21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

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From wall decorations to party favors, these are the cutest 21st birthday decorations to use this year.

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

The time has finally arrived… the day almost every girl has been waiting months (if not years) for. Your 21st birthday is finally here!

Trending 21st Birthday Party Themes In 2023

Your 21st birthday is one of the most exciting birthdays and you should celebrate it properly, which means throwing a party with super cute 21st birthday decorations.

Whether you’re decorating for yourself or planning for a friend, these 21st birthday decorations are sure to make it a party to remember! Well, maybe not… but at least you’ll have great party decor to take tons of photos with!

Decorating drinks is a fun and easy way to add a little extra spice to your 21st birthday party decorations. These metallic creamers are very cheap, but they make the drink 10 times better. Add cotton candy as a garnish to really up your drinking game!

How fun is this sequin wallpaper?! You want to make sure you have at least one decorated area and a balloon backdrop at your party where you can take lots of photos and it’s a great way to add style! Once you’ve chosen your backdrop, add balloon polish to tie it all together. It looks really expensive, but honestly, they’re really cheap on Amazon!

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To be honest, when I was 21, everyone (myself included) was much more focused on the drinks than any dessert. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, make her one of her favorite drink boxes! I can almost guarantee that any 21 year old would be more excited about this than any cake.

It’s such a simple idea, but I thought it was too cute not to include. I love pink birthday decorations and this is a great touch. But even if you choose a different color scheme for your 21st birthday party decorations, this idea will still work if you use a different color of sugar!

I don’t think disco balls will ever go out of style, but they are definitely a big trend in party decor right now! Going the traditional route, you can hang disco balls or use them as props around the photo booth for a little extra sparkle.

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

And don’t forget the curtain! You can find these types of backgrounds on Etsy or you can make your own with streamers if you can’t find the color you want.

Best 21st Birthday Gifts To Celebrate The Big Day (2023)

My roommate used these champagne balloons as part of the decorations for her 21st birthday and everyone was obsessed. Throw in some other plain balloons to add variety to your 21st birthday decorations!

Along with regular balloons and champagne bubbles, adding them with ribbon tails, you have a variety of fun decorations for the 21st.

Metallic wallpaper is one of the most popular 21st birthday decorations, so you really can’t go wrong throwing one or two on the wall! It’s an inexpensive and low-effort way to create a photo backdrop that everyone will want to take photos in front of.

They’re also available in almost any color you can think of, so you can color match your party theme!

Party Theme Ideas For Your Next Party

Like I said before, you can never go wrong with balloon polish! In fact, I think every 21st birthday party I’ve been to has had one, and it’s a hit every time.

I think these hidden banners are so cute that I had to add this too. As I said before, you can find some of these banners on Etsy, but they can be a bit pricey.

It’s pretty affordable on Amazon, but you can always DIY if you want to save money and feel crafty!

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

You may need to purchase additional backdrops or balloons, but this 21st birthday party decoration kit has just about everything you need!

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Well, this is the cutest piñata I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know I could be obsessed with party decorations, but here I am. This mini champagne pinata would make a great addition to any 21st birthday party.

Another super sweet piñata for all you tequila drinkers out there because I just couldn’t resist. It’s super cute and available at Walmart!

This is such a cute 21st birthday party decoration, especially for girls who shy away from the pink theme.

If you eat any food or drink at 21, don’t forget your favorite dishes and dishes!

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I added this rose gold set from Amazon because most girls choose a pink or rose gold party theme. But you can find all kinds of cute plates and dishes in different colors on Amazon and Party City if you’re not pink.

Etsy has the cutest and most unique 21st birthday banners, but this one is one of my favorites!

This is a very cute party decoration if you are planning a pink or rose gold theme.

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

A Polaroid Photo Probe is such a fun and unique party favor to incorporate into your 21st birthday party decorations!

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Again, this is completely customizable and you can never go wrong with making it more personal. It really makes every birthday special!

These would not only make great party table decorations, but would also be great for guests to carry their drinks while socializing.

I absolutely love these metal plates! It’s a really cute way to serve drinks to guests and they’re disposable so they’re easy to clean!

Looking for the best home kitchen appliances? Here are various techniques that everyone should get before moving into their apartment. Moving has been a normal, incredibly busy summer season… We’ve had little time to write during peak season, so we’re finally bringing you a special, beautiful 21st.

Dancing Queen Party

The design hung loosely around the theme of the Woodstock festival, elegance, style and color were the key elements of the concept and execution that came together over several months and was ready for a beautiful night in early July 2015.

They created a mood board to share their ideas with the client. After much discussion and site visits with the chosen suppliers, it was agreed that the reception would be held in the hall, back garden and on the terrace, and a front lawn party was planned for the fun to continue into the morning. . Our client lived not only between countries, but also between continents, so the pre-meeting contact was regular but concise.

The dress elements were sourced and installed over three days by House of Bunting, a partnership of two indomitable ladies who had the exciting challenge of styling hundreds of years of personal space against an award-winning concrete and glass structure. overhead works. Ruth and Kim managed to create a unique colorful paper lampshade that seemed to float above the dinner guests and later dance.

21st Birthday Party At Home Ideas

On the night… a party of perfectly dressed festival guests arrived just in time to get the party started with cocktails mixed live by our host McBailey. Sandwiches were served for 2 hours for guests to catch up, mingle and enjoy the garden. Hay bale furniture sets and wooden “knots”, candles, abundant fairy lights and garden lighting provide Woodstock outdoor style. All the lights were created by the amazing Enlightenment Lighting, a team that has the right mix of artistry, efficiency and true sophistication to make it all happen! The private collection of exotic animals in the garden during the installation and the last minute live presentation of the installation was facilitated…!

The 21 Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Everyone In 2023

McBaile gently prepared the 90 guests to serve a deliciously light paella with a tangy citrus and lettuce salad, followed by an enticing, crunchy, chocolate dessert with wasabi. Dinner was casual, with long, hand-crafted wooden tables and folding chairs under a lantern roof. Stephanie Saunders’ flowers are simple and uncomplicated, kept in silver stems to control the temperature in the basement and climbed into the glass dinner just in time for the final arrangement. We brought a pop of color to the clean room with glassware and serveware from Whitehouse Event Crockery Hire.

After dinner, there was dancing in a beautifully dressed and illuminated couple of fabulously beautiful tents,  welcoming guests on the lawn for an evening’s entertainment. A fire pit and additional hay couches, a full bar and comfortable furniture provide drinks and a place to chill until the morning before breakfast is served from the live grill.

Photographer Holly Clark captured an evening of lasting memories for our client and a record for us

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