4th Of July At Home Ideas

4th Of July At Home Ideas – Here I am sharing all my table decoration ideas for 4th of July party. Get all the resources, recipes and how to make a Stars and Stripes Cake.

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4th Of July At Home Ideas

4th Of July At Home Ideas

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday next to Christmas. I love to decorate in red, white and blue and celebrate with friends and family. I’m sharing 4th of July holiday table ideas and all the details on how I put it all together.

Th Of July Porch Design Ideas For Every Home And Style

I actually set up and photographed two different versions of this table because I was asked to share my recipe for scones and honey butter and a patriotic table on a local TV station. We did the show three weeks ago, so I had to make it twice! I’m sharing all the pictures of both setups so you can see a few different variations here.

I am very patriotic and my country means a lot to me. I have always loved the country and I think it has grown stronger over the years as a military family. Proud to be an American and will always be proud of my flag and my country. I am grateful to those who sacrificed their lives for my freedom. I take this to heart. I also thank the men, women and families who are serving our country now.

The first version of this board I put together for a TV segment on Fox 13 The Place in SLC, Utah.

When I’m hosting a Fourth of July party, I like to set a table with fun decorations along with all the delicious food I’ll be serving. As it was a garden party, I brought the table with all the food and drinks inside as there is no shade in our garden.

Amazing 4th Of July Party Ideas You Need

The second version of this table and all the dishes I made for the 4th of July celebration.

Barbecue is a 4th of July tradition at our house and my husband and kids all love using the grill and smoker. I plan the sides around the meat we are grilling. I will try to share some of these recipes soon! I’ve combined the ones I’ve shared before.

When setting the dining table and dessert table, I always have a focal point using a centerpiece with some kind of decoration. In this painting, the focal point was a centerpiece I made using galvanized tin filled with faux peonies, blueberries, and sage. To add a pop of red, white and blue, I added some flags to the center and placed them in an old antique crate behind the table.

4th Of July At Home Ideas

I like to use different objects like crates and cake stands to add different heights when displaying decorations and food.

Fourth Of July Decor Ideas

I used a wooden flag board in the center of the table to place other objects. It was a great way to add color to the table centerpiece and incorporate another flag into the decor.

A wooden flag sign has a wooden support on the bottom, which works even better since the sign sits on the table about an inch. If you have a flag that you want to use on your table, put some wood or something underneath to give it some lift. It will make it look a little nicer. In these pictures you can see the support under the flag.

Place the drink on a rustic red tray with a star cutout and strain it into a Roy Dunn mug that says military mom. I am the proud mother of a US Navy SEAL, an Air Officer in the US Air Force, and a military wife for six years.

I also found some cute little signs on Etsy and some local thrift stores that you can see here.

All American 4th Of July Decorating Ideas

Get creative with your serving pieces and ways to present your food. Some of my favorite items are my Polish pottery that was collected years ago when my husband was serving in the US Army. Many military wives collected polished pottery and I certainly did my share of collecting. If you want to find this pattern, google polish pottery star pattern and you will find things online. One of my favorite pieces is this large rectangular baking dish that I made a Stars and Stripes cake in.

I used all my red, white and blue plates and checkered napkins and placed them on different parts of the table. These are useful elements of decoration!

This cake was really easy, believe it or not. I’ll be sharing the recipe soon, so check back or check the dessert section under the recipe tab. I will link it here when I add it to this post.

4th Of July At Home Ideas

I just did it and crossed my fingers that it would work. I used a white cake and baked the cakes on baking sheets so they were thin. I took one layer and placed it in a star crust glaze baking dish, then added a layer of cream cheese filling then another layer of cake. I then piped a light layer of buttercream frosting on top and then added mixed fruit stars and stripes to make the flag. This is a rustic cake that is not meant to be finished. It was delicious too!

Perfectly Patriotic 4th Of July Decorations

I hope you enjoyed looking at my country 4th of July tablescape details. I always look forward to this party. Happy 4th of July and God Bless America! Summer is the perfect time to get together and celebrate! Many families decorate for the Fourth of July as well as Memorial Day. I wrote a blog post about decorating with the US flag back in 2012 and I wanted to share some additional ideas with you today. Blogging has come a long way since 2012, and interesting ideas are everywhere! I want to reiterate that some people think that using the American flag as decoration is actually unpatriotic and even tacky, but for the purposes of this article we’re going to assume that anyone who shares these views is just He wants to show his love for his country. Not intentionally disrespectful. Thanks for letting us enjoy decorating and being patriotic in our own way! ? Please click on the blue/grey links to go to the original source with all the instructions and more pictures.

Let’s start with red, white and blue! You’ll see sections for your porch, crafts, clothing, and food.

Let’s start with classic decorations for your porch: Hanging flags is a great way to show your patriotism. A simple and elegant decoration that will be perfect for the summer months.

The swing and blue shutters are perfect for a 4th of July theme! Now everyone wants to paint their blinds, right? so cute!

A Celebration Of Freedom: Patriotic Home And Garden Decor For Fourth O

I love how Kerian used the bandanas as placemats and cushion covers! She also made a lovely table runner. Go see everything!

This rustic American flag is perfect for your porch! A complete guide to this project on Lean Lantern Designs.

I love this painted barn quilt on a galvanized barrel! Find great ideas to help you age your clear glass bucket. Go check it out!

4th Of July At Home Ideas

If you haven’t made one of these beautiful flowers yet, now is the time! See how to make these fun wreaths for your summer front door.

July 4th Celebrations: How To Celebrate The 4th Of July At Home

This is a great way to use up old tissue paper! Really cheap and awesome crafts! The kids loved waving these lights around the yard.

You can print temporary tattoos with your home printer with tattoo paper! Learn all about how to make this temporary tattoo!

These days, everyone has a friend who makes vinyl shirts! Create some of these kits with this free template.

These cookie cakes are perfect for making ahead of time so you can enjoy the 4th of July with your family and guests.

Fourth Of July Home Decor

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It’s a thing to date, and we’re sure you won’t want to miss out. Celebrating Independence Day is the pride and joy of some very patriotic people. “if you

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