo basket hunt. Hide pictures from last year around the house and send the kids on a hunt for them. When they are all collected, play the memory. Click No Time Flash Cards to learn more.

29. Pack yourself up and go outside to see the stars. See which constellations you can recognize. When you’re done, go back to your peanut butter cup of hot cocoa.

Diy New Year’s Eve Party Clock Backdrop

30. Snowball fight! Have an outdoor winter battle, or try this indoor version from Sew Can Do.

31. Taste the fondue. It could be the highlight of the entire New Year’s Day for the kids! Don’t have a fondue pot? Just click over to Hoosier Homemade to learn how to make cupcake fondue instead!

. Tip: Connect two cleaning pipes together to make them stronger before creating numbers.

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

33. Open a bag of bubble wrap and let the crazy kids roll, pop and jump on it.

Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas To Do At Home

34. Make a board like a sail from Big and Small Celebrations in the last hour before the night. Have the children knock on a spot every 5 to 10 minutes and put names of songs, books, or quick games behind each spot.

35. If your Christmas tree is still standing, decorate it as the Christmas tree you wish. Cut stars out of construction paper and have the kids (and adults) write their wishes and hopes for this year, then hang them on the tree. Add colorful balloons and lots of curly ribbon to make it more fun.

40. Have everyone write a word or two on a piece of paper that represents their favorite memory of the year. Tie up the papers, ask people to take them out and read the words. See if everyone else can figure out what the memory is and who recorded it.

41 Sound the hole! (<- affiliate link). A fun, easy-to-learn and fast-paced game that will make everyone laugh. Plus, it comes with a bell that you can ring at midnight! If you've played before, you can mix things up by using animal sounds to change cards (eg bark instead of one, good instead of two, etc.).

New Years Eve Party Ideas: Food, Games, Kids Activities, And More

44. A fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kids is to create a time capsule using this printable from Uncommon Designs. It will be fun to open next year and see how everyone has changed!

46 Play “save the children”. Place a few Sour Patches in the bottom of the pie pan, then cover them with cream. Have each person compete to be the first to save the children without using their hands.

47. Create a mini golf course around the house. Use the plastic cups on the side as holes and let the children build obstacles using books, cutlery, newspapers, etc. Hit balls with yards, paper towel tubes, pool noodles, or real golf clubs.

Fun Ideas For New Years Eve Party

48. Use leftover jingle bells to make Christmas noises with your kids. Get instructions at Project Nursery.

Fun New Years Eve Party Ideas At Home

49. Take fun glow-in-the-dark photos using glow sticks. Turn off the lights and set the camera to a slow shutter speed (eg 8 seconds). Place your camera on a table or tripod, press the shutter button, and start creating designs with glow sticks. NOTE: Writing a word or number is difficult and children may struggle with it. However, it’s still a lot of fun to see the designs they create with the glow sticks!

50. Collect a midnight balloon for the perfect ending to New Year’s Eve with the kids! If your children are young, put them down when they are ready for bed.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Day! Do you have any great tips that I missed? Leave them in the comments – thanks!

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