Interior Design Home Ideas

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Every year, professional designers and editors (myself included) enjoy predicting the design trends that people will adopt in their homes. Even if a particular tactic isn’t right for you (the maximalist aesthetic isn’t for everyone, right?), it’s always fun to explore color palettes, furniture choices, and other design elements that are currently on trend. In other words, it is worth looking at the main interior design trends of 2022.

Interior Design Home Ideas

Interior Design Home Ideas

In 2021, people are focusing on things that combine style and practicality, such as self-cleaning bidets for a more luxurious bathroom. But this year, from exploring the outdoors to experimenting with patterns and textures, and finding design inspiration from past decades, it’s all about the fun.

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We caught up with a group of dynamic interior designers to share their thoughts on the best interior design trends that hit this year, as well as what’s to come in the coming months. Use their insights to improve your home, whether it’s a unique kitchen or cozy bedroom, or enjoy thinking about your dream apartment. It’s fun too.

“I see people investing in home libraries for their families. They are starting to understand that not everything has to be on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. –

“We are introducing more and more patterns in our designs and our customers appreciate it. We don’t suggest going overboard by mixing big, bold prints or over-the-top prints all over your clothes, walls and rugs. Instead, pairing patterned wallpaper with a stone, wood or brick floor that has a shape and form such as chevrons or chevrons is a great way to play with pattern without creating a chaotic effect. — Maria Viola-Cutruff, interior designer at Viola

“Texture will be used much more than furniture and rugs this year. Tongue and groove boards on the roof add architectural interest while adding texture to the soil. Curtains can be used to beautifully filter light and add softness to a room. Even lighting can add texture to rooms, depending on the materials used. –

Setting Up Your Dream Home? Count On These Design Ideas

“In 2022, the emphasis on natural elements and color palettes will continue to grow. Warm beiges, browns, blues and greens will bring comfort to homes, provide a calming presence and are pleasing to the eye. Light wood furniture will help create an open and airy look. — Lynde Galloway, Lynde Galloway Studio + Store

“The 80s are calling. They want their purple-gray geometry back in fashion. That decades-old strip you find in a vintage store matches a rug or fabric wallpaper. – Kelly Burke, Kelly Burke Insider

“After more than a year of goodwill, our focus has been and will continue to be on reconnecting with the natural world through the use of biophilic design principles, meaning the focus will be on creating comfortable environments. Using plants for natural light and ventilation and creating a visual connection with nature. – Amanda Thompson, Allyn Studio

Interior Design Home Ideas

“I expect to see lots of bold colors and patterns reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s, and as we continue to bring in elements of the outdoors in every shade of green. I especially like more muted shades of green, like the Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Mist collection I’ve seen in my bedroom. – Beth Diana Smith, Beth Diana Smith Interior Design

Decorating Ideas For A Cozy Home Decor

“In 2022, we are witnessing a spectacular return of traditional details. With so many changes taking place in the world in the last few years, it is no wonder that more and more people are yearning for relaxation, timelessness and even a little nostalgia; The year is about honoring our roots. And we couldn’t be happier about it. ” – Bria Hamel, Bria Hamel Interiors

“In 2022, we will see a trend towards 3D art. As we spend more time in our homes, people will want to add whimsy, intrigue and life to plain walls. Any piece that comes right off the wall and can be adjusted in different ways will be very popular this year. – Lauren Behfrin, Lauren Behfrin Design

It’s a must, and it’s really great that so many designers are trying to figure out which materials are best for the long-term health of our environment. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.” – Robert and Courtney Novogratz for The Shade Store

“The year ahead will be about a deeper recognition of our places and their impact on our emotions and well-being. We’ll see more spaces that have personality and a personal connection to their owner’s interests, hobbies and pleasures.” – Marie Claude, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio

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“The decor and colors of the 1970s are back. We’ll see more terracotta, sage and mustard colors, as well as mid-20th-century furniture brands—legs on cabinets and tables, teak tones and heavily textured fabrics.” — Malaka Helft, Think Chic Interiors

“Children still decide to design their own space, and homework is not forgotten. As the world changes, people may continue to move away from full classrooms in favor of more personal spaces and their little ones. Owners can create “mini corporate offices.” These rooms are equipped with interactive smart boards, high-speed Wi-Fi and multiple outlets. Homework rooms can later be converted into a student startup headquarters or an adult home office. – Georgia Zika

“Expect English sofas with folding arms, armrests and simple dining tables based on antique style and pieces with touches of detail and history. In terms of ingredients, we will see many more natural ingredients become popular again. Marble, real wood, linen, moss—things that feel more organic and solid. – Erin Gates

Interior Design Home Ideas

“People are starting to realize that they can live on less money, especially after last year. People will start downsizing or staying in their existing homes and thinking about making their spaces multi-functional. will become creative. For example, living room, office space. Or office and gym.” – Amy Lefrink, Interior Influence

Best Interior Design Tips To Decorate Your Home

“White oak furniture with rounded edges gives the impression of freshness and soft waves. From the rounded corners of walls and cabinets to the curved backs of sofas, dining chairs and arched cabinets, the angular lines of the furniture are softened.” -Michelle Harrison-McAllister

“The trend for 2022 is a return to sustainable style. We’re seeing the effects of our commercial consumerism on our planet, and I think people will realize that developing a personal, sustainable style is not only beautiful and unique, but also good for the environment.” – Kate Patterson, Perlmutter Freiwald

“More and more people are beautifying their outdoor spaces, and that means stylish outdoor furniture. I look for more purposefully designed outdoor spaces that don’t sacrifice style and expand the family’s living and entertaining space at home.” – Mimi Meacham, Marian Lewis Designs

“In 2022, we will see a lot of colors and patterns, especially in window treatments. They play a key role in the design because they are the ornaments of the room and can really make an impression. Whether it’s draped, blind or plain, with two or three color combinations, patterns will play an important role in design next year.” – Martin Lawrence Bullard for The Shade Store

Interior Design Trends 2023: Must Have Looks For A Stylish Home

Pantone recently named Very Perry as its 2022 color of the year. A bold blue with purple-red undertones, you can expect this color to appear in everything from furniture to decor.

“The very Perry has a lively, playful attitude and dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and imaginative expression.” – Latrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

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Interior Design Home Ideas

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