Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

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Bridget Mallon is Editor-in-Chief. She has seven years of experience in home decorating and designing.

Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

We’re now approaching months of spending more time at home and communicating with friends, family and colleagues via video chat – Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts you name it – it’s no surprise that so many of us are. Desire changes a bit, especially when it comes to our intuition.

Forget Zoom Backgrounds: Best Designer Wallpaper For Home Office

No matter how much you love the design of your home, looking at the same room over and over again can get a little lonely. Add to that the fact that your interior is visible on all video calls and the desire to provide a dressing room is hard to ignore.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get rid of your favorite furniture or redesign it to achieve a new design aesthetic, all you need to do is change the zoom background. Video conferencing services allow users to upload their own backgrounds, meaning you can spend some time in your dream home or experiment with new design styles without wires.

To help you get started, we’ve downloaded some of our favorite designers and bloggers to share their favorite images for our readers to use as virtual backgrounds. Read on to see the options, but don’t worry, if you can’t choose, you can change the background as often as you want.

To download the background, click on the title, then right-click to save the image to your computer. To add a virtual background to Zoom, go to Preferences and then Virtual Background and upload an image of your choice.

Apartment Therapy Just Created Zoom Backgrounds So You Can Spruce Up Your Place For Free

“I like to offer colors and designs inspired by the classics to bring you back to a simpler and happier place.”

“For those of us who work at home with kids, the house is clean and uncluttered all day. We love this beautiful family home that is tidy and shows that you have everything organized and under control. You don’t. T.”

“I love spending time in this room because it’s calm, quiet and unobtrusive, so it’s easy to focus on my work in style.” – Anne Sage

Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

“If you want a full dining table for meetings, baskets decorate the walls and plants from around the house can make a beautiful office. I love the feeling of being outdoors in my home.”

Best Free Virtual Backgrounds For Zoom Or Teams (serious & Fun)

“A well-organized and well-organized space creates a beautiful backdrop for virtual meetings as it increases productivity and inspires the WFH environment every day.”

‘I love this place of meditation because of the calm, concentration. Blue carpets and walls are paired with cloud-like white glass ceiling lights to create the feeling of being in the sky. Creating a space with scope is important to my clients because this particular room is the most sacred space in their home and should reflect the personal meaning of meditation practice for them.

“The calm energy in the frame really speaks to us. We love the richness of natural light, all the greenery, and the harmonious relationship between inside and outside.”

This welcome party movie is just one of the many stylish aspects that appeal to this design by Erin Williams Design.

Zoom Background Office Wallpapers

“I use Zoom on the couch. I make a tray for the laptop or a book. It’s always nice to have a beautiful piece of art behind it that doesn’t bother me too much.”

“The whole house is done in a palette of black, white and green. It’s emerald! I love the interactive chair in this beautiful and sexy room, it’s a favorite.”

It is a great place for virtual meeting or relaxation, it is open outside, fresh green plants inside and calm colors to relax. Fresh open space with great views of the mountains and sea. Even though we are stuck at home during these difficult times, it is important to realize that we are out there, facing the universe.

Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

“When I work from home, the most important thing is that my surroundings are warm, beautiful and full of natural light. My living room provides me with a bright place to work and I am grateful!

Home Office Decor Ideas That Will Give Your Coworkers Zoom Background Envy

“For people who live in the dark and like to work in silence, this office provides just that, but still has enough natural light, which is good for colleagues to see your face (a bit more important).”

A beautiful and stylish living room brought to life by the talented team at Yael Weiss Interiors is sure to impress anyone you might invite for a business meeting, extended fun, or virtual bachelor party. A home office is a necessity for many. Meanwhile, the struggle to create the background of the front office deserves a video. Bringing a beautiful, uncluttered backdrop to your home office will not only boost your energy and efficiency, but it will also make you look professional on screen. Read more for the best home office background ideas that your coworkers will love!

If you’re not ready to go all out yet, redecorate the walls with bark and wood panels or install decorative panels. Even small interventions can help turn a dull home office video background into something refreshing and enjoyable. Choose colors, textures and styles to create a conference background with a stylish yet professional look.

Need extra help making your home office “Zoom Ready”? Set up a free online interior design consultation to get started with the best interior designers! Best colors for home office video background

Modern Home Office Ideas For A Great Home Workspace

White is an obvious choice, but what about more important things? Don’t be afraid to add color to your home office design. Try some color psychology to improve your mood and productivity during your work day. Consider these colors and additional effects:

Sitting in front of something that isn’t a blank wall can give you more shape. Gallery walls with mixed prints or patterns and textiles, even exposed brick, will create a neat office backdrop. It’s good to be attractive, just don’t be too prominent. Photos and artwork may be helpful for you. Bookshelves are another feature that can be used in home office design.

Fabric panels are affordable, lightweight, easy to set up and take down, and you can customize them however you want. A pillar from the center to the corner of the fabric is essential and the key to creativity. Alternatively, you can stretch the piece by binding it tightly at two points. Creating a branded banner adds a layer of depth to your professional look and you can use it anywhere. Depending on your location and background, you may need to do some testing to make sure the canvas banner is large enough to fit the entire setting.

Home Office Zoom Background Ideas

You can use the existing space in the wallpaper as long as it is not weird or old. If your walls are painted, make sure you match any area and arrange it as a formal home office backdrop with carefully crafted wallpaper. Another solution could be a mural, logo or design texture to add interest. Vinyl backdrops are affordable and you can get almost any design you want with your brand logo.

Photos Of Real Home Offices To Help You Revamp Your Remote Workspace

A sterile brick wall can be a great home office video backdrop in the right setting. Industrial style interior with brick walls, productive communication and precise message. Additionally, the right furniture is usually inexpensive and easy to set up. If your walls are plain white and you want to make the background more vibrant, try white paint and textured brick and arrange it in an interesting pattern.

Space can be especially valuable when every inch counts. Work your home before and after you work, so if flooring is expensive, choose a closet or shelf for your home office backdrop. Built-in accessories offer a pleasant appeal while offering practical and spacious storage space where you can store all your belongings and access them without interruption.

If you want to display job-related items, it’s best to keep diplomas, certificates, and similar items in the background. Maps and art are also appropriate.

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