40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home – Summer is here and that means grilling season! So I thought I’d share my husband’s 40th birthday celebration with you!

Here’s a look at the schedule! Wrapped soda bottles are IBC root beer bottles, and galvanized cans are filled with chips and popcorn. We each had a brown paper bag full of too many peanuts as we played games and counted each other all night. Of course we had barbecue, but this dish is not here. We got it from Dickey’s BBQ and it was delicious!

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

My husband, Justin, is a creative director and graphic designer, so he designed his own logo as well as all the printables to match the theme. We had a larger poster printed at Max’s local office and put it up in all it’s stylish glory my husband made from old painted fence wood. Justin also made shelves to display the table using wood from Home Depot.

Rustic 40th Birthday Party For The Hubs — Nissa Lynn Interiors

We wanted an old, rustic feel, so we went to Walmart and bought a bag and a galvanized can. (I found fabric at Walmart for less than local craft stores.) Picnic fabric, sunflowers, brown paper bags, and fake lemons were purchased at the dollar store. I had some bandana fabric so I cut it into 8 inch squares and wrapped each one in red and white paper for a fork, knife and straw. Then I put all the wrapped silverware into a mason jar with a little label. Names are written on the tags so you know who this glass belongs to.

We had fun sampling all kinds of different flavored sodas in glass bottles. The only place we could find most of these sodas was at Albertsons grocery store.

Not the best picture, but the flowers and flowers from the dollar store and the light were about $4.00 at Walmart (in the camping section). So my husband turned 40. Not a typical 40 year old, but a baby leap age turned 40 and he wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday! I was surprised when he said that he wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday two months before the big day. I didn’t argue with the birthday boy and went to work. Literally, the next day the event planning started with the budget he gave me and I shared ideas for his 40th birthday celebration. To put the whole shebang into perspective, I was on a very tight budget. To be honest, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make a killer party of just a few thousand. But I got down to business and somehow managed to stay on budget with a rocking DJ, amazing food, a full bar with two servers, and of course, room design.

YUP, I had to make this large outdoor space attractive, fun and masculine in record time. Luckily, fancy foodies from Fancy Food Catering joined in and took over the food stations. I also didn’t have to worry about setting up the bar because the Schaefers sent two amazing bartenders who took on their most important duty of bartending. There was also a great local DJ who came on and made me laugh while he was getting ready too.

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Adults 2023

I have to worry about everything else. But I thought we would all be fine if we had food and drink and music.

I knew we needed a theme, and as a men’s party we were going for a beer, vintage, country theme. The great thing about this is that I can do so much with craft/DIY materials. For example, centerpieces. There will be three large tables and three high tables for people to sit, rest, eat and talk. In addition, flowers were needed for all dining and bar tables.

I called my girls and told them I needed some amber beer glasses, and I told them I needed a lot of them. A few hours later, I received a text from one of the owners saying, “Invitation accepted.”

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

Love it! He took it upon himself to give me over 36 bottles in two months.

The Best 40th Birthday Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Celebration

I removed all the labels and then put them in the dishwasher on high to lighten them up. In my basement (to store them quickly so my husband wouldn’t find them – 98% of the evening was a surprise for him) I played around with different ideas. I finally settled on the following. Wrap three bottles in a bag and tie a blackboard label to it.

Now I need flowers. Remember, I’m on a tight budget, I couldn’t spend more than $50 on flowers, if you go green on white for me, that’s not possible. I went to our local flower shop called Morning Glory and showed them a picture of the bottles. I explained that I wanted a rustic feel to the yard with lots of greenery and a bit of white. They helped me play with some ideas

I knew what look I wanted and after playing around a bit we settled on the final green. A few hours before the event, I collected 2 large buckets of greens. They were scattered on the dance floor 30 minutes before everyone arrived, and then my 10-year-old son brought me one by one in each bottle while I directed the flowers myself. I couldn’t believe I was going to pull it off.

I placed the bottle collection on top of the tray and added some candles to finish it off. Oh, and I used 6-pack beer carriers too! It came free with the bottles. I printed the birthday logo on it and then filled it to the brim with chips. It was all on an electric paper runner

The Robinson Residence: Brett’s 40th Surprise Birthday Party Hibachi Style

Ok, for the other tables I needed something to put the straws, forks, knives on, but that’ll stay on topic. I have some simple mason jars with some great style fabrics and tah da.

See them in the lower right corner. Of course, don’t forget to take pictures with silver.

At the buffet table, I put a board on the work table so that they can write small messages like “food”, “happy birthday” or to write down the types of food.

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

To personalize the buffet area, I added a large 4-0 black and white photo collage of the birthday boy over the years. In the rustic theme, I didn’t want to make a video presentation, I thought this would fit everything.

Easy 40th Birthday Party On A Budget

Okay, so you should have some fun. I played the music with a great DJ, but I wanted the guests to remember the night with a photo booth. Of course, I didn’t have the money to buy a photo booth, so I copied the idea that is done at many weddings. Use ‘step and repeat’ banners as backgrounds and add props.

I found this great site, Stickers and Banners, that made me a large 8×6 vinyl banner for about $50.

You can’t have a photo booth banner without props. One thing I couldn’t do was design accessories, luckily there is etsy. SurpriseINC is a great Etsy shop with accessories for every occasion. For $16 I can get over 40 different accessories.

I also found this Etsy Shop Down Emery Lane to make beer signs for my beer table. I knew I could print all the smaller signs for the centerpieces, but I needed more guidance on beer signs.

Arabian Nights 40th Birthday Party

Come on, I’ve got music, I’ve got food, I’ve got a photo booth, I’ve got drinks and a chin. Oh, and I got his older friends to grill him. It was a mess. I loved looking at my husband and seeing him in tears from laughing so hard. My husband is a nice man, but he roasts his co-workers and friends every day, so this was their time to get drunk, and they were. Now it’s time to enjoy the party, and boy are we here!

If you’re having a party, here’s a link to all the services and stuff you can buy from them to spend the big 4-0.

Fine Dining Restaurant // Shafers // DJ Rick Loiben // SurpriseINC Etsy Shop // Stickers & Banners // Micheals  (for all the ribbon and some craft paper) // Down Emery Lane Etsy Shop // Bark Plate // Kraft Paper Runner

40th Birthday Party Ideas For Husband At Home

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Miss Party Mom: {client Party} 40th Birthday: Black & White Masquerade!

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