Home Xmas Decor Ideas

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We’ll let you in on a secret: Christmas wreaths are the most important holiday decoration in your Christmas decorating kit. (Not counting your beautifully decorated Christmas tree, of course.) We love our DIY wreaths and holiday decorations as much as we love the Christmas lights strung around our porches, but Christmas like garland. Nothing adds that extra touch of magic. Stands of fresh (or faux) greenery are one of the easiest ways to decorate your home in December, and if you put them up in January, no one will notice because the garland is just as beautiful! Best of all, they’re often cheaper than sheets, especially if you make them yourself.

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

When it comes to Christmas wreaths, there are many different ways to style them. You can be absolutely stylish by wearing a garland of streamers on your holiday coat. Or you can go outside and decorate the hallway, porch, windows and doors with garlands to make a great impression on all your Christmas party guests. If you want to take an outside-the-box approach and skip the greenery altogether, we’ve also rounded up some fun and kid-approved DIYs, like candy cane necklaces. However you decorate this year, don’t forget to have fun with these ideas and make them your own.

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas That Take 5 Minutes Or Less

This project is one you can do with your kids! Tie the candies together into a heart or staff shape and tie them together with colorful thread or string for a truly edible garland.

Use short loops of baking supplies to hang seasonal cookies from a long ribbon. Display on a mantel, shelf, cabinet or even a headboard.

Want to make your own garland? Bundle 12-inch pieces of fresh pine and vine branches and use green metal wire to hold them together. Repeat this until you have enough to go around the door frame. Secure the bundles together in an overlapping pattern with green thread. Hang on the door with nails or hooks and add berries or pine cones.

To tie your strands together, all you need are navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie cutters, burlap or natural twine, a skewer or nail and decorative hooks. For complete instructions read:

Christmas Home Decor Ideas Portugal, Save 30%

3. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Pat the orange slices dry with paper towels and place them in a single layer on top of the cookies.

4. Bake for about 3 hours or until dry. (To make sure the slices dry flat, turn them in the center of the mark.) Remove from the oven.

6. Pour the tin into each hole so that the oranges on the streamer are evenly covered. Tie each end with a loop and hang on the hooks.

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

If your living room decor is mostly white, choose a large bead with a neutral tone to create a striking focal point on your curtains.

Holiday Decorating Tricks

If you don’t have a fireplace, take a tip from these Michigan homeowners. They paired their socks with their greens for a fun and festive look.

This craft uses real fruit! Berger’s family created this garland as a tribute to the adjacent garden. To recreate this, use a skewer to poke a hole in an apple, near the center, and then run wire through the fruit and attach the wire to the bead. The Bergers used a freezer for their creation.

As far as we’re concerned, every room could use a little Christmas! Christine and Gabe Berger made sure every room was filled with holiday decorations, including their bathroom. Here they used a simple piece of greenery to illuminate a tall mirror.

To add cheer to her kids’ bedrooms, Tennessee homeowner Holly Williams wrapped this fun garland around her bunk beds.

Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas To Transform Your Home For The Festive Season

Has your family run out of old gloves? Take inspiration from Michigan homeowner Christine Berger, who searches year-round for vintage online and at flea markets and then uses a large needle to thread yarn over a hand warmer. (Secure with a knot if necessary.)

Holly Williams also added some greenery to her other bedrooms. At Christmas, her daughters would wear their matching pajamas and party on the built-in islands with Holly Garland.

At the Junk Gypsies Inn in Round Top, Texas, a fresh garland is covered with string of stars for a sparkling effect.

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

Cape Cod homeowner and blogger Nora Murphy used homemade streamers and small galvanized buckets to create this festive display above her stove that doubles as an air freshener and an Advent calendar.

Christmas Decorations You Haven’t Thought Of

Hang your favorite greenery, twinkling lights and pine cones for a lush and sparkling arrangement that you can then add to cabins, closets, entertainment centers, mantels and more.

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Indoor And Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

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Picking out your favorite Christmas decorations can be a beautiful and overwhelming experience at the same time. Bauble after bauble brings the holiday to enjoy, but each box of decorations begs the question:

To begin with, the living room is the most popular place for a Christmas tree, with twinkling Christmas lights, clamps, toppers, your large collection of Christmas decorations and of course the carefully wrapped presents underneath. ! But trees alone don’t make a very festive living room. Holiday curtains have a lot of magical potential for holiday decorations. Featuring stockings, cute Christmas bodies, collectibles, roaring fires and hello?! – It’s Santa’s Christmas Eve entrance! Festive accessories like pillows, blankets and other Christmas throws add to your overall decorating theme. Bring in vintage holiday decorations reminiscent of Christmas for a unique layer of holiday charm.

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

Whether you choose to decorate just your room for Christmas or the whole house, there’s one thing you can count on: there’s no better place for the holidays than home!

Best Apartment Christmas Decor Ideas For 2022

Pleasant mantels and tables with pine ridge cabins. It’s the perfect pint-sized escape. Don’t miss intricate details like wood carving stations, canoes, and festive garlands.

If your living room already has a nautical feel, make it holiday-appropriate by adding bows to existing decor and going generous with a simple garland.

Add subtle Christmas decorations to your room by filling bowls with pine cones and chestnuts, ready to roast over an open fire.

Using red throughout the year in this room makes it easy to transition into the holidays. Trees and cushions are scattered along pens of national parks and roadside attractions. Campy details like gingham curtains, plaid rugs, mugs and pipes on the wall add a touch of nostalgia to this California cabin.

Traditional Christmas Living Room Decor: A Home Tour (2023)

Ample seating invites family and friends to gather around the fire in this country living room in Litchfield County, Connecticut. A creative Advent calendar offers daily activities, from caroling to cookie making.

A sweet dose of Christmas plaids and vintage gift wrapping lends a timeless quality to the family room in this Tennessee farmhouse. A caribou mounted above the mantel (check out her scarf!) oversees a collection of apothecary bottles dressed with fresh greenery.

At this Lake Tahoe cabin, a snow-white living room with accents straight from nature (the coffee table, pine cones, and antlers are all free forest products!) has an organic vacation feel. Grain sack pillows offer a little touch of red, while greenery, wooden ornaments and craft paper wrapping add unusual decor. Tip: Swap store-bought bows for simple pine cutouts that pair beautifully with brown paper packaging.

Home Xmas Decor Ideas

In addition to plaid pillows and blankets, items like coolers, lanterns, thermoses, a teapot and vintage Christmas mugs bring fun red accents to this Michigan farmhouse living space. A simple apple swing pays homage to the garden outside. To recreate this, use a skewer to poke a hole through an apple near the center, then string through the fruit and attach the string to the garland (freezer for that).

Diy Christmas Decorations

This rural Connecticut living room tree, displayed atop an antique dresser, is limited to blue and green glass ornaments. Bare windows provide the ultimate blank canvas for hanging juniper and blue spruce wreaths, mounted with adhesive hooks.

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