Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve – I love the opportunity to celebrate! New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays because you can celebrate it simply or extravagantly, and it’s fine either way. I think this is not a high stress holiday and our goal is to do everything together as a family!

Every year I like to find a few simple and easy things to try for New Year’s Eve. I try to keep ingredients to a minimum. Here are some of our favorite things about New Year’s Eve for kids from last year!

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

When we plan our program for the year, we plan a simple activity followed by a craft or snack.

New Year’s Eve Activities With Kids

We hung a large balloon clock on the wall to start our countdown to the New Year. Each balloon has a piece of paper with the activity written on it. Every 15 minutes (sometimes every 30 minutes, depending on the activity) we will pop a balloon and find a new activity for you to try. Check out this post for more details on how to make our New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown.

Originally we had 12 events, but we skipped a few because some of them took longer than we expected. The goal was to have fun and not focus on tons of activities, so sometimes you have to be flexible and skip some of the activities you have planned!

To make our New Year’s hats, I drew bubble letter numbers, cut them out and attached them to long pieces of cardboard.

The children decorated their figures and hats with markers and stickers, then we put them together to make crowns/hats and set them up to wear if they want during the celebration.

Simple And Fun New Year’s Eve Ideas For Kids

To make New Year’s pizza, we bought pizza dough from the market and prepared it for the year. The children each get their “part” of pizza and each decorate their part of the pizza with their favorite toppings, cheese and sauce.

My mother likes to do little things. New Year’s themed plastic cups are more fun than a regular cup.

We did the laundry and then the children each got their stuff. Add strawberries and raspberries (sliced), brownies and scraps. They were allowed to use their knives to color the cookies. Small children can skip the cutting step.

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

Our main task was building cup and saucer towers. The kids who reached the highest point won… but really everyone who participated won.

New Years Eve Party Idea For Kids

There are many good times in winning games online. This is one of the best things we have tried. We did not leave time and they built their castles again and again. This was one of the kids’ favorites, so we skipped some of the activities we had planned and done for a long time.

I love downloading the New Year’s Eve Thirty Days Handmade BINGO cards every year. They are very beautiful. Along with the BINGO card, we give each child a prize cup to use as a pen during the game. Some kids just eat their treats and don’t play. Some people eat while playing!.

Looking for a simple version of Bingo for toddlers and preschoolers? Try this easy New Year’s bingo game for kids.

Ask your group members about their favorite songs this year and start a dance party!

New Year’s In Horsham

We always end the night by watching some spots on Youtube (from last year) showing the Football countdown or countdown. We try to count down to 7 or 8pm so we can finish moderating early so the kids can go to bed early.

We like to drink sparkling cider in cute glasses and mix them together (without spilling) after the countdown. Then we walk outside and shoot off fireworks and play with mini fireworks/metaphors.

Some years we just drink sparkling cider and watch the countdown, but other years we like to take it a step further and plan simple and easy activities. Even though you are in the New Year this year, we hope you had fun!

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

I hope a few of these ideas can get you energized. We’ve posted more creative ideas on our New Year’s Eve Pinterest board.

Best Activities To Do With Kids On New Year’s Eve

Find our favorite New Year’s Eve ideas for kids here. Please share other products you’ve tried in the comments below.

A Year of Play is a simple e-book filled with a year of hands-on, fun learning activities. Designed for kids ages 2-6, it includes a 12-month calendar and a 48-week activity plan! Happy new year! I love finding new family activities to do on New Year’s Eve to make New Year’s Eve fun with the kids! If you’re at home with the kids on New Year’s Eve, it doesn’t have to be boring. With so many family games and activities, it could be the most fun night of the year! Read on to find out how to enjoy New Year’s Eve with your family!

New Year’s Eve is like the last party of the holiday season before you go back to the reality of going back to work and back to school. We usually spend New Year’s Eve with our friends, but this year we are at home as a family. That’s why we plan to do small things as a family on New Year’s Eve. We plan to blow up 12 balloons, each with a small family activity, and blow them up all day, maybe an hour (yes, we work our day from 7am to 7pm to avoid being late! ) For our family- Best regards for the New Year…..

We want to include family-friendly games that kids of all ages can play on New Year’s Eve. Since we have children aged 3-11, games with simple rules, team games, or where everyone has a chance to play at his own pace works well. Here are a few of our family friendly games we played on New Year’s Eve.

Top 10 Ways For Families To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

COOKIE FACE – put a cookie on your forehead and try to eat it without using your hands, you have to move your forehead to get the cookie in your mouth! It’s so fun to watch!

GET YOUR HEADS ABOVE THE OTHERS – thanks to my friend Amanda for this great game – basically you measure everyone’s head and whoever has the biggest head wins!!!!

MINUTES IN THE CREAM – Hide the cones in the liquid icing and see if you can find them all without using your hands!

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

Win-in-minute games are a great idea for easy party games for mixed age groups on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes actually a minute limit is good to keep things interesting, and sometimes just playing them works because quick and easy party games work.

New Year’s Eve Party Printables And Candy Parfait

MARBLE FEET – how many marbles can you move from one bowl to another with your toes in one minute!

WIN THE PRIZE – Give three balloons to each player. They must keep all three balloons in the air for one minute.

MY TRAFFIC – Swipe a potato across the room with just your nose

SAMOT MALTESERS – How many Maltesers can you move from one bowl to another with just a straw?

Mums Are Making New Year’s Eve Boxes For Their Kids & There’s Stuff To Keep Them Entertained For The Whole Year

SCOOP UP – Pass six ping pong balls from one bowl to another in less than a minute, with nothing but a spoon in your mouth. No hands!

You can read our full article on the best board games for Christmas and New Year here, but here are some great games that are quick, easy and perfect for New Year’s Eve with the family.

So whether you’re having a small New Year’s Eve party or not, I think these family New Year’s Eve ideas will be a fun way to bring the family together. I hope we can get some fun family photos from these activities!

Fun Family Ideas For New Years Eve

For more tips on how to get the kids outside this winter and fun activities you can try as a family, check out our Winter Outdoor Activities post.

Best New Year’s Eve Games For 2023

Or……if your weekends are gone in the blink of an eye and you want to try more ways for your family to experience and explore together, you might like our 12th Annual Family Vacation.

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