Home Ideas Exterior

Home Ideas Exterior – If you’re building a new home this year or are considering an exterior remodeling project, you’ll want to match your home with the latest design trends.

Choosing an exterior design that appeals to customers, future buyers, and yourself isn’t as difficult as you might think. Below, we’ve listed some of the hottest design trends we’ve seen—from colors to construction materials—so you can choose one that fits your style and budget!

Home Ideas Exterior

Home Ideas Exterior

Instead of covering your home with just one exterior material—like fiber cement siding—look to combine different textures to create depth and visual appeal. For example, consider mixing and matching different siding styles, such as horizontal, vertical and shingle siding, and find creative ways to add natural stone, wood and brick.

Top Front House Designs For Your New Home

Shades of earth tones, including green, gray and red, will dominate homes over the next few years. These shades not only create a warm and inviting look but also create a look that blends in with the natural surroundings of your home. The Magnolia House James Hardy collection is a great example of colorful clay colors.

Is James Hardie right for your home? Our “James Hardie’s Guide to Siding” can help you decide. Read the instructions

White is a classic color that never goes out of style. However, instead of bright white, homeowners are turning to a softer, warmer white called “cream” white. Expect to see an explosion of white exteriors with subtle beige, brown or gray tones by 2023.

If you don’t want a white exterior but want to choose something neutral that will stay “in style” for years to come, consider brown or gray. Browns and grays (grays with beige undertones) are timeless, versatile and can be mixed and matched with other colors.

Exterior Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

Recently, well-designed outdoor living spaces, such as covered porches, outdoor decks and large patios, are in high demand. Larger homes may also value creating outdoor “rooms” — such as separate decks and patios defined by unique design elements like hardwood or stone flooring. These “rooms” can serve personal purposes, from entertaining and dining to gardening and relaxation.

We can predict that creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces with folding, folding or sliding glass doors has been a popular choice for homes in recent years and will continue to be. popular in the coming years.

Homeowners are turning to sustainable building materials such as sustainable fiber cement cladding and energy-efficient solar panels to reduce maintenance costs and reduce carbon emissions. Since most low-maintenance products are often environmentally friendly, choosing them is often a win-win situation and an easy decision for most homeowners.

Home Ideas Exterior

Sustainable landscaping using native plants, trees and shrubs is also a popular design choice. These plants are more resistant to pests, attract beneficial insects, and require less fertilizer, pesticides, and water. They are also easy to maintain!

Genius Space Saving Room Ideas

Using natural wood or stone such as granite, limestone, slate or travertine on the exterior of your home is a great way to add architectural appeal. Consider adding wood posts to your windows or garage, stone columns to your front porch, wood shutters to your windows, or natural stone accent walls!

While asphalt shingles will always be a timeless choice, all-metal roofing is the most popular roofing design today. Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and versatile, often complementing popular modern and farmhouse architectural styles.

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Copper gutters and downspouts (in particular) are a welcome trend. Just a little copper goes a long way, and something often considered “backward” like gutters can instantly add curb appeal to your home!

Before And After Exterior Makeovers That Added Style To Small Homes

Bright exterior colors, such as off-white and gray, are currently popular, making white windows and doors a drab alternative. Instead, consider black doors and windows as an eye-catching option. Black is stylish and bold, and it goes without saying that black windows are more energy efficient and show less wear and tear than white windows.

Even if you want a monochromatic look with dark tones (another popular design trend for modern homes in 2023!), you can still use black windows and doors to create an unexpected look.

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Home Ideas Exterior

They say all trends eventually become styles, right? Well, that sentiment is especially true of today’s home exteriors. Traditional home designs that incorporate balance, symmetry, and classic design elements are as popular today as they were a hundred years ago!

Shutter Ideas That Add Instant Curb Appeal

Regardless of your personal style preferences, we’re confident that one (or more!) of these modern design trends can be incorporated into your home’s exterior to maximize enjoyment. enjoy your property and limit its appeal to future buyers. Create value.

When you’re ready to start your outdoor home remodeling project in Indianapolis – contact us at JD Hostetter & Associates. We provide professional exterior services including siding replacement, window installation, exterior painting, roof replacement and gutter installation to transform your home into a place you will be proud to own. property. They say you can’t judge a book by it. Insurance, and the same goes for houses. The outside of a house can indicate what’s inside

Bring contrasting surprises – whether it’s a castle-inspired exterior with a fairy-tale interior or a historic exterior with a modern interior. We’ve rounded up some of the best home exterior looks that will make you want to move in — and might even inspire you to enhance your curb appeal.

This spectacular escape by Lisa Tharp and TMS Architects features a gray exterior with white and red accents. Wood and stone add to its nature-inspired appeal.

Top 5 Modern Home Exterior Siding Options

This home in New Jersey, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, received help from Joe Lucas. A shingled house with a porch overlooks the bay and the client’s 28-foot yacht.

Andrew Howard ensures that this Florida home still feels like a vacation, no matter how many kids are running around. The clean and clear exterior is reflected in the family-friendly interior design.

The classic shingle exterior is reminiscent of the modern interior of the Long Island beach house decorated by Rob Southern. The master suite’s bay window and second-floor balcony offer sweeping views of the bay.

Home Ideas Exterior

In Ellen Niven’s Long Island, New York home, classic French elegance has been adapted to Long Island’s Gold Coast by Moon Bros. Architects. and landscape architect Perry Guillot.

House & Home

Analisse Taft-Gersten, founder of home goods store ALT for Living, has a home in Connecticut that looks like it’s set in a landscape.

Located in the Twin Cities, this 1920s colonial home is filled with art and creative flair, created by designer Janet Gridley. The exterior features dark blue shutters, American flags and all-white chairs.

At the 2020 Capes Bay Decor Show, designer Job Lopez chose a mix of low shrubs and tall trees to frame the home’s facade and draw the eye upward.

Justina Blakeney’s 1926 Spanish-style home in Los Angeles is modest in scale but very inviting. Burnt orange trim creates a street style look.

Small House Exteriors We Love

Architect Nina Edwards Anker incorporated the ideas of sustainable construction and the color theory of artist William Turner when designing her vacation home. This house is nothing like the classic New England shingle-style homes of the Hamptons around here.

Situated on a 60-foot setback, Annie Heffer’s L-shaped house features large windows, intricate stonework and muted colors. The hut looks like a giant tree house.

To refresh this historic home, designer Juan Carretto added key touches of British culture and tradition, including a concrete front porch.

Home Ideas Exterior

Ray Booth balances original aesthetics with contemporary perspectives to update and clarify this 1961 home in Houston. Booth replaced the white brick facade with new vertical shutters and added a steel front door and custom lanterns.

State Of The Art Amazing Ideas To Flatter Your House Exterior

The entrance to this South Carolina “kitchen” — now a guest house — opens onto a bluestone courtyard. A gate covered with ivy closed the secluded place.

Designer Michelle Prentice’s home in Beaufort, South Carolina blends seamlessly with her historic homes. Outside there is a nice porch and 2nd floor.

Near Seaside, Florida, Birmingham architect James F. Designed by Carter, it has an old corrugated iron roof and traditional porches. Although the house looks ancient, it has solar panels and eco-friendly materials.

This magnificent 1860s London townhouse has a strong presence in the trendy South Kensington area of ​​London. The clean exterior contrasts with the bold reds and pinks that decorate some of the interior walls.

Home Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Citadel Pittsburgh blue brightens the exterior of this Lake Michigan home designed by Alexander Bogaerts. It almost blends with the clouds and sky and gives a pleasant, welcoming look.

Cedar plantings evoke the Tuscan landscape in this house decorated by Barbara Berry. It is located in Corona del Mar, California and the surrounding vegetation gives it an attractive appearance.

Designers John Knott and John Fondas

Home Ideas Exterior

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